Saturday, October 30, 2010



Qualifications:  Jack Abramhoff types need not apply!  You must be as fed up with the corporate governmental system that lobbyist helped create.  You must be ready to trade in your profession for one of honor – lobby one last time – lobby for the people.  Shed the SHAME, SELF-LOATHING and DISHONOR for the work your profession has done on behalf of greedy corporate controllers.  You must recognize the fact WE THE PEOPLE demand representation above non-living corporate pigs.

One of you must surely be ready to show some remorse.  You must be eaten up inside; riddled with guilt from the corporate nightmare of a country we have become. 

Attention all lobbyist- past and present ~ your future is about to succumb!  You have infringed on my right to be heard by my representatives.  You are blocking the door to democracy when you give the corporate dictators a voice; it is time for our lawmakers to hear us

The corporations did not do it alone- you were there, spinning the minds of lawmakers so long and hard the wheels have fallen off of democracy for the people.  You have raised corporate powers supreme – Lord Acton (1834-1902), British historian wrote: "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."  - you are culpable!  We the people have your number – you are also responsible for the dead and dying in and around the Gulf of Mexico.  You are part of BP et al.  Lobbyist, one of you may be lucky enough to get this job.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime; he/she will be the hero – a champion for the common American.

It would be best for the rest of you to surrender but I have no doubt you are laughing at the very idea of this mission I dare to offer.  I assure you, I am quite serious.  Many Americans have lived with the frustration of corporate sway; our acceptance threshold has split open and expanded like the oil from “Macondo Well 252.”  The day the BP Cohorts unlocked the earth and unleashed 200,000,000 gallons of oil, the minds of the masses expanded beyond their own back-yard.  Eighty-seven days of non-stop oil and toxic dispersant was an assault - though years in the making, it finally attacked.  It is attacking still.  200,000,000 (Two-Hundred-Million!!!) gallons of oil and 2,000,000 gallons of toxic dispersant have not miraculously vanished.  The corporate owned media has done its best to lead the world to believe the oil is gone – it is not gone.  Most certainly the after-effects are just beginning to be felt - but that’s another blog.

We the people are fed up!  We have had enough!  The BP debacle woke millions of citizens – it is time to rid the world of corporate reign.  Some are still asleep, malleable or busy having tea parties.  I drink strong coffee.  I am fighting for an equal slice of democracy to restore the balance… to the people.  Corporations are not people!  I do not loathe corporations but I despise the power they have over our government – over us.  I applaud free enterprise!  But corporate giants play unfairly.  We need them; they need us more.  But we do not need a government of oligarchs!

You are not the enemy; you are the weapon – the tool used to grease the wheels.  The wheels are falling off!  Who among you has the courage to do the right thing? 

We have just begun to fight; some may cry like those who yelled, “Remember the Alamo” but we say, “Forget the Alamo, remember the Gulf-o-México!”

All applicants please submit resume and cover letter to the following email address. 

If you want your voices to be heard send me a message at

Because 'We the People' should not have to hire a lobbyist to petition our representatives!

American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lobbying and Corexit, it all the same to me: TOXIC Poison!
Democratic Representation is an Oxymoron! 

I read an article today where a group of American people hired a lobbyist to have access to their elected public officials (link below).  This is what I am so ticked about... lobbying is lop-sided, screwed up and just plain wrong in every way.  Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, hire ‘em.  I’ve thought of it doing so; like he says, I don’t have the money and power.  This lobbyist is reportedly charging the people $795 an hour to “grease the wheels a little”… a helluva messenger fee.  This is what we have to do to get our representatives to represent voters... to get them to even listen to us!  It is despicable!  Please read the story and I’m certain you will be as disgusted as I am.  We are not naive- we are, We the People they are supposed to represent!  It is time for lawmakers to work for the people!

Lobbying is just how it works these days but I don’t think we should take it anymore.   The corporations have fared well, people have not!  It doesn't matter if a candidate takes campaign contributions from corporations because once they're in office, the game is the same.  Odds are whoever hires the best lobbyist calls the shots... he with the most money wins.  Corporations have deep pockets and they can always dig deeper.  At the rate of nearly $800/hr, that will never, ever be the people.  

As I’ve said before, if lawmakers need a lobbyist to tell them what they should do, they do not belong in office!  If lawmakers need to know more about a particular issue they can find the answer… they can try something new, like listen to your constituents! 

EVIL TOXIN:  Lobbying is the toxin corporations have used to poison the people’s lawmakers.  Corporations lobbying lawmakers is like oil being sprayed with Corexit; the combination makes a toxic soup… it can/has spread world-wide.  Lawmakers and the Gulf waters need to be cleansed – we need to end lobbying and toxic dispersant.

