Monday, January 31, 2011

We are ONE! Please Stop the Bullets, Bombs and Drones!

Mr President Obama,  Please stop the bullets, bombs and drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and anywhere else they are flying!  Please stop all chemical attacks!  Please stop the crimes against humanity!  Please bring our troops home!  We are ONE! 

I received a message from a young student in Pakistan this weekend.  I want to share this message with everyone as a reminder that we are ONE across the globe regardless of ethnic group or belief.  I have copied the message, my response and their reply.  Although they said I could print their name, I thought it best not to publish their full name, besides, we are ONE.  We should all dream, smile, laugh, play, hope and love humanity.  To all my friends across the world, be safe.  PEACE

When will drone attacks stop?? Can U plz convey my msg to Obama that we are also human, the color of our blood is same just like U... don't we have any right to live a normal life... We want to play, laugh and smile but everyday we cry & international media thinks we are terrorist... How can we be terrorist... Our parents tell us not to hate any one, our religion Islam tells us to love humanity without any difference but they think we are terrorist...

Why why no one is serious about us... We are dying, every other day our loved ones are dying or missing... they are killing us for no reason... We also have dreams but for them we are of no value... Plz stop drone attacks, plz USA stop interfering in my Pakistan... Plz plz go back USA and stop illegal drone attacks...

No more tears left to even cry ! Can U feel my pain??"
I feel your pain!!! You deserve dreams and peace just as much as everyone. People want a decent life but those in power ignore Human Rights across everywhere. Most people here do not want the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is the oligarchs that do this- they want to control the world. The powers that be (TPTB) have an agenda and they only care about themselves and their New World Order.

The illegal drone attacks are war crimes and people here are trying to make them stop. But Obama doesn't listen to us because he doesn't care about us either. He isn't bombing us with his drones but he poisons us with chemicals from planes everyday (chemtrails). They are still poisoning the Gulf of Mexico and telling people to eat the poisoned fish. We are sick and slowly being killed when we are poisoned every day in our air, food and water. It is a different kind of attack so most people don't even see it. You can see the chemical clouds in the sky but some people don't believe their own government would do it. They spray chemicals in most countries but US and Europe get the most. The animals are dying and the media is hiding that too. Most of the world does not realize that we are all in danger. Some people here do not know how bad it is in Pakistan because TPTB own the media who spread the lies. I write messages on my blog and every place I can to tell how horrible this is for Pakistan and that is must stop now. I am sick of Obama's hypocrisy for speaking about one innocent child who was murdered here when he murders innocent children in Pakistan with his illegal drone attacks. I have pictures of some of the children killed there to remind me how urgent your situation is.

I work day and night to spread the truth and raise awareness on all these crimes against humanity and I will not stop- others are doing the same thing. People are waking up so stay hopeful. TPTB are closing our free society- they may soon do what they have just done in Egypt and stop our communication. It is all part of the NWO agenda. The people that are awake are preparing for this. We will not give up! People in many nations are rising up against their government and I don't think it will stop anytime soon; I think it will spread. A lot of us are trying to wake people up, there is strength in numbers. US gov has 'FEMA camps' all across the country. The gov says they are for emergencies but they are more like prisons; a lot of us think that's where they'll lock us up if we take to the streets in protest. It will be harder if there are more people. I wish I could make the whole world see so it all would stop this minute... before another bullet or bomb harms another soul. I will do what I can.

It is up to people across the world to stand together for survival. I want to share your message with the world. I started my blog only 3 months ago and it has readers from 80 countries. It tells some of the injustices by my government and why it happens (NWO). I write some about the drone attacks and I will write more. It may help people to unite if they read your message to me- we are all in this world together- we are all in danger but your situation is urgent. Can I put your message there? You can add more if you like. We are all in trouble my friend and the drone attacks must stop now. All attacks against people must stop now!
Thank you for your message. Let me know if I can share your message or if you want to say more. We do what we can to make this world a better place. All our children should be able to play w/o drones, bombs or chemicals! I sincerely hope you and your family stay safe- I hope we all stay safe. PEACE
Respected Soul... Peace be on you.

I have read each and every word of your reply & it makes me cry... You are blessed to have a sensitive heart that can feel the pain of others... Its not easy to live in a battle field but I want you to know that we are not HOPELESS... right now we are just young students but by the help of Almight Allah we are trying our best to make this world a better place to live ...

The life we are living is not easy but we don't miss any chance to smile, laugh & play together... We are not in this world to fight with each other... We encourage each other in doing good things, we never allow our selves to be discouraged...

We are with you & all those who are truth-seekers, reality-lovers & peaceful souls.

I salute you for your efforts... My aim is to help suffering humanity in best possible ways... We know about war & peace and are trying our best to learn how to act in accordance with the circumstances... It is the experiencd of battle that strengthens us.

Plz continue your selfless work. My support will always remain with you.

I want the world to know that all is ONE.. We can't accept that is unacceptable..

We all must think that what kind of world we are leaving behind for our future generations... Why to destroy the beauty of this earth with useless wars...

Yes you can surely include my msg with my name.


 To K.H.M., I salute you! 
People, Let's Stop The War!

Unsanctioned drone attacks killed about 1,200 people in Pakistan last year.  Innocent men, women and children have died.  This illegal, unnecessary and undeclared [CIA] war must STOP! 

"In an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Monday, Sweet said "the U.S. military is increasingly using drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and possibly Sudan." She pointed out that unmanned drones are also being used on the U.S.-Mexico border for surveillance."
'US drones making world more dangerous';

'U.S. Drones Kill 6 In Pakistan';

'The Verdict: Guilty of Protesting US Drones' by John Dear;
"On Thursday, thirteen of us stood in a Las Vegas courtroom to hear the verdict from Judge Jansen regarding our September trial for trespassing on April 9, 2009 at Creech Air Force Base, headquarters of the U.S. drone operations. Last September, the judge had dramatically announced that he would need at least three months to "think" about the case.
After telling us how "nice" it was to see us, the Judge presented each of us with a twenty page legal ruling explaining why he found us guilty. You argued a defense of necessity, he said, "when an inherent danger is present and immediate action must be taken," such as breaking a no-trespassing law to uphold a higher law and save life. "In this case, no inherent danger was present, and so I find you guilty."
Please read the entire story here;

Demonstrations across the United States!
"Saturday, March 19, 2011, the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, will be an international day of action against the war machine.  Protest and resistance actions will take place in cities and towns across the United States. Scores of organizations are coming together. Demonstrations are scheduled for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and more."
Saturday, March 19, 2011: Resist the War Machine!

