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The Gulf of Mexico Is NOT Safe! It Is Dying!

                                                    'Spill Children: The Untold Story of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster (Part 1)'

FACT: US Gov and BP sprayed millions of gallons of Corexit on the Gulf and ITS PEOPLE. 
FACT: Corexit is POISON!  ‘2-Butoxyethanol’ is highly toxic and the main component (30-60%) of Corexit 9527A. See MSDS for 2-Butoxyethanol section 11- 'Chronic Effects on Humans' may damage blood, kidneys, liver and CNS... adverse fertility, birth defects cancer; section 14 DOT Class 6.1- POISONOUS materials.
FACT: The MSDS for each Corexit has only one "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTION: DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATER"  - Obviously ignored~
FACT: There was no toxicity study done on either Corexit; see MSDS, TOXICOLOGICAL INFO
FACT: US Government declared seafood is safe BEFORE the well was officially dead and within a few weeks of stemming the 87 day-oil-gusher that unleashed hundreds-of-thousands-of gallons of oil… do not forget MILLIONS OF GALLONS of Corexit.  President gave his "personal assurance" the Gulf of Mexico is safe as poison was being sprayed... ask yourself WHY?

'Oil Sharks, Doilphins, and SeaToitles -- Enough is Enough!'
FEB 2012 UPDATE- The above video is the Gulf of Mexico on August 30, 2011, filmed by 'On Wings of Care'.  Yes, that is 2011, and that is oil from BP's infamous well MC252!  The crime and cover up continues (e.g.Helland Hansen).  OIL IS STILL LEAKING and BP wants to settle!  Scientists say it will be a decade before we know the extent of damage... NO SETTLEMENT!  There is a lot of information in this post and one thing is clear, GOV has protected BP throughout this ongoing disaster [and worse, our gov helped BP spray millions of us with POISON]... I doubt gov wants the world to know the information that would surface in a trial; Obama's gag order on results from the dead and stillborn dolphins has hidden vital info (since a lot of women are having miscarriages too).  A settlement can not bring justice and no amount of money will bring back the Gulf or the dead animals and people, or save the dying, but PEOPLE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH!!!  And BP must pay every penny of every fine because their fake clean up is just making things worse (Corexit makes the oil more toxic).  DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS TOO!  They shouldn't even be talking to BP about a settlement when oil is still leaking.  Seriously, they should know FRESH oil is a "dead ringer" match for MC252. Knowledge is power and this situation tells the truth about our government.  People need to wake up to the reality of GOV Inc and they must be warned.  Please read and share this information with the world:

State officials shut down shrimping in Gulf amid scientists finding deformities and ‘horrifying creatures’ —

FEB 25th 2012 - PLEASE HELP
BP wants to settle... NO WAY!  Trial begins Feb 27th.  Call the White House MONDAY and tell them - NO Settlement - Demand a FULL Trial - FULL Transparency. NO Exceptions. 202-456-1111 or call 202-456-1414
Breaking News: Secret 3rd Gulf well evidence as BP trial to begin


>>"Scientific analysis has confirmed that oil bubbling up above BP’s sealed Deepwater Horizon well in recent days is a chemical match for the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil that spewed into the Gulf last summer."<<
'Leaking Oil Is “Dead Ringer” For Oil From BP’s Gulf Well',
'Oil Rising Again from Macondo Well: BP Hires Fleet of 40 Shrimp Boats to Lay Boom Around Old Deepwater Horizon Site': 

UPDATE Feb 2, 2012 - The Gulf's 'Unusual Mortality Event' and the 'Dead Zone'

"Moby Solangi, director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, indicated to the Mississippi Press that information from one rescued dolphin brought "significant information" about the dolphin deaths, though he is unable to provide more information:"
Scientists: Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico Dying 'At an Alarming Rate'
"Unusual Mortality Event" contradicts BP's portrayal of health of Gulf

Why are they "unable to provide more information"?
'Obama Administration Restricts Findings on Gulf's Dead Dolphins'

"A new study finds that Louisiana's second Gulf of Mexico dead zone stretches at least from the Chandeleur Sound off Louisiana to Alabama's Dauphin Island — and could be bigger
'Large 'Dead Zone' Stretches Almost to Dauphin Island ',

The Gulf of OIL OIL OIL
UPDATE - November, 2011
It's been well over a year since the well was supposedly stopped but now the oil and the lies can't continue to hide... there is no repair when the reservoir collapses! PEOPLE are sick and some have died.  How many must die?!
- Raw footage from Nov, 08, 2011 FRESH OIL on Daytona Beach FL.
Daytona Beach is on Atlantic side btw. BP's oil is still leaking, that has been proven. So, is this BP's oil the Gulf Stream?!?


