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38,000 Dead Cattle and another Load of Bull!

38,000 Dead Cattle and another Load of Bull

Vietnam has reported more dead cattle in the past week.  They are sticking to the BS cause of death… freezing to death in a “cold spell”.  First there were 7,000 dead cattle but the number grew to 10-13,000 (article 1/21).  An article from two days ago says the total is now 38,000 dead cattle (1/29).  However, I have looked at the weather reports for two of these Vietnam provinces, Cow Pang and Son La and the temperature has actually been much warmer despite the fact nearly four times as many cattle have died.  The lowest temperature between 1/21/11 and 1/29/11 in Son La was +48°F and Cow Pang’s lowest temperature was +43°F (average low temps was higher).  So is it reasonable to expect people to believe cattle are freezing to death in temperatures well above freezing?  I do not think so!  The brainwashing MSM (BMSM) has not reported this story because they know people won’t buy it.  Again, this deafening silence rings loud in my ears! 

There is an update on the cause of death for the 200 cows in Wisconsin.  They died of pneumonia and mycotoxin (ipomeanol) was detected in each cow.  Officials say the “likely” source is moldy sweet potatoes from the cattle’s feed (mycotoxin) and they are testing the feed for ipomeanol.  Animal instinct missed moldy sweet potatoes?!? 
I have to wonder if the sweet potatoes are the source of the mycotoxin.  Animal instinct is strong and my feeling on this is reinforced by a study on cows and pigs.  They were offered GMO and non-GMO feed and the cows and pigs choose the non-GMO feed every time.  This tells me they are pretty smart about what they eat.  To think they would eat moldy feed is mystifying when they can detect genetically altered corn.  “Lashmett, who has a background in biochemistry and agriculture, says that animals have a natural sense to eat what is good for them, and avoid what isn't" (see below ‘Wisdom of the Cows and Pigs’).

Mycotoxins are toxic chemical products produced by fungi/mold.  They occur in nature and they have been developed for biological warfare.  One mycotoxin, specifically, aflatoxin is produced by molds found in animal feed meal; it was found in Iraq.  Mycotoxin ipomeanol comes from the sweet potato; different sources of mold/fungi produce a different type of mycotoxin.

Iraq had enough biological weapons to kill 15-billion people (more than double the world’s population).  Supposedly these weapons were destroyed but genetic engineering has made fungal mycotoxins easy to produce.  Who would have Iraq’s scientific research?  Iraq’s phosgene was found in New York’s UN offices in 2007.  
Phosgene causes pneumonia and heart failure and there have been an unusually high number of respiratory and heart illness in the people in Vietnam.  Coincidence?

We have had many mass-animal-kills the past few weeks and explanations on two are now said to be poisoning, although only one is certain (Wisconsin cows).  Authorities said the Yankton birds died from intentional poisoning from USDA black-bird poisoning program; however, the claim was made with no testing to confirm DRC-1399.  Scientists in Italy said all of the turtle doves had blue-tinged-beaks and that indicated “poison or hypoxia” but I have not yet found any follow up.  I certainly do not believe they dropped dead by the thousands because they ate to death.  I have been unable to find a recall for cattle feed or sweet potatoes and the 5-day forecast in Cow Bang, Vietnam is fairly warm (lows above 40). 
'More Livestock Killed By Cold Spells';

"A toxin from moldy sweet potatoes, which were a part of the animals' feed on a Wisconsin farm, are to blame for the death of 200 cows.  The Wausau Daily Herald reports that the cattle's feed was sent for testing after 200 cows died on a farm field in Stockton last Friday, likely from widespread pneumonia, and the lab results revealed last week that a mycotoxin commonly occurring in moldy sweet potatoes, ipomeanol, was found to have triggered the pneumonia that caused the deaths."
'200 Dead Cows Solved: Moldy Sweet Potatoes Can Kill';

"Bill Lashmett watched as two or three cows were let into a feeding area at a time. The first trough they came to contained fifty pounds of shelled Bt corn. The cows sniffed it, withdrew, and walked over to the next trough, which contained fifty pounds of natural shelled corn. The cows finished it off. When they were gone and released from the pen, the next group came in and did the same thing. Lashmett said the same experiment was conducted on about six or seven farms in Northwest Iowa, in 1998 and again in 1999. Identical trials with hogs yielded the same results, also for two years in a row.  Lashmett, who has a background in biochemistry and agriculture, says that animals have a natural sense to eat what is good for them, and avoid what isn't"
"Wisdom of the Cows and Pigs"

“U.N. Special Commission Chairman Ekeus reports, that 50 bombs were filled with bacterium and biological agents. Another 100 were loaded with botulinum. About 50 missile warheads were prepared. Some were filled with aflatoxin, a cancerous mycotoxin produced by molds found in animal feed meal.”
‘Saddam's Toxins, Iraq's "Other" Weapon’;

"United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous nerve gas, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York Thursday morning."
'Nerve gas found at United Nations building';

'Weather Underground';

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