38,000 Dead Cattle and another Load of Bull!

38,000 Dead Cattle and another Load of Bull

Vietnam has reported more dead cattle in the past week.  They are sticking to the BS cause of death… freezing to death in a “cold spell”.  First there were 7,000 dead cattle but the number grew to 10-13,000 (article 1/21).  An article from two days ago says the total is now 38,000 dead cattle (1/29).  However, I have looked at the weather reports for two of these Vietnam provinces, Cow Pang and Son La and the temperature has actually been much warmer despite the fact nearly four times as many cattle have died.  The lowest temperature between 1/21/11 and 1/29/11 in Son La was +48°F and Cow Pang’s lowest temperature was +43°F (average low temps was higher).  So is it reasonable to expect people to believe cattle are freezing to death in temperatures well above freezing?  I do not think so!  The brainwashing MSM (BMSM) has not reported this story because they know people won’t buy it.  Again, this deafening silence rings loud in my ears! 

There is an update on the cause of death for the 200 cows in Wisconsin.  They died of pneumonia and mycotoxin (ipomeanol) was detected in each cow.  Officials say the “likely” source is moldy sweet potatoes from the cattle’s feed (mycotoxin) and they are testing the feed for ipomeanol.  Animal instinct missed moldy sweet potatoes?!? 
I have to wonder if the sweet potatoes are the source of the mycotoxin.  Animal instinct is strong and my feeling on this is reinforced by a study on cows and pigs.  They were offered GMO and non-GMO feed and the cows and pigs choose the non-GMO feed every time.  This tells me they are pretty smart about what they eat.  To think they would eat moldy feed is mystifying when they can detect genetically altered corn.  “Lashmett, who has a background in biochemistry and agriculture, says that animals have a natural sense to eat what is good for them, and avoid what isn't" (see below ‘Wisdom of the Cows and Pigs’).

Mycotoxins are toxic chemical products produced by fungi/mold.  They occur in nature and they have been developed for biological warfare.  One mycotoxin, specifically, aflatoxin is produced by molds found in animal feed meal; it was found in Iraq.  Mycotoxin ipomeanol comes from the sweet potato; different sources of mold/fungi produce a different type of mycotoxin.

Iraq had enough biological weapons to kill 15-billion people (more than double the world’s population).  Supposedly these weapons were destroyed but genetic engineering has made fungal mycotoxins easy to produce.  Who would have Iraq’s scientific research?  Iraq’s phosgene was found in New York’s UN offices in 2007.  
Phosgene causes pneumonia and heart failure and there have been an unusually high number of respiratory and heart illness in the people in Vietnam.  Coincidence?

We have had many mass-animal-kills the past few weeks and explanations on two are now said to be poisoning, although only one is certain (Wisconsin cows).  Authorities said the Yankton birds died from intentional poisoning from USDA black-bird poisoning program; however, the claim was made with no testing to confirm DRC-1399.  Scientists in Italy said all of the turtle doves had blue-tinged-beaks and that indicated “poison or hypoxia” but I have not yet found any follow up.  I certainly do not believe they dropped dead by the thousands because they ate to death.  I have been unable to find a recall for cattle feed or sweet potatoes and the 5-day forecast in Cow Bang, Vietnam is fairly warm (lows above 40). 
'More Livestock Killed By Cold Spells';

"A toxin from moldy sweet potatoes, which were a part of the animals' feed on a Wisconsin farm, are to blame for the death of 200 cows.  The Wausau Daily Herald reports that the cattle's feed was sent for testing after 200 cows died on a farm field in Stockton last Friday, likely from widespread pneumonia, and the lab results revealed last week that a mycotoxin commonly occurring in moldy sweet potatoes, ipomeanol, was found to have triggered the pneumonia that caused the deaths."
'200 Dead Cows Solved: Moldy Sweet Potatoes Can Kill';

"Bill Lashmett watched as two or three cows were let into a feeding area at a time. The first trough they came to contained fifty pounds of shelled Bt corn. The cows sniffed it, withdrew, and walked over to the next trough, which contained fifty pounds of natural shelled corn. The cows finished it off. When they were gone and released from the pen, the next group came in and did the same thing. Lashmett said the same experiment was conducted on about six or seven farms in Northwest Iowa, in 1998 and again in 1999. Identical trials with hogs yielded the same results, also for two years in a row.  Lashmett, who has a background in biochemistry and agriculture, says that animals have a natural sense to eat what is good for them, and avoid what isn't"
"Wisdom of the Cows and Pigs"

“U.N. Special Commission Chairman Ekeus reports, that 50 bombs were filled with bacterium and biological agents. Another 100 were loaded with botulinum. About 50 missile warheads were prepared. Some were filled with aflatoxin, a cancerous mycotoxin produced by molds found in animal feed meal.”
‘Saddam's Toxins, Iraq's "Other" Weapon’;

"United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous nerve gas, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York Thursday morning."
'Nerve gas found at United Nations building';

'Weather Underground';

GOV INCase-u-missed-it: 01/31/11

Some laws?!?
U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population"

Corexit does not appear to be breaking down!
'Dispersant Question at UGA Oil Spill Symposium';

'Monsanto's Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health';

'Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act';

'Britain rolls back some unpopular post-9/11 security restrictions';

Was the "Underwear-bomber" a false-flag?
'Flight 253 The US Government Escorted Abumutallab Through Security Without A Passport';

"US banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs said Friday it was more than tripling the salary of chief executive Lloyd Blankfein to $2 million in 2011 from $600,000 last year."
'Salary triples for Goldman CEO Blankfein';

"Thanks to the system's policy of full non-disclosure, a $2 trillion US scam turned into a $30 trillion global meltdown.   No one knew which securities were toxic.   Consequently no one trusted financial companies or any of their products.   This non-disclosure continues and could easily take down even a bank as big as J P Morgan."
'OpEdNews - Article: Toward a better understanding of exactly how the banksters are stealing trillions from us';

