Friday, January 21, 2011

10,000 Dead Cattle and a Load of Bull!

10,000 Dead Cattle and a Load of Bull!

This is merely an observation but look at the photo in the article.  I see cattle dying in the road while the people are wearing light jackets and the grass is green... these huge animals are literally dropping dead!  Harsh weather my ass!  The first report I read about the dead cows and buffalo in Vietnam blamed the weather – 4C or 24.8F.  '2012 Game Proper: 10,000 Cattle Drop Dead In Vietnam ';

People in Vietnam are sick in "unusually high numbers"- with respiratory or heart conditions.  Phosgene causes respiratory and heart conditions.  Coincidence?!?  USAF biological weapon expert John Wheeler was murdered!  Coincidence?!?  Agent Orange ring any bells?  Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger said, "Control the food and you control the people."  Coincidence?!?  Chemtrails!  Mass animal deaths and GOV just says, look away folks, nothing to see here, just move along, this is perfectly normal.  Coincidence?!?
"Since the cold snap began last week, many of the commune's children and elderly have come down with respiratory illnesses. Meanwhile, the nearby Da Nang City Hospital has admitted an unusually high number of patients suffering from heart conditions. Doctor Pham Van Hung said the number of cardiac patients usually spikes during cold snaps. But, at the moment, patients have packed the hospital, two or more to a bed, he added. Between 150-200 people arrive every day asking to be examined for respiratory or heart conditions."
Again, this is not far below freezing temperatures.  The "record low" of  -2 degrees Celsius is 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The article continues, "The temperature in Sa Pa was expected to drop from the current -0.5 degrees Celsius to the record low of below -2 degrees Celsius. Lower mountainous areas have all reported temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius."
'Cold sets off wave of illness and death in Vietnam';

During or immediately after exposure to dangerous concentrations of phosgene, the following signs and symptoms may develop:
* Burning sensation in the throat and eyes
* Watery eyes
* Blurred vision
* Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
* Nausea and vomiting 
*Skin contact can result in lesions similar to those from frostbite or burns
*Following exposure to high concentrations of phosgene, a person may develop fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema) within 2 to 6 hours.
Exposure to phosgene may cause delayed effects that may not be apparent for up to 48 hours after exposure, even if the person feels better or appears well following removal from exposure. Therefore, people who have been exposed to phosgene should be monitored for 48 hours afterward. Delayed effects that can appear for up to 48 hours include the following:  
 * Difficulty breathing
 * Coughing up white to pink-tinged fluid (a sign of pulmonary edema)
 * Low blood pressure
 * Heart failure
CDC Facts about PHOSGENE;
There are thousands of dead birds, millions of dead fish and thousands of dead cows and buffalo and not one convincing “official” reason.  I am sticking by my theory; A Factual Theory on the Mass Bird and Fish Kills; it is Poisoning! (See below for Jan 7th post). 

‘Thousands of Dead Squids and Octopi in Portugal’;

This herd of buffalo started dying in October but there are no test results from the water samples... it is now January! 
'55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm';

6.2, 6.2, 6.2.....
'H A A R P Project Bluebeam part 1';

'The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps the More Money JP Morgan Makes';

And Another Load of Bull!
Court Inc.
The Supreme Court will now decide on privacy rights for corporations.   If the Supreme Court rules corporations [which they have ruled are people] don't have privacy rights... will all people be denied privacy rights?  The Supreme Court has already decided corporations are people so if the court decides they have privacy rights... how much will the corporations hide under 'privacy rights'?  Watch for a ruling on this case.  This is bad either way!!!  Note to Justice Roberts, "Personal privacy" is directly related to the root word 'person' so stop the double-speak.  Are they aiming at no privacy rights for all people?
'Court Weighs Whether Corporations Have Personal Privacy Rights';

'Group: Supreme Court Justices 'participated in political strategy sessions' before Citizens United';

I say YES!  'The midmorning Refill: Should Scalia and Thomas have recused themselves from hearing Citizens United case?';

'Common Cause Letters';

'US Courts Help Corporations Win';


Alan Gibson said...

What is this world coming to? JP Morgan processing foodstamps? Outsourcing them to India? I'm ALMOST speechless

Anonymous said...

My friend just got out of the hospital after a week with mystery bronchitis and pneumonia. The doctors never did find a virus or bacteria and they don't know what started it but we might now. We made a lot of jokes about naming it after him and now we can put phosgene in it. It isn't funny to read there are lots of people sick in Vietnam. He's having a hard time breathing but better and glad he was luckier than the cows that died of mystery pneumonia.

Jean Carlson Logan said...

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