Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GOV INCase-u-missed-it: 01/05/11

“The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy”~ Charles de Montesquieu
'Obama’s leading contender for chief of staff is JPMorgan exec';
'Richard Daley's Brother William -- Banker, Lobbyist, NAFTA Advocate -- May Be Obama's Next Chief Of Staff';
'2011 Will Bring More De Facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud';

A man who knew government secrets is murdered!
'Cops: Former Bush Official Killed, Found in Landfill';
Biography of John Wheeler; note he was CFR member and "Special Assistant" to the Secretary of the Air Force:

Pine Bluff Arsenal is in Arkansas (78 miles from Beebe which is infamous for the 5K falling dead birds) and they call themselves, "America's Arsenal" (  Was John Wheeler a whistleblower?  Did LeakyLeaks get any info?  Although the Arkansas birds fell dead from the sky on the day Wheeler's body was discovered (New Years Eve), there are reports of dead birds falling in Kentucky over Christmas. I will continue to follow this story.

August 30, 2007 report: 'Vials of Dangerous Chemicals from Iraq Found at United Nations Offices in NYC';


'Thousands of Dead Birds Fall from Sky in Arkansas';
Mass La. bird deaths puzzle investigators’;
note Kentucky woman found dead birds around Christmas. ‘More Dead Birds Found In Kentucky AND La. Identical To Birds in Arkansas - Media Downplays Find’;
'Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand';
'Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America...WTF.';
Millions of DEAD FISH- same day!
Brazil 100 Ton Fish Kill in Brazil; *list of areas affected by dead birds and sea creatures in description*

Dead birds- video from Jan 2007;

GOV Inc. just sticks it to the People over and over again!  I recall BP's Wayward-Hayward said BP plans to write-off $10 billion in taxes... for this "non-disaster" worst environmental disaster in US history.  WTF?!?  These crooks are so obviously in bed with one another... WAKE UP AMERICA! 
'BP Claims May Be Taxed at Highest Rate; Not an Official “Disaster”';

And this is why I call them GOV Inc.!  The gov does not listen to or protect the People!
"An Answer to 2011's Austerity Arguments: 'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis'";

I don't know about being "welcomed" by all Floridians, but I can agree with this, he is Florida's Top Fraudster!  'Florida Welcomes Rick Scott as Their New Fraud King';

'Scientists Create 52 Artificial Rain Storms in Abu Dhabi' Desert’;

'Clinton Body Count';

Say No to Corporate America means saying NO to corrupt politicians.  We the People do not select the CEOs but we do have a say in those who govern us. We the People deserve better and CORRUPT POLITICIANS MUST GO!!!

UPDATE 01/06/11
Candidate Obama said, "I'm in this race to tell the lobbyists in Washington that their days of setting the agenda are over."  President Obama just appointed William Daley as chief of staff (JP Morgan's executive for seven years).   
Who needs a lobbyist when the corporations move into the White House?! 
'Barack Obama appoints William Daley as chief of staff';
There may be no connection but there was heavy spraying across the US and Europe over the holidays and now thousands of birds are falling from the sky and millions of fish are washing ashore, mainly in the US and Europe. 
There are more reports of fish and bird deaths so you can use the map to find each report- links are provided.  The corporate-owned-lame-stream-media is downplaying this and offering excuses that are hard to believe.  

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