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'Conspiracy of Silence' Illuminate the Evil and Silence the Illuminati

Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary):

--- "Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.
So why have you never heard of the Franklin cover-up? Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, "Conspiracy of Silence" was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians.  Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary." 

The shameful Sandusky Penn State scandal is awful but it pales in comparison to the Franklin cover-up.  The twisted 'illuminati' are too-sick-to-be-human... they are the kind of animals that make my skin crawl.  As I said last week, expose every lie, infiltrator, troll and Jack-boot-asshole-cop there is; use every tactic to enlighten The People - the most serious situation any American can imagine  The Closing of America!,  It's time for the world to see the types who govern this nation.   Powerful pedophiles do not want you to know about 'Boystown'- drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child abuse ring - it's easy to see why they hide in the shadows.  They managed the FBI cover-up and they banned the Discovery Channel that exposed it all, but here it is.  Show it to the world.  It is disturbing but we have to shine the light because evil needs darkness to survive so now is a good time to revive this story.  Maybe someday we'll know the evidence of this conspiracy so there can be a little justice for the victims.  There are very interesting connections; war criminals are not trustworthy or honorable people, their crimes have been dismissed by current government leaders who continue the crimes... 'birds of a feather'... so these claims should not be dismissed regardless of any doubt or lack of conviction.  Everything about this cover-up is despicable and may be hard for some to believe. but when all these things are considered collectively, there are quite telling.  Point them out to the World!

The Franklin Cover-Up
Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska

    by John W. DeCamp
Entire e-book pdf -   
Excerpt -
Notice the epilogue - DeCamp wins $1M judgement against King for depriving Paul Bonacci's Civil Rights.

Powerful connections are pretty obvious when a VICTIM is sent to prison... for 27 YEARS!  The Alisha Owen Verdict was a message for other victims to keep quiet!  I read the eight perjury charges against Alisha Owen that allege she lied about her perpetrators to the Douglas County Franklin grand jury... besides the trumped up charges, I can see no way they can prove she lied.
'The Case in Review The Eight Charges Against Alisha Owen

CIA, Senators and Congressmen... USA, Land of Traitors, Perverted Justice... and Pedophiles.  

-- "In his testimony before Judge Urbom, Bonacci specifically named Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) as having participated in the parties--also telling the judge he had "relationships with him" in Washington, DC and was flown to Massachusetts for sex in the basement of Frank's Boston home. [2-5-1999, p. 126]
However, Urbom did not subpoena all the photos and did not ask Bonacci to identify photos of specific senators and congressmen, or reveal their names in court transcripts and depositions we examined; nor did Judge Urbom explain why investigations have never commenced regarding which members of congress had sex with children."--

Peculiar Ties Connect Boys Town to CIA

INSIDER TRADING by CON-gress - Uniparty Incorporated for Personal Profits

Know the deeds of this ROGUE government. LOSE the HANDICAP!  THEY ARE TRAITORS!
"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" ~ J. Edgar Hoover
Genocide and Treason by Traitors
*Deeds of Destruction
Government, Monsanto, Chemtrails and Food
*The Gulf of Mexico Is NOT Safe! It Is Dying!
*‘GOV Inc’ (details, links to MSDS on Corexit, reservoir leak and collapse)
*‘Helland Hansen… or Hell in a Handbasket’  (more cover-up & LIES ~ Project Deep Spill in year 2000)
*‘BP, Corexit, Corexit, Corexit’  (hundreds of containers of toxic dispersant Corexit 9527A shipped to Louisiana long after the oil leak and spraying was [[officially]] stopped, more as recent as Jan 2011. Are they still spraying this POISON?!)

Obama was never the man of hope or change!
"Instead of fighting the war, the king decided to give us the illusion of democracy, and his own family has been ruling the U.S.A since the beginning!"
'12 yr Girl Discovers ALL US Presidents Except One Related to One British King NWO bloodline',


*"Corporate America Is Using Our Police Departments As Hired Thugs"
*'The War on People is a War on You',

Hypocrites in DC are good at delivering FAKE Democracy  [and bombs] around the globe and those are real deadly US made cans of gas being used in Egypt... don't think stuff like this can't happen here
Tear Gas Used In Egypt Banned, Causes Liver, Heart Damage, Miscarriages

Live updates: Tahrir doctor dies from tear gas shot at field hospital;
Updates: Protesters burn garbage to ward off tear gas

Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal: Controlling protesters with new tear gas (video)

"Almost all evil deeds and intents are begun with the thought that they can be hidden by deceit.  The kingdom of evil is built on lies, secrets, and darkness. It requires the absence of light to survive. Thus, for all it's fearsome appearance, the kingdom of evil is structurally very weak. Turn on the light, and the cockroaches scramble to go under the refrigerator."~ Dallas Willard

I have provided a lot of info throughout the past year so I know what's within this site is enough to shock anyone into action.  But if you need more, check out this very informative site, 'STOP THE NWO'.  I haven't reviewed everything they have provided or read this entire list of documents but there are some doozies:

The monstrous conspiracy is reality folks!   Very evil creatures are attempting total world domination and the demise of all that is good.  THEY CAN and MUST BE STOPPED!  The police violence is horrible but it is exposing the reality of our situation: the closing of US civil society and the intentional poisoning of every living thing on our planet is very real.  This truly is about OUR survival.  The 'powers-that-be' lie, cheat, kill, rape, steal and just about any damn thing they want to do and it is up to us to stop them... they can only continue if they remain in the shadows, so EXPOSE THEM!!   

