Monday, December 20, 2010

STOP SHOP 01/01/2011

Are you tired of the BPs, Halliburtons, Blackwaters, Dick Cheneys and Tom DeLays getting away with whatever they do?  Are you tired of the Bradley Mannings and Julian Assanges paying for telling the truth?  Are you tired of politicians handing over billions in tax-cuts to the wealthy so ‘We the People’ can get unemployment?  Are you tired of wars that never end?  Are you tired of banks making a fortune while people go homeless?  Are you tired of toxic dispersant and “Operation Cloverleaf”?  Are you tired of being sold toxic seafood and genetically engineered everything else?  Are you tired of hearing news like NINE-trillion dollars is unaccounted for by the Federal Reserve?  Are you tired of GOV Inc. shady deals, lies and blackmailing?  You are not alone!  Corruption is the number one topic in the world.  It is discussed more than global warming, unemployment, rising energy/food cost, extreme poverty and hunger and anything else (survey below).  Wouldn’t there be improvement with each of those if corruption wasn’t so rampant and unpunished?  Do you want to do something about it?  You are not alone and ‘We the People’ have power! 

People often ask what they can do so I will offer a suggestion.  Let’s enjoy the holidays and get all the after-Christmas sales if you choose.  Then on January 1, 2011 we stop buying anything but the necessities; become a bare-minimalist.  Buy food, gas, internet, electricity or whatever your basic needs are; learn to barter, buy what you want on e-bay, thrift stores, from real people, community banks, small business and keep the money in your community because they create jobs.  I have provided a link for a film I sincerely hope you will watch and share, "The Corporation"; it is a great film to help you understand why this is important.  We should all think about any exploitation of foreign workers and the environment.  Think hard about what you purchase and who benefits from your hard earned dollars; make the connection!  If we all do our best to be savvy consumers we can will make a difference because we have strength in our numbers.  If we stop giving our money to the corporate pimps and their pig-headed prostitutes (i.e. politicians) and we can take a step towards Freedom from the oligarchs.  Corporations need people and we need them but greed has made this a lop-sided relationship and just like people, they are not all bad.  However, most people are good but I don't know if I can say the same about the corporations.  The bad ones want power so they corrupt the politicians and 'We the People' lose.  Our consumerism has put them in a position of too much power and we can cut them off; an economic slave is free if they do not support a master.  This is totally legal, it’s environmentally friendly and we can get them where it hurts, their wallet.  It may take a while to spread the movement but that means it will grow.  This blog started two months ago and has readers from 60 countries and a new Facebook friend for every hour of the day.  GOV Inc is a global problem.  I know there is global disgust with corporate owned government so it is time to make a stand if nothing else.  Hopefully this will start a movement and we take every election until we run every pig-headed politician out of DC.  

The banksters that caused the housing market and subsequent situation were bailed and never jailed; Madoff ripped off the rich so he's doin time (wasn't his name a clue?).  I suggest everyone close all of their accounts in the bankster banks.  Most of us need a bank but there are credit unions and community banks that want you and your dollars.  Cut up the credit cards because debit cards work fine.  Protect yourself!  After, and only after you have a [minimum year supply] emergency food/water/meds/seeds etc, you might want to buy physical silver (not on ebay, APMEX is good company).  The fiat dollar will eventually collapse and 'We the People' should have 'Staying Power!'

Most people are broke anyway and those with jobs may worry they may lose their job... but the US doesn’t make anything now anyway.  Many US jobs were outsourced so the corporate profits would go up, and they did but our wealth went out with the jobs.  I don't want anyone to lose their job but if that happens they can join the unemployment line because it's better than an internment line-up.  Think of all the money you’ll save while you're not buying useless crap. Stuff is just stuff but Freedom is priceless!  We are economic slaves to the wealthy power-elite and greedy bankers and we need to fight for freedom.  We need to start a movement so the world will open their eyes and see what is really going on and every movement starts with a single step. Go big or go home[less].  We have a solid opportunity to build forces to expel the oligarchs from power and make genuine positive change; this is the type of change ‘We the People’ deserve.  The government says we should spend but since when do they have our best interest? I hope you wouldn’t follow the advice of someone who continually acts against your best interest.  Do the opposite and STOP SHOP 01/01/2011.  Please help spread this message- thank you!

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