Monday, January 3, 2011

Staying Power!

Note- If you are new here, or this seems unfounded, you should read previous posts and the supporting facts to grasp a reasonable explanation of this post. It is important to connect the information to gain true understanding and how we have arrived to this point and please do so with an open mind. This is a serious issue that relates to us all. 

I want the human race to be led by decent, humane, sane and forthright individuals.  That helps us all to achieve the one goal most people want, a decent life.  Most people are good but it seems there are a few psychopaths pulling the strings so it is up to us to cut those strings.  The crooked bankers are ruining our economy; the politicians are continuing wars along with horrific atrocities; the politicians and judges are creating austerity by favoring the corporations and psychopaths are spraying unwanted crap in our skies.  There are many things that need to change but that will not happen with those that are doing the aforementioned acts.  The issue is as simple as good vs. evil but the solution is much more difficult but it must be done.  More people are waking up every minute of every day and that must continue!  We will eventually reach a point where the “crowd psychology” will turn around to become "collective behavior"; what has been ignored or unknown will be common knowledge and widely accepted.  We take a step closer to removing the oligarch’s power with each person that becomes aware. 

Regardless of your belief of depopulation, or what length they will go to succeed globalization, it’s hard to deny corruption is a major problem; many causes would be well served if we eliminate the corrupt pigs and hogs (bankers, corporations and politicians).  Absolute power corrupts so I can imagine what it will be like if one world government is attained.  Our survival is at stake so we must prepare ourselves; hope for the best but plan for the worst.  I want to thank my friends that share information with me. I certainly do not have all the answers, like you, I am working my way through the search for knowledge. 

Our survival begins with this most crucial step, as I’ve said many times, unity is our biggest strength so we must reach out to and awaken as many people as possible.  Our best laid plans and political candidates will be futile if we don’t have enough backing.  I believe we can easily get the numbers but it requires all of our efforts.  Realize that normalcy bias/denial is common but it’s just a hurdle; it is essential to stick to the facts.  It takes time for people to digest this stuff so don’t force it on anyone.  There are many sources throughout this blog to help others see so help them peruse the site.  I suggest starting with Naomi Wolf’s book/talk video, ‘End of America’ and ‘What in the World are they Spraying?’ and Rosalind Peterson’s video… then Rex 84 (Readiness Exercise 1984) and so on.  It has been my experience that this information is well received by an enormous majority; this is fact based information.  Sharing information is important so I welcome it as well; please comment with ideas and/or sources of information that will help us all.  Post a link to this blog wherever you can; tweet this until the birds stop falling from the sky! 

We must all do our part in our areas of expertise as I said in post, Freeing the Economic Slaves from the Oligarchs and Stop Shop.  It will be an arduous task which will lighten as we move forward; the more of us pushing the better.  Take a break if it gets to be too much; opt for Staying Power!  I want to discuss various aspects of what we all should be doing as we work to kick the oligarchs out of power; again our collective power has the most impact.  There are the economic and political aspects as well as the personal financial/survival aspect.  Survival is a strong natural instinct but much easier if you're prepared.  You will not have staying power if you are thirsty or hungry.  Massive grass-root campaigns must get busy on every level of government, especially the federal level.  It is not a movement against anyone; it is a movement for 'We the People'.  It would be ideal for us all to support the same major candidates in 2012 so please bear that in mind as we approach the elections.  Some will argue that someone like Palin could win if we do not back Obama (it’s really the same difference) but it is not true if we utilize our "collective power".  Let us finally be done with the choice of ‘lesser of two evils’… let us make the choice of good; look at records not labels.  Compromises are certain in choosing a candidate but the alternative is complete loss; we can not let Obama stay in office nor can we allow the usual GOP suspects to win.  Carefully consider judges when voting as they are usually retained.  Unfortunately the fraudulent voting system is run by the frauds, and there is a lot of mistrust, but stealing elections would be harder with closer to 100% voter turn out (less than 25% of eligible voters actually vote).  They can't steal them all.  We have to address that issue, among others; we are smart and we can figure this out.  Let's get going on every protest possible and work hard to build and support this huge march on DC, 'ONE WEEK - THREE MILLION STRONG' I am not yet endorsing anyone but regardless of your choice, we must have a leader who will stand up to these crooks!  It is a New Year and Third-Party-Time, the People’s time. 