--Scientists Fear Fresh BP Oil Surfacing at Deepwater Horizon Site Is Making Landfall 100 Miles away --As public concern escalates, the critically acclaimed oil spill documentary "The Big Fix" premieres Nov. 12th-14th in Los Angeles  
This makes five dolphins found washed ashore along the Mississippi-Alabama area within the last week. -  '2 dead dolphins found in Gulfport, Pass Christian',

Update: 9/15/2011
***** Fresh oil, "a dead ringer for the MC252 oil***** 
'No end in sight for oil in the Gulf of Mexico';
Fresh oil seepages raise questions about further problems with BP's damaged oil well.;
Update 9/18/11
Oil was bad enough but Corexit is POISON and MILLIONS of gallons of Corexit have been sprayed on the Gulf of Mexico.  "Many people living near the site of the BP oil spill have reported a long list of similar health problems."  The government that helps them spray, awards the Air Force for spraying, and does not protect us or tell us the truth is to blame as well.  They are paid to work for the People, not BP!
'Sick Gulf residents continue to blame BP'

I'm still looking in to Silicon Tetrafluroide; that's the toxic crap I read they're using to correct the salinity.  I look at the MSDS for silicon tetrafluroide and I wonder if anyone is not sick from this Genocide on the Gulf.

Update: 8/25/11
> New Maconda Oil Leak
> Dispersants = Cancer

Update 8/30/11
> A new concern, Silicon Tetrafluroide - It has now been revealed that a toxic chemical, Silicon Tetrafluroide has been used to "correct" the salinity in the Gulf of Mexico
> A much needed interpretation of the science... don't eat more than half an oyster a day!
'Gulf of Mexico Seafood Safety according to the FDA and EPA'

==Original Post ==
I have lived on or near the Gulf Coast for most of my life so this disaster is extremely important to me.  The Gulf is my home, it is where I learned to scuba dive and I have a lot of great memories on and under the water, and on the gorgeous white beaches.  Although it hasn’t been perfectly pristine in decades, it was beautiful and full of life before BP unleashed the hellish oil and poisonous Corexit.  Now the bottom of the Gulf has layers of dead animals and oil.  It makes me physically sick to think about how drastically it has changed. 

Some of the best times of my life happened on the Gulf.  It’s where I was married and where I want to be buried.  The Gulf was my backyard and playground for fishing, sitting on the sugar sand beach or duck-diving under the waves.  I have been in storms with twenty-foot waves that were followed by endless dead calm days.  I’ve limped back to shore when the boat broke or lost a prop.  I’ve seen waterspouts form before my eyes; lived through hurricanes and caught fish in the eye of the storm.  In one single dive, I’ve had hundreds of jellyfish stings; I’ve blacked out from the bends; been surrounded by dolphins, followed by sharks and humped by a giant sea turtle.  I’ve had more close calls than I care to remark.  I’ve got a strong connection to the Gulf and these greedy, corrupt evil people killed my home and they killed a part of my soul.  The blown well was the final straw for me and it brought me here to share the truth with the world.  These dead baby dolphins have reignited my fire to wake up the world because the long term effects are genuinely dire.  The lies surrounding this epic disaster continue to flow so the Rinse Cycle must surge harder and hotter than ever before.

The news of so many dead baby dolphins washing up along the Gulf coast is heartbreaking and horrible.  Officials said some are likely stillbirths and they do expect more deaths.  Of course there is speculation the oil may be the cause but I am still concerned about Corexit.  NOAA is testing but I would like to remind you, NOAA was also performing the “sniff-test” to declare seafood safe but independent tests showed just the opposite.  The oil was bad enough but Corexit made a bad situation much worse. No toxicity studies were done on Corexit but 30-60% of Corexit (9527A) is ‘2-butoxyethanol’ and it causes birth defects and fertility problems (may cause cancer, damage blood, kidneys, liver and Central Nervous System). It is classified by the government as “Poisonous Materials”.  I suspect we may never learn the whole truth about the cause of death but it is too early for dolphins to give birth and this is what’s called an ‘Unusual Mortality Event’

