Monday, January 24, 2011

Contradiction Party

Good News!
Saturday was Worldwide-Chemtrail-Awareness Day and I didn’t see a single Chemtrail all weekend.  I’ve only seen one report of a mass-fish-kill in two days and that could be the regular old pollution because that river has quite a history of pollution.  It is crazy to see the things that make me happy these days.  The last posts have been a bit depressing, I know you can’t blame the messenger (most people still do not know about the 10-13,000 Dead Cattle, see earlier post) and I would love to lighten things up a bit today but the best I can do is write with more sarcasm.  The corrupt corporations own the corrupt politicians that we pay; the government was designed to work for People but it doesn't.  The People’s government works for the unelected-power-elite who make up the top 2% and yet they have 98% of federal lawmakers in their pocket (or looking the other way).  The wealthy get to keep tax-breaks while we try to get by on un/under-employment.  ‘We the People’ scratch for chickenfeed when we work and roll pennies for a dollar box of processed chicken nuggets when we’re laid-off.  We struggle every day while the 2% gorges on golden nuggets and then float away on golden parachutes when they lose a job.   And perhaps the worst ridiculousness is we pay our taxes on our minuscule wages and TPTB turn around and spend our tax dollars to spy on us and shower us with chemicals.   TPTB have corrupted the system to work against ‘We the People’ so I think we need a little turn-about-is-fair-play message.   

We need to start treating the corrupt politicians like the criminals they are.  I suggest we create a watch list of our own and put this Kleptocracy under 24 hour surveillance.  We should establish a Fusion center of our own and once ‘We the People’ regain control of our government, we can put them in their own prison-residential-centers, feed them GMO bread, chlorine/chloroform water and let them bathe in the genetically-altered-oily-poisoned Gulf water.  They can suck-up all the air full of chemicals they spray on us daily while we hold them in Gitmo on Indefinite Detention.  We can take a few years to decide if we want to prosecute them in public trials or military tribunals.  If you are seriously interested in helping to organize Operation Kleptocracy-Close-Watch please let me know. 

Who on this chemical-choked-planet is answering these polls that say Obama has a surging approval rating?  What planet are these people living on?  Where do they get their misinformed information?  Or is it direct misinformation?  Maybe the chloroform spigot has been juiced up in the cities they phone but I feel pretty certain it’s the result of six-corporations owning the brainwashing-MSM (BMSM).  Maybe they fake the results outright, but either way, they must be kidding.  They have the fusion centers so they know just who to call for the results they want to hear but Obama probably gained some support with all his speechifying on the murders in Arizona.  He sure did play on the hearts and minds of people when he grandstanding on the murder of an innocent child.  He makes me sick.  Rinse Cycle Please!

I have about had it with Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs spy-center and their collecting data for whatever agenda but it has been a useful tool in reaching open minds.  Did anyone notice the “places I visit” automatically re-set and enabled just as Suckerberg’s Facebook got the big fat check?  You might take a look at your privacy settings if you haven’t already re-disabled it.  And what is with all the Obama-and Michelle-profile-pic-people sending me friend requests?  The hypocrisy of it is laughable but I accept them in hopes of opening their minds a bit.  Ahhh, the penalty I pay is dreadful.  I signed on to Facebook today and saw a picture of Obama’s backside from his speechifying next to the face of the young innocent murdered child and his quote from his grandstanding about the precious child’s death.  The presumed topic is gun violence and I should think bombs from drones are giant bullets.  The oratory gains him points in the approval polls but it makes me sick.  Then I am called hateful and “unfriended” when I say the picture bothers me and I point out precious innocent children were killed by Obama’s drone just days before.  No huge loss on my part but it is sickening to see the BMSM American’s view. 