"In the wake of a 12-year battle to keep Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation’s 25,000 organic farms and ranches, America’s organic consumers and producers are facing betrayal. A self-appointed cabal of the Organic Elite, spearheaded by Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm, has decided it’s time to surrender to Monsanto."
'Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: Whole Foods Market okays GMO coexistence';

“If someone told you there was a way you could save 2.5 million to 3 million lives a year and simultaneously halt global warming, reduce air and water pollution and develop secure, reliable energy sources – nearly all with existing technology and at costs comparable with what we spend on energy today – why wouldn't you do it?”                
The world can be powered by alternative energy, using today's technology, in 20-40 years, says Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson';


“A Pennsylvania high school says some students are separated by race, gender and language for a few minutes each day in an effort to boost academic scores, raising controversy over the historically contentious issue of segregation in schools.”
'Pennsylvania school experiments with 'segregation'';

"Egypt is second only to Israel as the largest recipient of U.S. "foreign aid." That "assistance" has been used to buy the tear gas and other weapons and equipment that are killing Egyptian people attempting to exercise their right to protest and speak out."  (photo-Egyptian protester holds a "Made in USA" tear gas canister, Jan. 28).       
Saturday, March 19, 2011: Resist the War Machine!'
'Mubarak gives army shoot-to-kill order';     
'Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters';
'US reported 'routine' police brutality in Egypt, WikiLeaks cables show';
'Egyptian protesters push back armed police';
'Egyptian Army Intervenes To Protect Protesters From Police Brutality';
'Eyewitnesses say state sponsoring vandalism';
'Egypt: Cue the Dirty Tricks, False Flags To Discredit Pro-Democracy Movement';
In response to last two, Governments sponsor vandalism; an excellent example.                
'EXPOSED! G20 Toronto Police Agent Provocateurs in Video and Photos';

‘Governments Admit That They Carry Out False Flag Terror’;

Interviewees Wanted for Chemtrail Testimonials:

1/28/11 Very Cool UFO video!
‘UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011’;  

"Malaysian officials recently set loose thousands of "Frankenbugs" into the forests of Asia, purportedly to help curb the spread of dengue fever. Scientists programmed the 6,000 genetically-modified (GM) Aedes aegypti male mosquitoes in such a way that when they breed with females, the offspring will die early and thus reduce their overall population..... Unbeknownst to most people, mosquitoes are actually very important pollinators. They are also a food source for other species like birds and bats, some of which also play a vital role in agriculture. In other words, without mosquitoes, the food chain as we know it would cease to exist."
'Malaysia unleashes 6,000 genetically-modified mosquitoes into wild';

I watch just enough TV to get the latest spin but I heard a newscaster say “new world order” the other night; there was no emphasis, debunking or details but merely dropped into the conversation.  NWO is big on symbolism and messaging so here are some examples in cartoons for children.
'Cartoon Network Promotes the New World Order';
'Sponge Bob Worships Lucifer';
More on NWO symbolism and some unusual facts about the Denver International Airport including underground portions, symbols and an inappropriate series of murals.  I don’t want to jump into conspiracy mode but it is very strange.   
'Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport';
'If you have to ask why?  Then lets take a step back in time.';
'Obama Warns Not To Challenge Official 9/11 Story ';
In response to the above warning, please see these FACTS.  
'Justice For 9/11 (1/2)';

Friday, January 28, 2011

BP Corexit Corexit Corexit

                                         BP sprayed Corexit 9527A and 9500 on the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico; 9527A is the worst of the two.

The above video was filmed behind the DHL terminal in Houston, TX just a few days ago (01/23/11). It shows containers filled with the infamous Corexit 9527A.  I wrote about another batch of Corexit 9527A containers discovered November 27th. They were much larger (4'x6') containers and there were 176 that time... they were found EMPTY.  They were sitting on a dock in Louisiana next to a barge and boat dispensers; they were labeled with a shipping date of 8/10 so I think it's safe to assume they were emptied sometime between August and November 27, 2010. BP Press Officer Daren Beaudo said Corexit 9527A was discontinued May 22, 2010. The last day of all dispersant use was July 19 (Corexit 9500). Or was it?

Another interesting video from August 2010 shows a boat that is suspected of dispersing Corexit. The boat has a very unusual container coming off the stern (looks like there is one on the bow as well). I have spent a lot of time at sea and I have never seen a contraption like that. The man on the boat is not fishing, or doing anything but idling really; he is up to something fishy.

There sure are a lot of Corexit 9527A containers along the Gulf Coast recently and of course there is still a lot of oil, but they are not supposed to be using dispersant because the well was sealed.  Or was it?  The ‘Final-report’ is out from the Spill-Commission and it looks like they have decided the use of Corexit was a trade-off.  I have provided links to the MSDS again and I think you’ll agree, that particular dispersant is wicked nasty stuff.  The main ingredient of this dispersant [2-butoxyethanol] may damage blood, kidneys, liver and CNS, adverse fertility, birth defects cancer.  DOT class is poison.  There is a link I posted the other day but I want to make sure everyone sees it, residents were tested for Volatile Solvents and the results are alarming... but these tests do not cover the poison in Corexit.  There is no trade-off for good health!  Governance such as this is should be questioned by every American.

BP claims they haven’t used any dispersant since July but something smells worse than 2-week-old-rotten-fish!  Oil industry experts believe the reservoir collapsed and even Thad Allen (Coast Guard) said it may have collapsed (see links * below). The ‘static-kill’ procedure was declared a success on 8/4/10 but video shows a continuous flow for 8 to 10 hours... twenty-six days later (8/30/10, link below). There were other leaks recorded around the well long after the “official kill” which I covered in earlier posts. Gulf Coast residents have continually said Corexit spraying continues but authorities want absolute proof.  This is circumstantial evidence I suppose but it is adding up.  I never had any doubt but I do hate to know they are using the worst of the two.

I believe the witnesses who said the birds fell from the sky long before I believe the officials who said the birds were killed by firecrackers.  Of course I believe my friends, neighbors and witnesses before I believe a single word BP says.  BP lied every step of the way and GOV INC has given them a blanket of protection and followed their orders from Day 1.  Some life-long Gulf of Mexico fishermen haven’t received a check in 9-months.  Obama appointed corporate man Feinberg to handle claims and although there is a petition to fire him for doing such a lousy job, he is still collecting his BP check every month.  Feinberg's firm is paid by BP and to the tune of $850,000.00 a month.  Feinberg recently said they may only need 40 of the 200 billion dollars for claims.  I doubt it would be enough if health problems were actually covered.  I suppose Feinberg will knock off early and still have plenty of time to go back to his regular clients like Exxon, Dow and DuPont.  The oil, dispersant and sickness are bad enough but Obama did a real disservice when he appointed a corporate man for Gulf residents.  I will have a follow-up on this BP/GOV Inc nightmare soon.