I am concerned about the future of the Gulf, dolphins and all sea creatures but I am also concerned about people.  President Obama gave his "personal assurance the Gulf if safe" and encourages people to go swimming in the Gulf and eat the seafood but it is not safe!  Spring will be here soon and I think about children splashing in the toxic water, building castles of toxic sand and families eating poisoned seafood and I want to scream from the rooftops.  Of the people that have been tested, children have had the highest blood levels of the toxins.  I want to stress the importance of spreading the facts to warn people of the danger on the coast.  Some people trust the President so they would expose themselves and their children to poison.  BP, Feinberg and GOV said the Gulf will be fine by next year but scientists say it will be a decade before we know the extent of damage.  Look at the independent test results.  It is crazy to trust test results from the government when they did the spraying.  I trust science more than those liars.  The Air Force received a special Award for spraying Corexit.  What kind of government does that?!  The same government that tells you to eat poisoned seafood!  Obama told everyone to swim in and eat poison!  What kind of leader does that?! He added insult to injury when he appointed the corporate friendly Kenneth Feinberg to handle claims for victims; Feinberg is PAID BY BP!  Feinberg's usual clients include EXXON, Dow, DuPont, Raytheon, Citibank and dozens of other corporations, oh, and government too.  Makes sense since they are one in the same!  Wake up folks!  Don't trust a government that knowingly endangers you and your child's lives. Everyone I know that lives on the coast has had a cough for months. I live inland but all my plants that receive rain have died but the ones under shelter are fine.  People are very sick!  Watch the video above and read the article below 'Oil-spill health impact studied'.  Save lives, spread this information far and wide!  Please note I make updates to this post so check back periodically.  Thank you!

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."~ Maximilien Robespierre

PLEASE read these other important* blog posts for more important information, fish kills, test results, cover-up, details of the reservoir collapse, continuing oil leak and continual spraying of poisonous Corexit, sources and the dangers of oil and Corexit in the Gulf.  BP and MMS participated in Project Deep Spill (2000) and the report showed deep water oil spills create underwater plumes of oil; BP and GOV denied the plumes exist and scientists spent valuable time and money proving otherwise.  Worse yet, the project showed the underwater plumes contain the most toxic compounds of the oil.  So what remains in the water is "the most toxic", and then there is poisonous Corexit.  Professor Joye from UGA said the bottom is covered with layers of oil and dead animals.  A collapsed reservoir is worst case scenario because the oil flow can not be stopped; it is not possible to stop that leakage!  National Incident Commander Thad Allen said the lack of communication between the annulus and the reservoir might not be cement, it could be just a collapse of the formation around it.  Many other sources like Matt Simmons and companies working with BP said that BP also discovered new damage inside the well below the seafloor and that, as a result, some of the drilling mud that was successfully forced into the well was going off to the side into rock formations.  The well was capped July 15, and said to be "effectively dead" on September 19, 2010.  Many videos from BP's live feed shows oil was leaking after the well was officially "killed".  The videos show oil leaking from mudline seeps, capping stack, valves and other leaks as well, some are after the well was supposedly sealed; some are shown through links in this blog but there are many others on the internet.  A dead well should not leak.  A collapsed reservoir would explain why it has been discovered that hundreds of containers of Corexit 9527A have been shipped and used many months after the well was "killed".  A Gulf Coast resident found 176 empty containers of Corexit 9527A on a Louisiana dock; photos show the containers with the shipping date of August, 2010 but the containers were empty November, 2010.   However, BP claims Corexit 9527A was last used May 22, 2010.   BP had 176 containers shipped to Louisiana 3 months after they supposedly stopped spraying it.  More full containers were found in a shipment in Houston, Texas in January, 2011.  Are they still spraying Corexit because oil is still leaking?  Does this look like fresh oil? <-1/05/11 or this 3/09/11-> 'Orange Corexit Waves'

*‘GOV Inc’ (details, links to MSDS on Corexit, reservoir leak and collapse
*‘Helland Hansen… or Hell in a Handbasket’  (more cover-up & LIES ~ Project Deep Spill in year 2000)
*‘BP, Corexit, Corexit, Corexit’  (hundreds of Corexit 9527A containers, as recent as Jan 2011. Are they still spraying?!)
Genocide and Treason!
*'Unified Demand Center for the People, by the People';

BP has done more damage to harm the American homeland than al-Qaeda could ever do." ~ Dr. Thomas B. Manton.  May you Rest in Peace.  For you, Matt Simmons and all those like you, we honor your sacrifice to the altar of TRUTH. Gulf human rights reporter, U.S. government Gulf operation critic, framed political prisoner, was murdered Thursday.  Matt Simmons drowned in his hot tub August 2010.
'Gulf human rights hero murdered';
'In Honor of Dr. Thomas B. Manton, a True Modern American Hero';


'BP – THE SPILLER by Dr. Thomas B. Manton';

'Financial Times on Matt Simmons: 5 to 10 miles away “there is a more important leak caused by the explosion of the blowout preventer”';
Excerpt: "As the rogue well had not been successfully cemented and plugged at the base of the well by the relief wells, unknown quantities of hydrocarbons are still leaking out from the reservoir at high pressure and are seeping through multiple fault lines to the seabed. It is not possible to cap this oil leakage."
'Oil and Gas Industry expert: Hydrocarbons are still leaking out from the reservoir';

'Oil-spill health impact studied';

“We’re poisoned, we’re sick” – report from the Gulf by Dahr Jamail

See the difference between Gov and independent tests!