The elite don’t underestimate the power of our unity and neither should we!  However, they do underestimate our survival instinct because they don’t value humanity like we do.  Their fear is showing... that violence from police batons is their weakness swinging.  They are drowning in their own hypocrisy!  Just the amount of people in the street supporting OWS already outnumber the elite, and we see what that has done to rattle them.  I know there is a lot of support that hasn't shown up so the scum haven’t seen anything yetWE MUST CONTINUE TO EXPAND and PROTECT THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT!

WE ARE THE POWER in numbers and in strength that's come from surviving their evil.  They are weak because they do not value humanity, they underestimate it.   Their dark hiding places are dwindling and we have only just begun to illuminate their evil.  We can silence the evil when we expose them because they are reliant on the shadows.  Exploit their weakness: TRUTH.  Know who they are; illuminate the illuminati.  Let's keep growing and get on with it because,

UPDATE - Dec 1, 2011
Barney Frank was one member of congress that was specifically named by a victim in the Boystown sex-ring.  How many politicians?  Institutions like Boystown, Second Mile and Penn State are supposed to protect children, not pedophiles, not coaches, not senators or congressmen.  
Interesting timing!  Barney Frank resigned Tues 11/29.  On 11/29, the attorney for a sex abuse victim filed a complaint with law enforcement and the next day [11/30] the attorney filed the 1st sex-abuse lawsuit naming Penn State, The Second Mile charity and Sandusky as defendants.  
Are Penn State and Boystown connected?

'Penn State Scandal: 1st Sex-Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Jerry Sandusky Comes From New Accuser':
"The 29-year-old, identified only as John Doe, had never told anyone about the abuse he claims he suffered until Sandusky was charged this month with abusing other boys. His lawyer said he filed a complaint with law enforcement on Tuesday. He became the first plaintiff to file suit in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal a day later.
The lawsuit claims Sandusky abused the boy from 1992, when the boy was 10, until 1996 in encounters at the coach's State College home, in a Penn State locker room and on trips, including to a bowl game. The account echoes a grand jury's description of trips, gifts and attention lavished on other boys.
Sandusky was charged on Nov. 5 with abusing eight boys, some on campus. A grand jury said the allegations were not immediately brought to the attention of authorities even though high-level people at Penn State apparently knew about at least one of them.
The scandal has resulted in the departures of school President Graham Spanier and longtime coach Joe Paterno. Athletic Director Tim Curley has been placed on administrative leave, and Vice President Gary Schultz, who was in charge of the university's police department, has stepped down.
Schultz and Curley are charged with lying to the grand jury [[ will they get 27 years like the victim of Boystown?! ]] and failure to report to police, and Sandusky is charged with child sex abuse. All maintain their innocence."
'Penn State Scandal: 1st Sex-Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Jerry Sandusky Comes From New Accuser',

Barney Frank resigned, as should every other member of the House Financial Services Committee.
'Barney Frank will not run again'


BOYSTOWN and Second Mile
  Is the pedophilia connected?!  Both have the premise of 'helping' children, and I'm sure there are good people at each facility and hopefully a lot kids have gotten help, but pedophiles target troubled kids.  Boystown provides "intensive care to children with serious emotional or behavioral problems" and Second Mile provides "positive human contact"
for "children who need additional support".  Sexual abuse is not the kind of human contact those kids or their parents had in mind!  Each scandal has been covered up for many years... investigations have gone nowhere, and it's not like the lame-stream-media hasn't known.  No, the media owned by the same powers and we see what happened when it is exposed... pulled from the air like the Discovery Channel Documentary.  I've been wondering if Sandusky-Penn State was connected to the same powerful pedophiles and it appears that is the case.  That would also explain why Joe Paterno would keep Sandusky around after he'd been caught in the act more than once.  Paterno knew about Sandusky's acts, so if it turns out Sandusky was pimping, it's quite likely Paterno was involved.   Why else would Paterno take the risk?  Boystown and Second Mile are probably fronts for the same 'powerful johns'- a source for the sick and twisted illuminati.  How many more are there?!  King and Sandusly are mere front men... put in place to be the fall guy, but the ringleaders are the same!  THEY ARE SCUM!!!  THEY ARE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT and they MUST BE STOPPED.  They ALL need to pay, not just King and Sandusky, not just the sex-rings, but the wars and destruction they're doing to humanity... to the environment of our only home.   

We can not let this get swept under the dark rug because all of these victims need justice and the World needs to know what type of beings are in power so we can remove them!  The People must wake up to reality, unite, expose the real enemy for what and who they truly are... They know our power but WE MUST REALIZE OUR POWER and USE IT TO END THE POWER OF THESE VERY FEW BUT VERY EVIL BEINGS!

The April 3, 2011 bombshell 'Madden: Sandusky a State secret' was swept under the rug.  Mark Madden says Jerry Sandusky may have been 'Pimping Out Young Boys to Rich Donors.'
'Madden: Sandusky a State secret',
'Mark Madden talks about the Penn State scandal and drops a new bomb about Jerry Sandusky',
Penn State Asst.Coach Sandusky - Part of 'Illuminati' Pedophile Network..!
Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

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