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A Factual Theory on the Mass Bird and Fish Kills… Add More to the Count

A Factual Theory on the Mass Bird and Fish Kills; it is Poisoning!

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but this story has too many correlations to ignore.  John Wheeler was Special Assistant to Secretary of Air Force until 2009 and he knew a lot about biological warfare.  The man knew government secrets about biological weapons and he turned up murdered just as thousands of birds are falling dead out of the sky and millions of dead fish are washing ashore. We may finally have a cause for these deaths as the article from Italy says all of the birds recovered yesterday had a "blue tinge to their beaks, which scientists say indicates poisoning or hypoxia".  I thought it worthwhile to look at the facts with the least amount of guesswork… here goes.

Poisoning seems like a logical explanation for these massive animal kills.  Chemtrails are laid in many countries but US and Europe appear to have the most reports. Chemtrail spraying was very heavy over the holidays in US and Europe (see my post "Normalcy bias" for Christmas spraying); maybe an extra something was added.  Most massive fish kills are in US and Europe.  Although the Arkansas birds were the first to be officially reported, it is important to remember the first bird deaths were in Kentucky around Christmas and there are now over thirty different incidents with many species of fish and birds.  Arkansas is home to “America’s Arsenal” (Pine Bluff Arsenal).   

John Wheeler was murdered in the midst of the heavy holiday chemtrailing.  He does appear to be disoriented in the video but I think he had just been drugged; he was well dressed and clean shaven.  It may be another coincidence but witnesses said the surviving Arkansas birds look like “drunken partiers”.  I wondered why Wheeler was wandering around a Du Pont building so I took a look at their website and noticed, "Du Pont Government Solutions... responsible for pandemic preparedness or for confronting threats from hazardous chemicals and biological toxins".  Maybe he intended to meet with someone from Du Pont because of their “unique” role in “the areas of life protection and emergency response”.  Wheeler’s achievements include work for MADD, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and Vietnam Children’s Fund; Wheeler was also a member of Council on Foreign Relations (one of the three groups to watch).  Maybe his conscience got the better of him and he was stopped in his tracks.  I am still hoping to hear the big news flash from LeakyLeaks.

Governments appear to be responsible for the chemtrail spraying and their sources are offering ridiculous finger pointing for the kills (heat, cold, fireworks) and they are downplaying the whole thing [in hopes we will forget].  This reminds me of BP, Halliburton and Transocean… pointing the finger and underestimating the amount of danger. 

I hope it was a test and only a small amount was used.  The creatures that have died are fairly small and they’re exposed to the elements constantly- it is nonetheless INEXCUSABLE!!! It is hard to say if bugs were killed because it is winter so they wouldn't be abundant; they would not be as easily noticed anyway.  Birds and bats died so disorientation from echolocation doesn’t appear to be a factor.  Several species of birds were killed [blackbirds were the majority in Arkansas]. Several species of fish died, or rather schools of fish died and the species varied upon location.  Birds and fish are exposed to the elements 100% of the time; they are the smallest of creatures (dogs and cats are not exposed 100% in large concentrations).  A friend’s dog died fairly sudden this week and some seemed to think the dog was poisoned (condolences if you're reading this).  I certainly hope that's not the case because I don't have to tell you what that means.  I sure felt bad for days after they sprayed over the holidays; it was very heavy spraying. The timing fits and I sure would like to know what was in his briefcase.  I don't care what explanation the government gives because they are the ones poisoning us; some of my friends were being sprayed again today  I firmly believe John Wheeler was murdered because he wanted to stop our rogue government from committing genocide.  Pilots and/or somebody must have proof so PLEASE come forward and end this madness NOW!!!  Everyone, this is a good time to read my earlier post 'Staying Power'. There is a lot of important info throughout this blog so please read and share.  "Rosalind Peterson" video has great info on chemtrails.  

Update 1/9- The spraying was heavy here again today.  Now I walk outside and hope it's just the usual poison... what madness!  The feedback from this post has been very good so thank you for your support.  I do not like what is written but people must be informed.  Please help spread this information and post the link to this blog everywhere you can! Help raise awareness because this crime need to stop!  Peace
1/10- I theorize this theory is hitting some nerves. There are lot of sites w/reports on bird/fish kills and people want a decent theory- some writers ask for theory- nobody believes the BS stories they're saying. I post a summary, my blog link or name. It passes moderation, cool. I see their traffic source on the blog and that it is being read, cool. I go back to see if my comments have replies only to find my comments are being taken down! Gone. Over and over again... site after site. Maybe the turtle doves ate it--- fireworks blew up.  Any theory? 

Planes sprayed all of yesterday- I feel like crap now, I must say.
I've yet to see dead birds or fish- Now it’s common chemtrails, I gotta wish.
Poison test? they won't confess- I wish they would stop it, nonetheless.

Du Pont Government Solutions
Welcome to DuPont Government Solutions
Our offerings address the unique requirements of federal, state and local government agencies—particularly in the areas of life protection and emergency response.
Among these offerings are DuPont™ Kevlar® and DuPont™ Nomex® advanced fibers, known among U.S. military services, law enforcement agencies, fire services and corrections departments for their ability to help protect against ballistic and thermal threats under a broad range of conditions. For agencies and departments responsible for pandemic preparedness or for confronting threats from hazardous chemicals and biological toxins, DuPont offers biosecurity products such as DuPont™ Tychem® and Tyvek® protective garments and RelyOn® disinfectants and antiseptics.
Du Pont Government Affairs is a private company categorized under Chemical Warfare Gases: Phosgene, Mustard Gas, Tear Gas and located in Richmond, VA.  

Both show the same video of Mr. Wheeler but there is different info in each.
Video footage shows Wheeler wandering hours before his death’;
‘Retracing John Wheeler's Last Steps’;

“Witnesses say a few stunned survivors even stumbled around like drunken partiers.”;
'4 and 20 blackbirds, and 3,000, dead in the sky';

The first dead birds around Christmas  More Dead Birds Found In Kentucky AND La. Identical To Birds in Arkansas - Media Downplays Find’;

Add More to the Count  and Maybe a Cause
Dead Birds: More Dead Birds Found in Nashville Tennessee’;
“For the last five days wildlife experts and officers from the forestry commission have picked up more than 1,000 turtle doves as well as other birds including pigeons.  Yesterday alone 300 corpses were recovered with all of them having a blue tinge to their beaks, which scientists say indicates poisoning or hypoxia which is lack of oxygen that can confuse animals.  The incident in the town of Faenza in northern Italy comes after a series of similar cases across the world in the United States and Sweden.  It is not just birds that have been affected, with millions of dead fish also washing up on river banks and coastlines.  The turtle dove case is the largest incident to have hit Europe so far – in Sweden 50 jackdaws were found dead. Italian officials said they expected results from the tests on Monday.” 
'More than 1,000 turtle doves fall from the sky in Italy in latest mass bird death case';

“More than 80 pigeons have keeled over and died at a farm near Quebec City for unknown reasons, the latest in a string of mysterious animal deaths around the world.”:
'Quebec bird deaths stump wildlife officials';


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