'Safe Gulf Seafood' myth and facts

'NOAA: 5 more dead dolphins found on Gulf Coast, bringing total to 53 ';

'Baby dolphin deaths puzzling'
"Numbers could be related to oil spill, experts say";

'Baby dolphin deaths get feds’ attention';

'Gulf spill's effects 'may not be seen for a decade';

See how Corexit spreads the oil throughout the water column-
'Proving Corexit Poisoning-Civil Engineer Marco Kaltofen-Gulf Oil Spill';

UPDATE on Dolphins 02/26/11
The number is up to 67 and 35 are so young they were probably stillbirths. This should be a great concern since over half are so young they are likely stillbirths. The dolphins were pregnant when the oil started gushing and the Corexit was sprayed!  Much of the main stream media talks about the oil but don't forget about the Corexit!  I live here and I see the blistering sores that appear on the skin soon after water from the Gulf splashes on us.  I see everyone is sick and many are very, very sick.  Can you imagine what it is like to live in that water?!  NOAA is directing the investigation and NOAA also tested did the "sniff test" so I can't trust NOAA test results anyway.  We need independent testing!  Scientists say they expect more dolphin deaths and it is really heartbreaking to know there are many will not be seen.  The Gulf is not safe and people need to know this!

"New evidence that Corexit dispersant is degrading very slowly while seafloor marine life suffocate covered by oil, dolphin stillborn deaths in January and February 2011 are ten times normal, and many coastal residents are sick."
"Part 1:  BP Oil and Corexit Dispersant Still In Gulf of Mexico";

'BP oil spill and ongoing health problems';

'Number of dead dolphins climbs to 67';

'Dolphin cold case: Investigators say cause of calve die-off may never be known';

UPDATE March 30, 2011 
This horrific event should make people question this so-called government.  They only care about the elite and corporations with the absurd tax-laws but this is genocide!  How many spill babies will there be?  I am concerned about my children and I am sickened at the thought of another child exposed to this poison on the beach.  It does not take much exposure to cause health problems.  Some people have moved off the coast but some can't afford to leave and others still believe their government would not allow them to be in danger... I think this proves otherwise.  Hundreds of containers of Corexit 9527A and other evidence suggests the spraying of this poison continues.  Obama has a gag order on the data from testing the dead dolphins and dead dolphins continue to wash ashore... now about 50 dead turtles have washed up in the same areas in the past 2 weeks.  Obama says it is safe to swim in the Gulf and eat Gulf seafood, but don't believe him.  You must remember this is the guy who just told us, after Fukushima meltdown, do not prepare for radioactive fallout, just listen to your government.  Why would we not prepare?  We are downwind but regardless of Japan's radiation, it is always best to be prepared for such disaster.  US has the same type of nuclear reactors, US is on the still-rumbling-Pacific-rim and the US has the same problem with spent rods stored at the plants.  A power outage at a nuclear power plant is deadly!  Something is horribly wrong with that man and regardless of the reason, something deadly is happening in the Gulf of Mexico!  All this intentional misinformation that endangers lives of millions, does tend to lead me to believe depopulation is more than a theory.  Please stay out of the water and away from the Gulf of Mexico and please, please, please spread this information far and wide, you will probably save lives.
This video is a few months old, I have never posted it before but it is very important viewing.
'BP Carpet Bombed The Gulf With Corexit Poisoning Marine Life, Workers & The Public';

March 30, 2011
'Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated';

Turtles too!  "Since March 15, she noted, 39 deaths were confirmed in Mississippi, 4 in Alabama and 3 in Louisiana."
'Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend';

'BP’s “Operation Deep Clean” Over';

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!   Death and the cover-up continue!
"The Obama administration has issued a gag order on data over the recent spike of dead dolphins, including many stillborn infants, washing up on Mississippi and Alabama shorelines, and scientists say the restriction undermines the scientific process.
Almost 200 dead bottlenose dolphin bodies have been found since mid-January through this week along shorelines of Gulf coast states, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, Reuters notes. About half of the carcasses are newborns or stillborn infants.
That number is around 14 times the average numbers recorded during the same time frame between 2002 and 2007 and has coincidentally occurred during the first calving season since the BP
Deepwater Horizon debacle last year in the Gulf.":

'Obama Administration Restricts Findings on Gulf's Dead Dolphins';