One should not miss any opportunity to pull in supporters when they’re ticked-off – that’s a lesson learned from newly formed Tea Party.  Nearly five million people live in the four hardest hit states of the BP et al debacle; we all want, strike that – need serious change.  Now is the time if ever there was.  We must stand up and create real change because no one will do it except us.  Not “Yes we can” but Yes we will.  I think we would be better served with a party that calls to end lobbying as the number one issue!  It truly is the best solution to ending this Corporate Nightmare ~ the rest would fall into place because it puts corporations on a level playing field.  Lobbying is the reason for Corporate America.  Let’s hire a lobbyist to end lobbying. 

I have a response to Anita’s comment about the Green Party.  They merely support lobbying reform.  Modifying something and ending it are two entirely different scenarios.  Regardless, it does not appear to be a major topic of the Green Party platform.  Reform is not enough; corporations will circumvent rules as long as lobbying is permitted.  Lobbying needs to end, period.  Green Party candidates do not take corporate contributions, and that is very good.  They have put a tremendous effort into campaign finance reform but that only scratches the surface.  McCain-Feingold could not stop corporate lobbies from finding their way around the bill's reforms.  However, an end to lobbying would give causes like campaign finance reform a much better chance of succeeding. 
American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Corporations are not people!

Justice Stevens said it well, “… corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires…. they are not themselves members of “We the People” by whom and for whom our Constitution was established.” 

The Gulf of Mexico is suffering the worst environmental debacle in our history.  We have suffered because of corporation’s preferential treatment and greed.  If anyone thinks we can afford to wait for the incumbent parties to changes anything, I want to remind you, they are the ones that have put us here.  Many of us spent the summer calling, emailing, and/or screaming for BP to stop the use of toxic dispersant.  But, for the most part, our voices fell on the deaf ears of our representatives.  I suppose we should have hired lobbyists.   

If politicians need lobbyists to recommend what they should do, then they do not belong in office!  We wanted them to stop spraying us with a highly toxic substance; it was common sense!  We lobby, push, advocate, promote, sway, urge, petition, influence, pressure and support… the interest of the people.  Our representatives are supposed to be in office to do all those things for us, the constituents!  The constituent, the voter, the citizens are the ones who pay their salary [with handsome benefits].  Do not allow them to spray toxic dispersant to hide the oil.  Be our friend!  Represent us!  Listen to us! 

Lobbying has been around since the 1800s; before the telephone and long before television or internet.  Like the Electoral College, it is archaic.  We no longer need groups to speak or think for us.  We are very much capable of communicating with our representatives to plead our case.  Corporations are not people!  Corporations lobby for entities.  They should not have Equal Rights!  Distortion of our Constitution has created Corporate America- by lobbying our politicians [who appoint judges].  Corporate power is out of control!

Lobbying has been protected by the First Amendment~ Right to Petition: 
‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’ 

The right to petition government is the right of the people!  Corporations have taken advantage of a right we the people have- a right to complain.  We have the right to complain when we are sprayed with toxic dispersant!  Not only should we be protected from poison, we should be heard!  Corporations have twisted lobbying to the point it violates other rights guaranteed to the people.  Our Founders thought to protect other rights they did not specify and how they too, should be “retained by the people”.  I consider the Ninth Amendment: ‘The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.’ 

It is not just the laws that make a difference; there must be enforcement and correct interpretation of the laws and our Constitutional Rights; for the people, not corporations.  The US Supreme Court recently ruled corporations are people (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission). Justice Stevens said it well; unfortunately the majority of the Supreme Court did not agree.  I’m pretty sure the court’s foundation for that unbelievable ruling actually comes from a court clerk’s note, not a judicial ruling.  

Corporations are not people!  Corporate power is out of control!  Say No to Corporate America!

If you agree corporations are not people, I hope you will peruse the website Motion to Amend and sign the petition.
I came across this today; the title speaks for itself but I hope you will take time to read this enlightening article, Study Documents Corporate Takeover of Supreme Court

Monday, October 25, 2010

Occam’s Razor

Occam’s razor, “Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem”.  Occum’s razor is a principal which states "Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily."  It is also understood as the simplest explanation is the correct one.  America is suffering the worst environmental disaster ever and the worst recession of modern times- the explanation for this is corporate government.  To find a solution, I am twisting it a bit- the simplest solution is the correct one.  Take away corporate lobbying and take away their hold on government- one solution for many troubles.

It does not appear lobbying will end with the existing political parties and we need one that will.  American government must represent its people!  To put and end to lobbying is not an easy fix but it is must be done!  It will never happen with Democrats or Republicans- both parties are responsible for Corporate America so they must go.  Corporations will resist infinitely more than government – we know they play dirty but there is strength in numbers so we must stand together.  I may be a dreamer but I think it’s worth fighting for. 

I am inspired by this quote from a recent movie, ‘Up in the Air’… “Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it’s because they sat there that they were able to do it.”    The BP disaster [cause and effect] has shown our government is not for the people.  For me, this was the final straw and the reason I am sitting here now.  It is my leading example of government failure and I see it as an opportunity to change the world.  I know I am not alone- eyes are wide open, party lines are gone and the shades are up… people are angry!  As a result, my gloves are off. 