Video from August 20, 2010, ‘Boat In Gulf of Mexico: What Is This?’

Photos of 176 containers of Corexit 9527A in Louisiana; photos taken 11/27/10; containers shipped 8/10; the photographer says they were EMPTY 11/27. 

8/26/10 BP Press Officer Daren Beaudo statement on BP’s last use of dispersant/Corexit: "The last day of all dispersant use was July 19, so this was the last day of Corexit 9500 use. Unified Command has not used any dispersants since then. There's no more surface oil on which to use dispersant. ... Unified Command records indicate that the last date of use of the Corexit 9527 was May 22."";  
'Is BP Still Spraying Toxic Dispersants in the Gulf?';

*Thad Allen: “Well there’s some that would tell you that the lack of communication between the annulus and the reservoir might not be cement, it could be just a collapse of the formation around it.”
'Feds provide further evidence that FORMATION COLLAPSED around BP's Macondo well ';

* Sources at two companies involved with the well said that BP also discovered new damage inside the well below the seafloor and that, as a result, some of the drilling mud that was successfully forced into the well was going off to the side into rock formations

Static Kill was declared a success 08/04/10. On 8/30/10 ROV live feed showed 8 to10 hours of continuous flow of hydrocarbons coming from the main bore of the capping stack. When asked about the continuous flow, Thad Allen claimed he was “not aware of any flow of hydrocarbons” or “anomalies”. This ROV feed is an hour and a half before Thad Allen’s press conference. 

*'Cavnar: "Doomsday scenario" if oil "comes into the formation";

OIL is still in the Gulf! Video from 01/05/11
'Blood Beach 8 months later part 2'; 

Residents of the Gulf Coast are sick and blood tests for Volatile Solvents and the results are extremely concerning!  There is NO price for good health!
  This fisherman worked for BP to help clean up BP’s oil and he is sick!  He has $363,000.00 in medical bills already.  People along the Gulf are sick regardless of doing oil clean up work.  Medical costs are not covered by BP
'Oil Spill Commission Final Report: Catfish Responds';

'BP Gulf Oil 'Spill': "The story that everybody has been talking about" -- Disturbing Test Results'; 
'Spill Commission Concludes Dispersants Are an Acceptable 'Tradeoff':

FACT: ‘2-Butoxyethanol’ is highly toxic and the main component (30-60%) of Corexit 9527A. See MSDS, section 11- 'Chronic Effects on Humans' may damage blood, kidneys, liver and CNS, adverse fertility, birth defects cancer; section 14 DOT Class 6.1- Poisonous materials.
FACT: The MSDS for each Corexit "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS: Do not contaminate surface water."
note- some of the above links are from my earlier post ‘GOV Inc’ (Nov 10); there are additional links that show additional leaks, Corexit/oil tests and other concerns after the well was “officially” sealed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama Announces Detaining Americans for Future Crimes that Have Not Been...


The words were disappearing from the US Constitution as Obama made this speech!  Indefinite Detention for Future Crimes... will people please wake the hell up!!!  FEMA Camps await!  We can not remove the unelected-power-elite but TPTB have complete control of Obama the Obot.  He should be impeached for war crimes and more (genocide of 5-million people along the Gulf of Mexico) but if 'We the People' can still vote in 2012, we must OUT OBAMA the OBOT!!!

The fact that Obama even raised the prospect of preventive detention was pretty shocking.  I am not a constitutional law expert like Obama but I do not see any way to fit "prolonged detention" into current laws.  “Prolonged Detention” for a person that has not been convicted is bad enough, but prolonged detention to prevent an attack because the person could not be prosecuted for a different crime.  Where am I?  I've seen "Minority Report" and I'm not aware of such reliable real-life pre-cogs.  Patriot Act was extended rather than reformed and adding this with everything else just brings us one step closer to a closed society.  He refers to acts of war but with a closing society, American citizens could just as easily fit that description. This speech is a genuine representation of Obama policy and was more revealing than the more-like-a-pep-rally-than-a-speech State of the Union Address. 

I suppose it was about what I expected because he jumped right in with the Arizona shooting.  He said, "the dreams of a little girl in Tucson are not so different than those of our own children, and that they all deserve the chance to be fulfilled.  That, too, is what sets us apart as a nation."  That was tragic but this nation bombs other nations and wipes out the dreams and lives of innocent children.  Obama said we have sent a message that we will not waver; he failed to mention his "message" is in the form of bombs from drones that have killed nearly 1,200 people in Pakistan this past year, including many innocent men, women and children.  Whether or not you believe the “official version” of reasons for US entering any of these wars (I do not), that is hypocrisy so I do not see the sincerity.  He went on about the usual topics, jobs, deficit, education and energy but said very little about the 3 wars.  But these 3 wars are the state of our union and the costs are too great, especially for wars that can’t be won.  TPTB want these wars and they are creating far more enemies, draining our soldiers and our economy.  There are over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, 50,000 still in Iraq and that is not counting the “private contractors” supporting those troops.  I think there were two sentences about Pakistan and no mention of the two bombs from drones last Sunday.  These wars must end!

Corporations are setting record profits in a time where our deficit is incredibly high and he wants to end the tax loopholes so that the savings can be used to lower the corporate tax rate.  I think it would be more prudent to lower the deficit… better yet, end the wars and reduce the deficit astronomically.  The tax-dollar transparency may be listed on a website but I still want to know wtf happened to the nine-trillion dollars absent from the Federal Reserve ($9,000,000,000,000.00).  I can agree with him when he said we need clean energy (don't they all) but he wasn't referring to just wind and solar, oh no, he actually said nuclear energy, clean coal and natural gas. Yikes!  Since when is uranium clean?  We have a problem storing the waste we have and we pay a lot of tax-dollars for storage.   Technology does not exist for clean coal and fracking natural gas it is not clean.  Obama is toxic to Democracy and his idea of clean energy is toxic to the planet!