Very Important!  This is about radiation but as you see, MSM and EPA are LIARS!
'EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans';

'BP takes hit after reports of possible charges';

'AP: Manslaughter charges considered against those responsible for Deepwater explosion';

"Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic":

Additional info copied from other blog posts here (throughout March only)

Rest In Peace Lisa Nelson.  She passed away March 7, 2011
'BP Oil Spill Victims Sickened and Dying, Local Physicians Clueless';
"Louisiana fisherman reports that fresh oil is coming ashore near South Pass, LA, and that cleanup crews are laying new boom near the beach. He also reports that cleanup crews in four-wheeled vehicles were patrolling the beaches near the marsh filled coast spraying a substance on the beach." AND
"A Coast Guard officer with a command center in Morgan City, LA, said today the Coast Guard has confirmed that oil is not coming from the Deepwater Horizon well but that they have found what appear to be smaller oil slicks in the Gulf."
‘Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf’;
'Oily sheen, 'goop' spotted in Gulf of Mexico';

"Despite what she called an “unusual mortality event” killing dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, the top federal scientist investigating the deaths, revealed Wednesday that the government has yet to send any tissue samples for laboratory testing to determine a cause."
'9 dead dolphins found since Saturday in Alabama and Mississippi';

Efforts to clean up Boca beaches after tar washes ashore

BP is working on a strategic plan to clean up oil in Florida... it has been almost one year!
‘Florida spring breakers find the oil (VIDEO)’;

'NASA Data Strengthens Reports of Toxic Rain on the Gulf Coast From BP Spill';

‘Gulf Seafood: Mysterious Crab Deaths Trigger New Fears’;
'Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives';

New Pictures- Oil and Death on the Gulf of Mexico
'Bp Lies. March 2011~ WAKE UP AMERICA!';

'BP's Dudley: 'I'm sorry' for the oil spill';

Air Force Gives Special Award for Spraying Chemical Genocide - WTF kind of government does that?!
"Air Force gives special award to unit for spraying Corexit — “It’s something that just doesn’t happen says spokesman";

'Pensacola Beach: “1,000′s of dead animals” & discolored sand as far as the eye can see (PHOTOS)';

'"Very disturbing findings" in chemical tests of Gulf residents -- Bleeding from ears';

'United for the Gulf Fest ~ Kindra Arnesen's Sound Science';

Story of Just One Victim
'Paul Doomm';

'Bp Lies. March 2011~ WAKE UP AMERICA!';

UPDATE April 9, 2011
February 2010 to April 2011, 406 dolphins were found either stranded or reported dead offshore.
'Scientists unsure why dolphins washing up dead';

'Dead dolphins, turtles still washing ashore along gulf coast';

'Wording in U.S. law could cut BP fines by billions';

'When a Community is Sick: Gulf Coast Illnesses One Year after the BP Oil Spill';


"Scientists befuddled by dolphin deaths, diseased fish."  I am not befuddled.  You really have to see this picture of a red snapper recently caught in the Gulf of Mexico!  It has abnormal black markings that "could be caused by the fish's kidney or bile duct being affected or clogged by oil components".  They are finding a high number of parasites, missing fins, fin rot and "hardened or deformed ovaries".  I believe this is very significant.  Not only should the Gulf be closed for safety reasons, it should be closed as to protect the fish that survived; their reproduction is endangered.  Stillborn dolphins, dead turtles, hardened or deformed ovaries, many mass fish kills and areas devoid of life are all very telling.  It may be a while before scientists have a enough results to prove the oil is the cause but common sense says it's oil and/or Corexit that is killing the Gulf.
'Odd Animal Deaths, Deformities Linked to Gulf Oil Spill?';
Oil is still washing ashore and hidden throughout the sand.  I can not stand the thought of a child splashing in the Gulf water or digging in its sand.  People should be told the facts so they can make an informed decision as to whether a day at the beach is worth the risk.  Please read and share this very important information because the children and the unborn are our future.
"Babies who are exposed before birth to ethyl benzene, a toxic component in crude oil, may have a higher risk of developing congenital heart disease, US researchers said Saturday."
'Crude oil chemical linked to heart defect in babies';

'Death Toll from BP Spill Still Rising as Residents Die from Spill-Related Illnesses';
BP Oil Spill - In Depth Continuing Coverage - See all Reports

'Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers?';

H.R. 1231:Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act

'Mom walks from New Orleans to Washington to highlight suffering a year after oil spill';

Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill
Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show BP officials discussing how to influence the work of scientists

Has BP Really Cleaned Up the Gulf Oil Spill?
Officially, marine life is returning to normal in the Gulf of Mexico, but dead animals are still washing up on beaches – and one scientist believes the damage runs much deeper.