Candidate Obama said he would end the wars but all he has done is extend the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; the drone bombs in Pakistan continue in an undeclared and illegal war.  Pakistan is unhappy and global anti-American sentiment is growing again.  The BMSM has people believing war is over in Iraq (last report I saw has over 40,000 US Troops plus 180,000 “private contractors-OGA” supporting those troops) and Americans have no idea what is going on in Pakistan.  Obama has an illegal war to call his own and there is already talk of charging the drone-pilots with war-crimes.  Just as leaders that start wars are responsible for each death/injury, Obama is solely responsible for the drones in Pakistan that kill innocent children (men and women also).  These people are blindly cherishing Obama without knowing the facts or considering the many other innocents in the other 2 wars Obama continues.  He alone is responsible for Pakistan yet they say he is a compassionate man and their hero.  Obama allowed poison to be sprayed all over the Gulf and he himself tells the people to eat Gulf poisoned seafood.  Children that are not living in the Gulf, but live nearby have the highest levels of volatile solvents. I am floored at this blind compassion the base give to Obama.  This “war on terror” has spilled into Pakistan and is only intensified with more terror.  Two of my heroes, true heroes Dr. Manton and Matt Simmons were outspoken about the ongoing Gulf tragedy and they are gone; there is no doubt Dr. Manton murdered but Matt Simmons “drowned in his hot-tub”.

It is getting harder to sign on to Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs because Suckerberg is just another Bilderberger who is sucking a piece of soul and flesh from whomever they can.  I suppose it’s no worse than using Billy Gate’s system or search using Eric Schmidt’s search engine if I use the tainted tools and my power for good; I think it is alright to use the evil man’s tools for good as long as the end justifies the means.  Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs only knows what you tell them and NHS can only know what you send and receive on your computer [and access your email anytime they want] but this shortens the workload of the Fusion Centers.  Now they can expand into more mundane details of our lives.  I seriously doubt what you ate for breakfast will fascinate these characters but oh boy, they do like to know what movie/music you like and what groups you join and what sites you visit (I suggest you disable ‘places you check into’).  It says a lot about who you are so they can more easily profile you for marketing and t-watch lists.  May I suggest entering as much disinformation as possible?  They can waste less time tracking down a tree-hugger going to watch a flick about ding-dongs fracking the land and put our tax-dollars to better use.  Speaking of ding-dongs, Justice Scalia is speaking about the separation of power at a Tea-Party event.  I’ll order a slice of contradiction pie to go with the irony tea.
Speaking of contradictions, Candidate Obama said he was going to tell the lobbyists their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.  There is no need for lobbyist now that Obot appoints the corporations top men to government's top positions.  I guess he is still keeping that promise in a sick and twisted way.  I mean really, Mr. The Monsanto GMO Taylor for FDA Food Safety Chief, Mr. The JP Morgue Daley as his what-you-need-to-do-today Chief of Staff, and now, Mr. The GE ship-the-jobs-overseas Immelt in a newly created Job-Czar position... oh please!  Not only did he cut out another lobby group, he created a whole new alphabet group in Washington.  Pro-business doesn't go far enough to describe what is going on in DC; it is a Kleptocracy of the first degree! 

Other polls show America needs to be stuck on the Rinse-Cycle for a long, long while.  I read another blog that I am fond of (Obama’s In-Your-Face Appointment of GE’s Immelt…); the author points out a poll where 84% said Obama is not pro-business (says a lot about those viewers).  Anyway, check out the blog because there are some most excellent points (see list of Obama's Czars).  Journalism 2.0 is getting tired but we still have zeal.  However, in an effort to gain a wider audience, I have a message to Keith Olbermann, We can use ya’ mon.  You can reach the minds of many and you can speak freely; come on over to our side now that you’re free.  BMSM will regret the day they showed ya the door but payback can have its just reward.  Money isn’t great but the fans love ya more.  Honesty is all it’s cracked up to be, the messenger can keep some integrity.  You can cuss, you can rant and you can wake up the aunts.  Make a place on You-Tube and forget the boob-tube.  You can have it all and be your own boss.  Come on there Keith, you won’t have to grit your teeth and bite your tongue.

and more good news,
Obama takes it on the chin…  Rahm Emanuel is kicked out of Chicago!

'Obama's In-Your-Face Appointment of GE's Immelt May Have Marked the Stock Market Top';

“‘Justice from the Tea Party’… Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will speak on Monday on the separation of powers at an event organized by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her Tea Party Caucus."
'Tea time for Antonin Scalia';

'Unauthorized US strikes kill 13 Pakistanis';

'Thousands hold anti-US rally in Pakistan';

'US Drone strike kills 20 people in Pakistan' (3 were children);

'Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for ‘War Crimes,’ Law Prof Says';

'US-led airstrikes kill Afghan civilians';

Please listen to this man. We are 'a trade-off' in the eyes of GOV INC.; poisoned and forgotten.
'Oil Spill Commission Final Report: Catfish Responds';
'Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets';

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