The loss of clean environment didn’t start with BP’s oil gusher, but is the worst culprit to date.  Both parties allowed the situation to arise by not enforcing the rules; this is nothing new but it is so blatant this time- the most horrific consequences are yet to appear.  Accidents happen, but this was pure negligence – government and big-oil broke the rules.  I’m not minimizing the problems that set the stage for disaster, but the actions that followed disgust me most of all.  We needed protection from the oil and the government gave BP shelter.  Not only did they give the go-ahead for 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant, they have the audacity to tell the world the Gulf is safe for swimming and fishing.  It is not possible only a few weeks after billions of barrels of oil engulfed the Gulf- let us not forget the millions of gallons of toxic dispersant.  The only beneficiary of that lie is BP.  Since fishing is declared safe, BP is able to shorten claims by years… government saves BP billions of dollars at the cost of people’s health and environment. 

My mother always said, “Two wrongs do not make a right”.  There have been far too many wrongs!  I’ve read the warnings on the Corexit safety sheets… did the government?  Whether they did or not, it makes no difference because I’m not sure which is worse.  As for the lies by government and BP… lock-step all the way!  So many people questioning, who is in command… BP or government… no one can tell because they are one in the same!!!  They are BP et al.

Obama promised change… what a joke!  I’m sure this oil nightmare would be worse if the drill-baby-drill party was in office this year, but it is not good enough!  Republicans are more open about their agenda but the Democrats hide behind the cloak of do-gooder-for-the-people; that’s worse in my mind.  I am so sick of having to vote for the lesser of the evils and I know millions of you feel the same.  I want my government to truly represent people, living breathing people.  The US Supreme Court ruled corporations have rights equal to people – they are entities, not people!  Corporations can not vote but they do lobby… that lobbying carries far more weight than a vote. 

Corporations are greedy mega-giants who are increasing their power evermore.  Corporate power has exploded over the last few decades while the majority of people lose ground – poverty in America has grown while corporate profits soar (average CEO pay increased six-fold in the last two decades).  Sure, corporations are run by people, but these heads are in place to earn profits- keep the board and shareholders happy or out they go.  An end to lobbying removes corporate money from swaying politicians to create the laws that benefit corporations only.  People do not benefit from outsourcing, bank bail-outs and short-cuts by drug or energy companies… then there’s campaign finance, eminent domain… the list goes on.  It’s not just about money; it’s about having a decent place to live.

There are many people disenfranchised by the Gulf Oil disaster by BP et al.  The message is clear and we all want the same thing- our government to do the right thing for us.  Many causes fight to tip the scales away from the heavy-weighted corporations… an end to lobbying helps each cause.  One change can be the solution … the simplest solution is the right one… Occum’s razor.  Put the horse ahead of the cart… end lobbying and end corporate reign.  Say NO to Corporate America! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We've all got to start thinking differently.

The sole intention of this blog is to inspire a new legitimate political party... a political party that places the people’s interest above ANY corporate interest.   We must establish a new political party that does not allow corporations to call the shots… ever!  Lobbying reform is not enough- lobbying needs to end, period.  I think we would be better served with a party that calls to end lobbying… number one issue!  It truly is the best solution to ending this Corporate Nightmare~ the rest would fall into place.  NO LOBBYING ALLOWED is the only way to end the corporate hold on American Government.

I strongly believe that we are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution... so I am doing something about it.  Yes, there are other political parties besides the two that have run us into the spiral of corporate rule - but they do not go far enough.  Regardless, their message has not worked well enough.  It has been eight months since BP unleashed their oil on the South and the US GOV made it worse by allowing toxic Corexit to be sprayed on us.  As a Southerner who has fallen victim of the oil/gov fiasco, WE ARE OUT OF TIME!  I am inspired by the power of grass root movements and the internet has changed the political arena... NOW IS THE TIME TO CREATE GENUINE CHANGE! 

Since the Gulf Oil Disaster, many have written their concerns and frustrations on various websites- there are many such websites and I hope to connect each of their followers.  Sharing our information is important; it makes us stronger- collectively we can make that change.   Americans are finally opening their eyes to the fact corporations really do call the shots.  We've all got to start thinking differently!

Obama broke his promise about lobbyists- that one promise would make a world of difference.  Other parties support lobbying regulation but it is an all or nothing game. Even with the exception of non-profit entities, Corporations will work their way around it.  We should simply say, NO LOBBYISTS ALLOWED!

The corporations will always spend more to lobby for their interests.  As things now stand, Goliath will always win against David where money is the weapon used.  Corporations have owned our Government far too long - as we've seen from the Gulf Oil Disaster, our government has once again sided with big corporation.

No President has ever won office without the support of the South. The South is well aware of the atrocities by BP et al.  We have power to vote for a true party ‘for the people’- now we just have to create one and find a leader worth following. It can and must be done!

It’s going to take more than a little lifestyle change and wishful thinking to undo decades of corporate run government – but it is time to start!  We must make something positive happen from this horrific situation or it is just more of the same.