'Oil On Dead Dolphins In Gulf Linked To BP Spill, Scientists Say ';,b=facebook

'Tourists Poisoned By Swimming in the Gulf On Vacation During Oil Spill, 1 Dead';

AG: Oil spill victims more concerned with health vs money

'Seafood PROBLEM Gulf of Mexico BP Oil CONTAMINATION EPA';

Health Concerns Persist over Gulf Coast Oil Spill

BP oil spill: The environmental impact one year on

These article are not directly about the health impact and danger but it does give show BP's greed has no limit. Victims of this ongoing disaster suffer on every level and BP has fallen short on every aspect.

Gulf residents at BP meeting: We were treated like 'criminals'';

'BP Handling of Claims Slammed by Gulf Residents';

'BP asks fine not be based on total of spill - It wants penalty figured on days well flowed, not barrels leaked';

BP's tax break will be even bigger than was first reported - an outrageous $13 billion!  BP spokesman wouldn't say if the company is paying any U.S. taxes at all this year. It could even be getting a refund. Please take action to hold BP accountable.  Killing the Gulf should NOT be a tax write-off!
Wars for oil delivered by GOV Inc
'Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq';

'BP expects to resume drilling in Gulf of Mexico within months';

'Gulf of Mexico Seafood Safety according to the FDA and EPA'
"Download Trisha James' Spreadsheet calculations and help us continue our efforts to document BP's damage to the Gulf at  The seafood isn't safe! The oil is still here and so are we!" 
link to spreadsheet:

Safety Limits?!  SHOULD BE ZERO!
UPDATE 10/16/2011
Ya think?!
'Study: Gulf Seafood Unsafe for Pregnant Women and Children?',

10/16/11- Let us not forget that Corexit is POISON and although they admit to spraying millions of gallons of that poison, the evidence suggests they never stopped spraying!  It's been over a year since they supposedly stopped the leak but DNA from recent oil slicks have been a "dead ringer" match to BP's gusher MC252.  A bad situation was made worse by the millions of gallons of poisonous Corexit and now the concern about another toxin, Silicon Tetrafluoride that is reportedly being used to "correct salinity" shows the government really has no concern for our environment or health.  I hope to provide more details on this later, but a recent Gulf of Mexico water sample that was taken by a friend is extremely concerning, but not surprising... it said "NO CELLS FOUND".  I'm no expert but that sounds like dead water to me.  As I have said before, we must take charge of this rogue government and out every last puppet for the globalist killers if we are to survive, and I am not exaggerating!  OCCUPY EVERYTHING! 

A recent Stanford study showed the entire world could be run on alternative energy in 20-40 years and that is just with today's technology.  Big energy has too much influence over government as far as regulation goes, and they fight change since they don't make big profits on renewable energy. We are at peak oil and drilling will only become more dangerous to us and the environment as they drill deeper.  That must change but energy companies won't do it and Gov won't make them (they give them subsidies).  'We the People' must demand real solutions-  even if that means WE become OUR government!  Otherwise, we will continue to see wars and/or a dying environment.  Our future depends on US.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality

                                                   'How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality?!'
(click title to see video - hopefully it will stick around for a while as this is an important message)

I remember watching this episode of 'Boston Legal' and I recall thinking just how absolutely right he was in this argument.  It was astonishing to hear so much truth on MSM, but I suppose it is classified as fiction.  Sadly, it is true.  The Bush Administration did more to dismantle Freedom and Liberty protected by our Constitution than any previous President.  Worse yet, the Obama Administration has done nothing to restore the Rights lost and many Americans remain apathetic.  Obama’s ‘hope and change’ have left me still hoping for change.  Obama has only worsened the situation by extending the [un]Patriot Act, appointing top corporate men in top government positions, giving DHS authority over food, net neutrality and adding another war (illegal and undeclared military action in Pakistan).  Although some people have come around, the situation has only worsened so WAKE UP to the REALITY NOW!!! <-- watch!

Wisconsin, Walker and Unions…people need to realize it is about so much more than that!  Union busting will only further austerity in America and advance the Global Capitalist Agenda.  America is closing and the survival of the Union is critical in busting up their evil agenda!  I suspect many of the protesters in Wisconsin have no idea how important it is for them to stand strong but it is imperative!  The tea-party protesters need to realize what they are doing is wrong.  A true Patriot would support People and not corporate interests; they should protest to restore our Constitution and lost Freedom.  They are fighting for the wrong side!  Americans need to unite and stand strong to restore our Rights!  The People United Will Never be Defeated!  