DOJ wants indefinite retention of past records... Obama wants indefinite detention of future criminals... the internet kill-switch bill is likely to come back this year.... FEMA wants sources for relief efforts on a catastrophic disaster, namely the New Madrid Fault System...  HAARP and man-made earthquakes?!?... Bill Bilderberg-Gates investing in genetically modified mosquitoes, Monsanto and the Global Doomsday Seed Vault... US Treasury admits default is imminent… Banksters should be the ones charged with future crimes but they don't even pay for past crimes... Mr. JP Morgue-Daley is just another corporate man that is now Obama's right hand... 10,000 Cattle are Dead and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

A parent of a soldier on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.
'State of the Union gets lost in the fog of war';

'Obama may get power to shut down Internet without court oversight';

'Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked';
10 facts you need to know about GMOs      
'GMO lies: Deliberate misuse of the term "genetically modified" designed to mislead people’;

'How the Bill Gates Foundation is genetically manipulating nature and devastating our health';

'US Treasury Sec Admits US Default Imminent';

 “Former Bear Stearns mortgage executives who now run mortgage divisions of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Ally Financial have been accused of cheating and defrauding investors through the mortgage securities they created and sold while at Bear. According to e-mails and internal audits, JPMorgan had known about this fraud since the spring of 2008, but hid it from the public eye through legal maneuvering. Last week a lawsuit filed in 2008 by mortgage insurer Ambac Assurance Corp against Bear Stearns and JPMorgan was unsealed. The lawsuit's supporting e-mails, going back as far as 2005, highlight Bear traders telling their superiors they were selling investors like Ambac a "sack of shit."”
'E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions';

'5 Highlights From JPMorgan's 2010 Earnings';

I first saw this a few days ago and I haven’t been sure what to make of it so you decide.
"The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day)."
'FEMA Requests 140 Million Food Packets, Blankets And Body Bags';
This bill gives FEMA power for above.
'Text of H.R. 645 [111th]: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act';
Man-made earthquakes?
'H A A R P Project Bluebeam part 1';
How banksters profit on foreclosed homes.
‘FDIC, our tax-dollars for Banksters;’;

*Note- in case the above video was taken down... try these links,
or here it is again,

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Contradiction Party

Good News!
Saturday was Worldwide-Chemtrail-Awareness Day and I didn’t see a single Chemtrail all weekend.  I’ve only seen one report of a mass-fish-kill in two days and that could be the regular old pollution because that river has quite a history of pollution.  It is crazy to see the things that make me happy these days.  The last posts have been a bit depressing, I know you can’t blame the messenger (most people still do not know about the 10-13,000 Dead Cattle, see earlier post) and I would love to lighten things up a bit today but the best I can do is write with more sarcasm.  The corrupt corporations own the corrupt politicians that we pay; the government was designed to work for People but it doesn't.  The People’s government works for the unelected-power-elite who make up the top 2% and yet they have 98% of federal lawmakers in their pocket (or looking the other way).  The wealthy get to keep tax-breaks while we try to get by on un/under-employment.  ‘We the People’ scratch for chickenfeed when we work and roll pennies for a dollar box of processed chicken nuggets when we’re laid-off.  We struggle every day while the 2% gorges on golden nuggets and then float away on golden parachutes when they lose a job.   And perhaps the worst ridiculousness is we pay our taxes on our minuscule wages and TPTB turn around and spend our tax dollars to spy on us and shower us with chemicals.   TPTB have corrupted the system to work against ‘We the People’ so I think we need a little turn-about-is-fair-play message.   

We need to start treating the corrupt politicians like the criminals they are.  I suggest we create a watch list of our own and put this Kleptocracy under 24 hour surveillance.  We should establish a Fusion center of our own and once ‘We the People’ regain control of our government, we can put them in their own prison-residential-centers, feed them GMO bread, chlorine/chloroform water and let them bathe in the genetically-altered-oily-poisoned Gulf water.  They can suck-up all the air full of chemicals they spray on us daily while we hold them in Gitmo on Indefinite Detention.  We can take a few years to decide if we want to prosecute them in public trials or military tribunals.  If you are seriously interested in helping to organize Operation Kleptocracy-Close-Watch please let me know. 

Who on this chemical-choked-planet is answering these polls that say Obama has a surging approval rating?  What planet are these people living on?  Where do they get their misinformed information?  Or is it direct misinformation?  Maybe the chloroform spigot has been juiced up in the cities they phone but I feel pretty certain it’s the result of six-corporations owning the brainwashing-MSM (BMSM).  Maybe they fake the results outright, but either way, they must be kidding.  They have the fusion centers so they know just who to call for the results they want to hear but Obama probably gained some support with all his speechifying on the murders in Arizona.  He sure did play on the hearts and minds of people when he grandstanding on the murder of an innocent child.  He makes me sick.  Rinse Cycle Please!

I have about had it with Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs spy-center and their collecting data for whatever agenda but it has been a useful tool in reaching open minds.  Did anyone notice the “places I visit” automatically re-set and enabled just as Suckerberg’s Facebook got the big fat check?  You might take a look at your privacy settings if you haven’t already re-disabled it.  And what is with all the Obama-and Michelle-profile-pic-people sending me friend requests?  The hypocrisy of it is laughable but I accept them in hopes of opening their minds a bit.  Ahhh, the penalty I pay is dreadful.  I signed on to Facebook today and saw a picture of Obama’s backside from his speechifying next to the face of the young innocent murdered child and his quote from his grandstanding about the precious child’s death.  The presumed topic is gun violence and I should think bombs from drones are giant bullets.  The oratory gains him points in the approval polls but it makes me sick.  Then I am called hateful and “unfriended” when I say the picture bothers me and I point out precious innocent children were killed by Obama’s drone just days before.  No huge loss on my part but it is sickening to see the BMSM American’s view. 

