Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jets Go Up and Dead Birds Fall Down!

I don't think anyone will deny animals die and in high numbers, but we have dead birds falling from the sky.  The birds are flying one minute and falling dead the next... by the thousands. We have hundreds of cows found dead in a field.  This is not normal!  I am most saddened by the hundreds of dead seals even when they say the population has grown too large and it is regulating itself.  A biologist said 5-billion birds die in the US every year; that comes to 13.7 million a day or 570,776 dead birds an hourWow!  That is an unbelievable number (really, it is).  That number makes me think we would be stepping over, sweeping up and hit by falling dead birds everyday.  Regardless, birds falling from the sky is a new thing for everyone I know.  The description of the scene in Yankton is right out of a scary movie and people are freaking out because it is real.  There may be a logical explanation but you won't hear it from the "Authorities" who are way too quick to dismiss these mass animal deaths as unrelated.  How can they be so certain when no test results are in?  They won't admit they are spraying us with chemicals so it's not like they'll admit to this either.  Italian scientists said the blue tinged beaks indicate poison or hypoxia.  I have read several articles that referred to the "blue tinge beaks" but most of the articles said only hypoxia (they failed to mention poison, ummm).  The main-stream-media has kept quiet for Bilderberg over the past few decades so I guess it isn't hard to down-play any story, especially when just six corporations own the main-stream-media.  Scroll down this page and read the theory, I am sticking to it!  They need to stop spraying chemicals from planes!  No doubt a Franklin family would like planes to stop dropping poo.

'Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador';

Alabama- 'Dozens of dead birds found in Scottsboro neighborhood';
(1/10/11 same area last week)  'Dead birds found off Clemons Road';

Yankton, South Dakota.  Over 200 dead birds were found Monday and I believe this is the most detail I've read from coming from an official. 

"Brasel said that, in more than 10 years in the animal control field, she had never witnessed anything like it.
“I would go to pick up one bird, and I’d find a pile four birds deep,” Brasel said. Some dead birds remained clinging to the trees. She called the scene “creepy.”
“I did find a couple that were alive, and I took them to the vet clinic,” Brasel said. “They died within 20 minutes. They seem to be healthy. They are not skinny like they’re starving to death.”
*'Yankton Sees Bird Kill-Off';

Now this is sad but it is a believable cause of death.
'Birds die as botulism thrives';

The title says it all!
'Family claim planes dropping poo on home';
'Timeline of recent mysterious bird, fish deaths';

United we stand, divided we fall
"Corinne Spence, the Chairwoman for SCARE (the Santa Cruz Alert Response Emergency) bravely took the initiative to launch this proposed legislation to the Congress of the United States.  For that we shall be forever grateful.  Ms. Spence delivered to the Washington offices of Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul our “draft” designed to prohibit the poisoning of the Earth’s atmosphere." 
"Legislation Concerning the Criminalization of Toxic Aerosols Upon the People of the Planet"
Please read the entire article for other information and things you can do; local legislation for a "No-Fly-Zone" is an excellent idea!  I urge everyone to call and/or email and express your support and encouragement on this most important issue.  This is not about left vs right, it is about right vs wrong.  The spraying of chemicals into our environment and the air we breathe is wrong! Thank you~
Contact Congressman Ron Paul:

'Another Massive Bird Kill in the Tennessee Valley ';

Please read the article from earlier today about the Yankton birds, you will see, Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel showed more honesty than any officials to date... "creepy", she had never seen anything like it in 10 yrs., Brasel was a credible witness about the abnormality of these mass bird kills... so are they trying to throw Brasel off when they admit it may be POISON... but intentional poison? Smells like BULL to me!  I sure would like to know what Lisa Brasel thinks about the POISON that is sprayed from planes every damn day! 
*"Poison Believed To Be Cause Of Bird Kill-0ff";

'Testing Could Reveal What is Killing Pelicans at Mayport';

This is a horrible tragedy that goes on everyday in Japan.  The brutal slaughter of over 40 dolphins was caught on film (the tarp they use to hide their ruthless murders slipped).  It is horrific to watch but it is worse to know that this happens daily.  Awareness is key, so please help stop the brutal murders of these intelligent and beautiful creatures. Take Action!  We must have a government that not corrupt and is willing to pressure foreign governments that condone brutal acts such as this.  Acts like this will continue as long as governments are corrupt.  We the People have collective power, now use it!
'The Tragedy at Taiji';
http://www.savejapandolphins.com/Regardless of the connection between chemtrails and the mounting number of mass animal deaths, PLEASE post a link or the name of this blog where you can; comment on articles about these mass animal deaths and help raise awareness.  I urge readers to do their own research and peruse earlier posts and facts so you can understand the reason for the "Death Dumps".  AirCrap.org has a wealth of information on this chemical attack against us.  This is serious and it must STOP!  Thank you for your support!

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Alan Gibson said...

The birds in Yankton were poisoned by our own US Dept. of Agriculture. I was stunned by this and was compelled to start writing a blog and to also start logging the animal events as they continue to unfold. Read more about the USDA poisonings and find the link at: http://massanimaldieoffs.blogspot.com/

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