'May 1933: Hitler Abolishes Unions';
I have posted the next two links before, and they are a couple of years old but they are as relevant and important today (you will see the connection with article above).
WATCH! "Talk - Naomi Wolf - The End of America ";
"Ten Steps to Close Down an Open Society";

Very Insightful, read!
'Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?';

'Phase III - Hypocrisy Implodes Worldwide';

'First Iranian ships cross Suez Canal';

BP STILL LIES AND BP STILL SUCKS!!!  BP recently said the Gulf would recover by the end of 2012.  Professor Samantha Joye, "The impact on the benthos was devastating," she told BBC News. "Filter-feeding organisms, invertebrate worms, corals, sea fans - all of those were substantially impacted - and by impacted, I mean essentially killed. "Another critical point is that detrital feeders like sea cucumbers, brittle stars that wander around the bottom, I didn't see a living (sea cucumber) around on any of the wellhead dives. They're typically everywhere, and we saw none." 
There are layers of dead animals and oil on the floor of the Gulf.  Please read and I urge you to share this information so People do not swim in the Gulf or eat Gulf seafood.  It is NOT safe!
'Gulf spill's effects 'may not be seen for a decade';

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson
‘Genetic Engineering: Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup’;
'Proposed new limits on vaccine exemptions: Are they constitutional?';

Obama’s newly appointed Job Czar, Jeffrey Immelt retains his post as GE’s Chairman & CEO (Sept 2001- present). 
'GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill';

GOV INC Spends Millions on NASCAR and they cut heating for the elderly. WTF?!?
'House Votes to Continue Spending Millions in Taxpayer Dollars on NASCAR';

'Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?';

‘The Making of Manhattan's Elite Welfare Farmers’;
Want fiscal reform? Let's start by targeting the fattest farm subsidy checks—which are mailed to the richest New York ZIP codes.

‘EU farming subsidies for the Royal family must stay secret’;

‘Obama and Geithner's Insidious Plan to Hand the Entire Housing Industry Over to the Banks’;
Obama should be punishing the banks that sabotaged the American dream of home ownership -- instead he's giving them the whole enchilada.

[2008] 'Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes';
[2009 in response to above]
'Offshore Tax Haven: A State by State Breakdown of Cost to Taxpayers';

'Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people';

Florida’s Pro-Corporate 'Gov. Rick Scott Speaks at the World Golf Village';

‘Utah: Governor Caught in $13 Million Kickback Scheme’;

'Former Pennsylvania judge found guilty in kids-for-cash scheme';

‘Egyptian General says enemy agents in the White House and Israel carried out 9/11’;

‘Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance’;

"Pentagon Almighty: Defense Budget Fat, Sick Economy Starving ";

'Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport';

John Wheeler's wife speaks out; Mr. Wheeler was the biological warfare expert that was murdered just as birds began dropping dead; for more info on see my blog January post, 'A Factual Theory on the Mass Bird and Fish Kills'
'Bush aide 'was killed by hitman' claims distraught widow';

'Despite receiving the backing of 14 out of 15 members of the United Nations' security council, an Arab-sponsored UN resolution branding Israeli settlements illegal was vetoed by the United States.  Instead, the US defended a weaker, non-binding presidential statement that effectively rejects the legitimacy of Israel's settlements.  Al Jazeera spoke with Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations.'
'US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements';

'US pharm industry creates diseases';

‘Police State at the Brit Awards 2011’;

'Wikileaks is a Rothschild Operation: Rothschild Use Wikileaks to Wound Rival Bank, Julian Assange's Bail Posted by Rothschilds' Sister-in-law, Many Other Links';

Power To The People!

                                                    John Lennon - POWER TO THE PEOPLE
POWER TO THE PEOPLE Everywhere!  There is so much going on in the Middle East and hideous leaders are doing ghastly things but we are inspired by the courage and determination of People.  We support you in your quest for Freedom, Stay Strong!  This Global People Movement is growing because We Are ONE! 

Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida... all across America, POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS ON!

‘Revolution Handbook for Americans’;

'The Survivalist Guide To Protesting';

US Uncut;
US Uncut on Facebook;  JOIN!
‘Vision: Everyday Brits Are in Revolt Against Wealthy Tax Cheats -- Can We Do That Here?’;
‘How to Build a Progressive Tea Party’;

‘Leader Of Egyptian Unions To Wisconsin Protesters: "We Stand With You As You Stood With Us"’;

'Fighting the 5 Fascisms in Wisconsin & Ohio';

'Wisconsin and Beyond: 8 Things All Working People Need to Know';

‘It's Not Just Wisconsin’;

‘Tennessee teachers fight bill to end collective bargaining’;

‘Social Media Explodes With Florida Teacher Protest Chat’;

'Thousands Gather to Protest Bill in Ohio';

Sunday, February 20, 2011



Ethos-Documentary-PART 1 of 5

Knowledge is POWER!  Know the TRUTH!  Share this with EVERYONE!