Candidate Obama said he would end the wars but all he has done is extend the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; the drone bombs in Pakistan continue in an undeclared and illegal war.  Pakistan is unhappy and global anti-American sentiment is growing again.  The BMSM has people believing war is over in Iraq (last report I saw has over 40,000 US Troops plus 180,000 “private contractors-OGA” supporting those troops) and Americans have no idea what is going on in Pakistan.  Obama has an illegal war to call his own and there is already talk of charging the drone-pilots with war-crimes.  Just as leaders that start wars are responsible for each death/injury, Obama is solely responsible for the drones in Pakistan that kill innocent children (men and women also).  These people are blindly cherishing Obama without knowing the facts or considering the many other innocents in the other 2 wars Obama continues.  He alone is responsible for Pakistan yet they say he is a compassionate man and their hero.  Obama allowed poison to be sprayed all over the Gulf and he himself tells the people to eat Gulf poisoned seafood.  Children that are not living in the Gulf, but live nearby have the highest levels of volatile solvents. I am floored at this blind compassion the base give to Obama.  This “war on terror” has spilled into Pakistan and is only intensified with more terror.  Two of my heroes, true heroes Dr. Manton and Matt Simmons were outspoken about the ongoing Gulf tragedy and they are gone; there is no doubt Dr. Manton murdered but Matt Simmons “drowned in his hot-tub”.

It is getting harder to sign on to Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs because Suckerberg is just another Bilderberger who is sucking a piece of soul and flesh from whomever they can.  I suppose it’s no worse than using Billy Gate’s system or search using Eric Schmidt’s search engine if I use the tainted tools and my power for good; I think it is alright to use the evil man’s tools for good as long as the end justifies the means.  Two-Facedbook/Goldman Sachs only knows what you tell them and NHS can only know what you send and receive on your computer [and access your email anytime they want] but this shortens the workload of the Fusion Centers.  Now they can expand into more mundane details of our lives.  I seriously doubt what you ate for breakfast will fascinate these characters but oh boy, they do like to know what movie/music you like and what groups you join and what sites you visit (I suggest you disable ‘places you check into’).  It says a lot about who you are so they can more easily profile you for marketing and t-watch lists.  May I suggest entering as much disinformation as possible?  They can waste less time tracking down a tree-hugger going to watch a flick about ding-dongs fracking the land and put our tax-dollars to better use.  Speaking of ding-dongs, Justice Scalia is speaking about the separation of power at a Tea-Party event.  I’ll order a slice of contradiction pie to go with the irony tea.
Speaking of contradictions, Candidate Obama said he was going to tell the lobbyists their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.  There is no need for lobbyist now that Obot appoints the corporations top men to government's top positions.  I guess he is still keeping that promise in a sick and twisted way.  I mean really, Mr. The Monsanto GMO Taylor for FDA Food Safety Chief, Mr. The JP Morgue Daley as his what-you-need-to-do-today Chief of Staff, and now, Mr. The GE ship-the-jobs-overseas Immelt in a newly created Job-Czar position... oh please!  Not only did he cut out another lobby group, he created a whole new alphabet group in Washington.  Pro-business doesn't go far enough to describe what is going on in DC; it is a Kleptocracy of the first degree! 

Other polls show America needs to be stuck on the Rinse-Cycle for a long, long while.  I read another blog that I am fond of (Obama’s In-Your-Face Appointment of GE’s Immelt…); the author points out a poll where 84% said Obama is not pro-business (says a lot about those viewers).  Anyway, check out the blog because there are some most excellent points (see list of Obama's Czars).  Journalism 2.0 is getting tired but we still have zeal.  However, in an effort to gain a wider audience, I have a message to Keith Olbermann, We can use ya’ mon.  You can reach the minds of many and you can speak freely; come on over to our side now that you’re free.  BMSM will regret the day they showed ya the door but payback can have its just reward.  Money isn’t great but the fans love ya more.  Honesty is all it’s cracked up to be, the messenger can keep some integrity.  You can cuss, you can rant and you can wake up the aunts.  Make a place on You-Tube and forget the boob-tube.  You can have it all and be your own boss.  Come on there Keith, you won’t have to grit your teeth and bite your tongue.

and more good news,
Obama takes it on the chin…  Rahm Emanuel is kicked out of Chicago!

'Obama's In-Your-Face Appointment of GE's Immelt May Have Marked the Stock Market Top';

“‘Justice from the Tea Party’… Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will speak on Monday on the separation of powers at an event organized by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her Tea Party Caucus."
'Tea time for Antonin Scalia';

'Unauthorized US strikes kill 13 Pakistanis';

'Thousands hold anti-US rally in Pakistan';

'US Drone strike kills 20 people in Pakistan' (3 were children);

'Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for ‘War Crimes,’ Law Prof Says';

'US-led airstrikes kill Afghan civilians';

Please listen to this man. We are 'a trade-off' in the eyes of GOV INC.; poisoned and forgotten.
'Oil Spill Commission Final Report: Catfish Responds';
'Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets';

Saturday, January 22, 2011

GOV INC; Chemical Experiments and You!

Today is Worldwide Chemtrail Awareness Day!

Normalcy Bias is a mental condition people have when faced with a disaster.  It causes people to underestimate the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects.  Furthermore, people have a tendency to interpret warnings in the most positive way possible; they look for any reason to assume a less severe situation.  Shake off the Normalcy Bias and look around!  Large animals are dropping dead by the thousands so stop the jokes about this serious matter.  The causes for these mass-animal-deaths are unclear but the silence of government leaders and loony explanations offered by officials should make anyone question this lack of care.  Scientists in Italy said all of the birds had 'blue-tinged-beaks' and that indicates 'poison or hypoxia'.  I strongly urge you to study the truth, irrefutable facts and details of previous government chemical experiments on people.  The current Gulf of Mexico Disaster is just a classic example of GOV INC FAIL.  People must question this type of governance; the US Government has proven their lack of concern of our well-being many times over. For example, in 1953, the U.S. military released clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia. Their intent was to determine how efficiently they could disperse chemical agents.
Are these mass animal deaths and human illnesses a result of another experiment or is there more going on?

It is ill-advised to trust a government that allows the Gulf of Mexico to be sprayed with millions of gallons of a toxic dispersant when the MSDS for Corexit says, "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS: DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATER."  The main ingredient of Corexit 9527A is 2-butoxyethanol (30-60%).  DOT classifies 2-butoxyethanol as POISON.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, the President encourages the world to eat Gulf seafood. People are extremely sick and government sham-sniff-tests are criminal on their own.  Independent tests had such high levels of hydrocarbons they had to be diluted 20 times just to get a reading but a Florida agency said the same sample was not toxic.