There are many things we can do to prepare ourselves for the worst while we work towards the best.  There are some great ideas in the pdf file “198 Methods of Nonviolent Action” ('What you need during the Police State').  We live in uncertain times so it is always a good idea to prepare for emergencies; anything can happen.  We must make effort to maintain peace so we do not play into their hands… they have REX 84.  If that should happen, we should use every resource available to resist.  Now is the time to prepare!  Some survival planning is obvious and some may make you cringe but I only raise them because it’s better to know than not; the internet kill-switch is a reality so look it over in hopes it is never needed, 'What you need during the Police State'.

*Make an emergency plan with your family, friends and group.  We should form small groups of trustworthy people; preferably covering various types of knowledge and skills.  It is important to maintain contact with as many other larger groups as possible.  There will be infiltrates as this is always done in closing an open society so key people should be trustworthy, especially in your personal affairs. 
*Buy emergency supplies of food, water, medicine, survival seeds (heirloom), gas masks and communication tools (walkie-talkies, short wave radios); don’t forget the duct tape and plastic like DHS recommended.  It’s been advised to have a minimum six-month supply but more is better (12 month please, starting goal of one month, then two, and so on).  I've had people say they can't afford extra food stuff, and I know times are tough, but bulk rice, beans and grains are inexpensive and last for years when properly stored.  You have to eat so think of it as insurance... cost of food is rising.  Food and water are critical for survival and you won't be picky if you're hungry but buy what you like to eat.  I can not stress the importance of heirloom seeds because of the ability to provide food for the next generation, and beyond.  In addition to ample batteries, hand-crank radios and flashlights are a good idea (extra supplies for freedom fighters).  In the event of an emergency, it is wise to switch two-way radio frequencies so a predetermined array is advised. 
*Buy silver!  Buying silver will have double impact as it will give you financial security as the dollars falls and strain one of the biggest crooks, JP Morgan.  Max Keiser offers great financial information and backs it up with sound reasoning so I suggest staying tuned to his site.  Important: have ample emergency supply of food/water/med/seeds etc., before buying silver; you can't eat silver.
*Spraying chemicals from planes is a crime.  Whatever their reasoning, it is detrimental to our health and our environment and it is done without our knowledge and/or consent.  If we are successful, and I believe we will be, it is our duty to prosecute those who have been doing this awful act.  I have no idea if our evidence will ever be needed but we should all document the chemical spraying; log dates, pictures and video whenever possible.  We may be able to at some point hold all the criminals responsible for what they have done.  Love your family and friends and laugh as much as possible.  These may be serious times but we all deserve a little fun too.  Remember, STOP SHOP is still on!

Update, an important addition considering the year we've had (minimum goal should be one year of food),
'The Coming Food Crisis - Welcome to the New World Order',

'The total collapse of the U.S. economy is inevitable - Here's why',

Family Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
As always, do your own research. This is a pretty good list for the basic idea. I suggest adding hand/body wipes to conserve water and of course, a means of self defense and knowledge.
original link removed-

‘Top 100 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency’;

'Emergency Essentials' - Online store I recommend; they have good prices and customer service but also a good way to access what you may need

'Top Post-Collapse Barter Items and Trade Skills';

May 6 - 12, 2012
The week we Rise to the Challenge of what we should be!

‘Physical Silver is Money - End the Paper Ponzi’;

'What you need during the Police State';
'Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal
Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses'
Obama allowed millions of gallons of toxic Corexit to be sprayed on the Gulf of Mexico. The MSDS for Corexit says, “Environmental Precautions: DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATER” and the main ingredient is classified as poison (2-butoxyethanol). Obama encourages the world to eat Gulf seafood; DO NOT!  Here are some other facts:
'Obama Fact Sheet';

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