Take Action.  Learn more.  Download and view the entire film here.

"Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand" ~ Bodie Thoene

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Economic Hitmen

John Perkins wrote an excellent book from his own experience w/ the Economic Hitmen of which he was one.

You can find the book at your nearest library or here.

Hey Mr President, Slash the Budget for ATTACK SPENDING and STOP CHEMTRAILS NOW!

'Alan Watt Chemtrail History Technology Agenda and conspirators MUST WATCH'

You see you have a choice to make.  Click and pick between the two - 
"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" J. Edgar Hoover <-PICK->  I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!


'WTF! illegal Military eXtreme Weather Wars TMC-65 Aerosol Crimes Chemtrails Geoengineering';

"Last Sunday an event was held in Paphos to highlight the issue. Not only is the Green Party on board with the issue, and calling for an investigation, but there is also a special committee against chemtrails in Cyprus."
 'Sinister Secrets in the Sky (Above Cyprus in the Mediterranean)';

'Landmark Meeting of Chemtrail Activists and Local EPA';

'ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos'; 

'Is the U.S. Bullying Other Nations into Following their Geoengineering-Chemtrail Agenda?';


'THE CHEMTRAIL PUZZLE COMES TOGETHER THANKS TO DRUNK GUY AT BAR: CIA COMPANY Evergreen International Aviation Connection In Planned Planetary Genocide';

World Chemtrail Awareness Day 3 - Saturday February 26, 2011
"We are arranging a monthly Global Awareness Day on the last Saturday of every month until the Chemtrails end!"!/event.php?eid=187652384592293

'Hundreds of sparrows fall dead in Rotorua';

'About 200 dead birds in Lake Charles';


Please read my post below, 'CHEMTRAILS-R-US' ~ A Collection of Critical Chemtrail Facts. The global chemtrail attack is an urgent situation and it is time for us all to get seriously involved!  Rothschild LLC just purchased the largest weather channel (400 channels in 21 countries) and  NASA is concerned about forecasting "persistent contrails".  New budget and the scalpel talk to carve out a few bucks more from already struggling poor people.  'We the People' are entitled to a government that works for us, not one that ATTACKS us!  How much does the chemical attack cost the tax-payers?!  OUR tax-dollars are funding 3 wars and a chemical attack on Americans!  For more on the cost of war, see my Feb 6th post.  I have had enough of this crap sprayed upon us from planes!  Screw the Budget!  Damn the Patriot Act and to Hell with the Global Capitalist Agenda!  "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Wake Up America and Walk Like an Egyptian!
'Obama Budget Proposals: Cuts Target Working Poor, Middle Class and Students (Live Updates)';

"The Department of Defense is asking for $553 billion for the 2012 fiscal year beginning in October. That's up slightly from $549 billion that was requested for 2011"... "The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are covered separately, with a $118 billion set-aside for next year, in a newly configured budget section called 'Overseas Contingency Operations'"
'As 2012 budget unveiled, Defense and State fighting for more funding now';

$450 Million for GE and Rolls Royce... for an unwanted Engine!
'No, He Wouldn't -- Would He? House Speaker's State May Get $450 Million Extra';

Justice Thomas and his "brief drop-by" that lasted FOUR DAYS! "Discrepancies in reports about an appearance by Justice Clarence Thomas at a political retreat for wealthy conservatives three years ago have prompted new questions to the Supreme Court from a group that advocates changing campaign finance laws."
'Justice Thomas Speech Questioned by Common Cause ';

'House votes to extend Patriot Act surveillance powers';
Consider America's Patriot Act... Do you notice any similarity between now and page below?
'The History Place' note Article 48 of the German constitution Emergency Powers

CHLOROFORM is deadly and it is in your water if your water is treated with chlorine (>80%).Fluoride is bad and finally getting attention... conspiracy theorists were right... but Chloroform is ignored.  GET A GOOD VOC FILTER and LITERALLY WAKE UP AMERICA!!!"
Fluoridation: The scam of the century"

'Police clash with Bahraini protesters';

'Yemen protests take new turn';

I agree with David!
David Icke: 'Get Off Your Ass, Time2Act is Now!';

BE THERE!  'We the People’ deserve better than a closing society, corexit, chloroform, chemtrails and corporate personhood.  Our collective power has done great things before.  We Have Rights! Anti-war demonstrations across the US and this should include protesting ALL attacks, including the chemical attack on ‘We the People’! 
Saturday, March 19, 2011: Resist the War Machine!