The government cover-up for BP oil/Corexit gusher is clear when you know the details (see Nov posts Helland Hansen or Hell in a Handbasket and Gov Inc.).  BP denied the possibility underwater plumes of oil could occur until it was proven by scientists, but they knew this would happen long before the well blew.  Government and BP learned about underwater plumes from the experiment known as "Deep Spill Project" done in 2000.  It was conducted in the Norwegian Sea at the Helland Hansen site June, 2000.  US Gov's [MMS] and BP were participants in the project.  They have long known that deep water spills would create underwater plumes of oil; the 2001 report discusses and pictures these 'underwater plumes'.  Much of the oil never reaches the surface and worse yet, this is the most toxic oil!  Mix that with at least eight-and-a-half-tons of Corexit.  The most toxic oil remains in the water from which the seafood comes; Obama and BP encourage you to eat fish from poisoned water.  It is ludicrous to trust them!  Here is what it says on page 89 of the Helland Hansen report:
"This is important information, because the water-soluble compounds are generally the most toxic ones when exposed to marine biota. The results from these measurements show that the rising of the oil through the water column represents a kind of 'stripping' process of some of the most toxic compounds in the oil. The end result is therefore that a portion of THE MOST TOXIC COMPOUNDS IS LEFT IN THE WATER COLUMN."  And that is said without any consideration for Corexit. 

Deeds and lies like these go far beyond greed; they are outright evil endeavors.  Martin Luther King Jr. said, "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government."  This is true because they are rationalizing morally bankrupt psychopathic killers.  Some may consider these harsh words but the victims of BP and Government’s sordid response to this epic failure in the Gulf are getting screwed at every turn!  I have just learned of the murder of another Gulf human rights hero, Dr. Thomas B. Manton.  Maybe it’s another fluke but the greedy jerks are probably celebrating this twist of fate.  The events that led up the false imprisonment of Dr. Manton and his murder are extremely suspicious.  He was very outspoken about the ghastly response and clean-up efforts by BP and US Government and he wrote several blazing articles; please read and share and help the Gulf Truth Movement (see links for some of Dr. Manton’s articles).  He was a leader in the Gulf Truth Movement and he worked tirelessly to bring much needed attention to the continuing disaster and he offered great hope and support for the people affected.  We will mourn for his loss but we will be more determined than ever.  We will not be silenced.  I immediately thought about Matt Simmons and how he also met with an early and suspicious death.  As I have said before, oil and gas are still leaking from the reservoir known as Macondo Prospect.  A collapsed reservoir is the worst case scenario and can not be repaired.  Extreme measures have been taken to hide this fact from the public but oil and gas industry experts will not be silent.  Please listen to the Jeff Rense interview of Tom Termotto (excerpt and link below).  Hydrocarbons continue to flow into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico and toxic dispersant continues to serve as a catalyst to conceal this monstrous lie but it only causes more environmental harm.  Dr. Manton and Matt Simmons were two very credible and knowledgeable men who spoke out against the untruthful BP and US Government.  Biological warfare expert John Wheeler was murdered three-weeks before Dr. Manton so it’s pretty clear what I am suggesting; Obama and TPTB’s body count is growing.

We have a growing number of mass-animal deaths.  Government may be doing experiments again or we may be witnessing a conspiracy theory of depopulation come to life by bringing death.  If so, then what do we do?  We can call our representatives but they already know about chemtrails and the mass animal deaths so it may be a waste of time, but it can’t hurt.  The most important thing we all can do is raise awareness and unite against this beast.  Please make preparations as suggested in the post Staying Power’ and continue to shout the truth to the world.  Science has finally caught up to this chemical attack of aluminum, barium and strontium mix but most people are simply unaware or skeptical so inform them.  I receive thank-you messages from people every day; they appreciate knowing the facts without spin and there is more to this than chemtrails.  The last decade has been one of a closing society and if compared to other closings like, genocides are not far behind.  An economic genocide and internment could await us.  Our open source of information and global communication called the internet is under attack and the kill-switch can be flipped.  Normalcy bias is a hurdle but the facts don’t lie so we all need to tell anybody that will listen.  It is our Patriotic Duty to Serve and Protect our Civil and Human Rights.

Obama is just a puppet like LBJ but with the power of REX 84, he can easily call for martial law and suspend the Constitution for six-months if we riot in the streets.  DHS has “residential centers” all ready to go.  We are already economic slaves and it won’t help if we are living behind fences with barbed wire.  The one thing we have that the oligarchs fear is UNITY.  The two-party system works well to divide ‘We the People’ so we must all realize we are on the same side in our resistance to the Kleptocracy.  Tea-party, GOP, Dems, Socialists and Progressives have differing views but there is a common matter in the USA whether they know it or not, we all suffer under a morally corrupt oligarchy.  Some just have no idea the oligarchs have used them or that they live under such fascist law. 

Corruption is the #1 topic worldwide (more than hunger, unemployment, inflation, anything) and that is common ground, unity.  An end to corruption will bring an end to other issues, but that can only be done with unity.  No doubt survival is an ongoing battle for many right now and it is also the strongest natural instinct- everybody's oneness is similar personal issue right now, unity. Collective behavior and collective power are unity.  We need to show the unaware the truth and the house of cards will collapse from its own deception.  Add all the tricks and lies together, lay them out for all to see just as I have done throughout this blog.  I stick to the facts because they are harsh enough.  I know what is written throughout this site and I hope people will believe if they see it for themselves, but you have to connect the dots for these folks.  I have no doubt the ones controlling this world mean us harm.  I often refer to them as Bilderbergers because that is an actual list of names and they are just people; some people call them Illuminati but it sounds too mysterious, shadowy and powerful.  It matters not what you call them but they are quite real but they are mere people - but they are malicious psychopaths.  Our unity is their greatest fear because it is our biggest strength.  Life is about choices so it is time to choose, share your knowledge and grow our power or refuse to see what is right here in these pages.  The poor people won the water war in Bolivia and it all started with a sign.  The Indians shrugged off England’s Colonial Rule and it all started with a handful of salt.  Tunisia’s recent uprising started sadly with a single burning.  Collective power is the only chance to bring results my friend and I hope you're in.  I am happy to report some good news; we have intelligent and brave lawmakers in the state of Vermont.  Politicians are working to deny corporate personhood in what they call, "intolerable societal reality”!  The solution for them is to define persons as human beings.  I just may have to pack my bags and move to Vermont, if they pass any chemtrail ban, I won’t even bother to bring my luggage.

BP has done more damage to harm the American homeland than al-Qaeda could ever do." by Dr. Thomas B. Manton.  May you Rest in Peace.  For you and all those like you, we honor your sacrifice to the altar of TRUTH.  
Residents of the Gulf had blood tests for Volatile Solvents and the results are extremely concerning. The 10 year old male has the highest levels of 2-Methylpentane, 3-Methylpentane and Isooctane. All 12 individuals had- Ethylbenzene, Hexane, 2-Methylpentane, 3-Methylpentane, Isooctane and 11 of the 12 had- m,p-Xylene.
"Whole blood samples were collected from 12 individuals between the ages of 10 and 66 on September 13 and 27, 2010, November 1, 22 and 29, 2010 and December 6, 2010. The individuals consisted of 10 and 11 year old males, four adult males and six adult females. The individuals were male and female cleanup workers on Orange Beach, Alabama, male and female crabbers from the Biloxi, Mississippi area and individuals living on Perdido Key, Alabama. The blood samples were analyzed for Volatile Solvents by Method 0762, by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory in Duluth, Georgia."
'Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing 3';
'Vermont Is Gearing Up to Strike a Major Blow to Corporate Personhood';

U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population"

Excerpt: "As the rogue well had not been successfully cemented and plugged at the base of the well by the relief wells, unknown quantities of hydrocarbons are still leaking out from the reservoir at high pressure and are seeping through multiple fault lines to the seabed. It is not possible to cap this oil leakage."
'Oil and Gas Industry expert: Hydrocarbons are still leaking out from the reservoir';

Video from August 20, 2010, ‘Boat In Gulf of Mexico: What Is This?
Photos show 176 containers of Corexit 9527A sitting on a dock in Louisiana. Photos taken 11/27/10 show the containers were shipped 8/10; the photographer says the containers are EMPTY!  BP claims they have not sprayed Corexit 9527A since May and no dispersant has been used since June.  Why are there 176 [empty] containers that were shipped after they claim they stopped spraying?!? 

Dr. Thomas B. Manton, “BP has done more damage to harm the American homeland than al-Qaeda could ever do."  Gulf human rights reporter, U.S. government Gulf operation critic, framed political prisoner, was murdered Thursday.
'Gulf human rights hero murdered';
'In Honor of Dr. Thomas B. Manton, a True Modern American Hero';

'A History of US Secret, Human Experimentation';

'Secretly Exposing Americans To Chemicals ';

'The military chemtrail tests over Norwich in the 1960s';

'History Channel Undercover - Human Experimentation Declassified (1/5) ';

"Evidence that BP used synthetic microorganisms to clean up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico indicates that the genetically modified bacteria are altering the DNA of species throughout the food chain impacting all biota, including humans, writes Michael Edward."  THE GULF BLUE PLATE (BP) SPECIAL
'BP Genetically Modifying the Gulf of Mexico';

'BP – THE SPILLER by Dr. Thomas B. Manton';

"Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic":

See this entertaining report on Operation Deep Spill; they also provide a link to the full 159 page report, 'DEEPSPILL PROJECT':

See "chemtrails" under "exotic weapons systems", Section 7 part B ~ 107th Congress HR 2977:

Added 6/21/2011: 

"Victims of the massive Joplin, Missouri, tornado are finding this out now along with the rest of the world. Days after the EF5 tornado devastated the town, people started getting sick and dying from a rare fungus. The CDC is now investigating how this fungus appeared and why it is killing already wounded victims of the tornado. To date, at least twelve people have been sickened with the fungus, and three people have died due to their injuries from the tornado and the fungus.
The rare fungus is called Mucormycosis. It’s aggressive and rare. It’s so uncommon that even the nation’s largest hospitals might see only one or two cases a year. According to the CDC, they have never seen a cluster as large as the group of sick people in Joplin."
'Fungal infections follow tornado as threat';
'CDC Studying Deadly Fungus After Joplin, Mo., Tornado';

'Joplin Secret Morgue' 2011... Video includes a story about mystery "gelatinous rain" and sickness... Gov experiment in 1994???
"This video needs to go viral ASAP";

Friday, January 21, 2011

10,000 Dead Cattle and a Load of Bull!

10,000 Dead Cattle and a Load of Bull!

This is merely an observation but look at the photo in the article.  I see cattle dying in the road while the people are wearing light jackets and the grass is green... these huge animals are literally dropping dead!  Harsh weather my ass!  The first report I read about the dead cows and buffalo in Vietnam blamed the weather – 4C or 24.8F.  '2012 Game Proper: 10,000 Cattle Drop Dead In Vietnam ';

People in Vietnam are sick in "unusually high numbers"- with respiratory or heart conditions.  Phosgene causes respiratory and heart conditions.  Coincidence?!?  USAF biological weapon expert John Wheeler was murdered!  Coincidence?!?  Agent Orange ring any bells?  Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger said, "Control the food and you control the people."  Coincidence?!?  Chemtrails!  Mass animal deaths and GOV just says, look away folks, nothing to see here, just move along, this is perfectly normal.  Coincidence?!?
"Since the cold snap began last week, many of the commune's children and elderly have come down with respiratory illnesses. Meanwhile, the nearby Da Nang City Hospital has admitted an unusually high number of patients suffering from heart conditions. Doctor Pham Van Hung said the number of cardiac patients usually spikes during cold snaps. But, at the moment, patients have packed the hospital, two or more to a bed, he added. Between 150-200 people arrive every day asking to be examined for respiratory or heart conditions."
Again, this is not far below freezing temperatures.  The "record low" of  -2 degrees Celsius is 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The article continues, "The temperature in Sa Pa was expected to drop from the current -0.5 degrees Celsius to the record low of below -2 degrees Celsius. Lower mountainous areas have all reported temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius."
'Cold sets off wave of illness and death in Vietnam';

During or immediately after exposure to dangerous concentrations of phosgene, the following signs and symptoms may develop:
* Burning sensation in the throat and eyes
* Watery eyes
* Blurred vision
* Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
* Nausea and vomiting 
*Skin contact can result in lesions similar to those from frostbite or burns
*Following exposure to high concentrations of phosgene, a person may develop fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema) within 2 to 6 hours.
Exposure to phosgene may cause delayed effects that may not be apparent for up to 48 hours after exposure, even if the person feels better or appears well following removal from exposure. Therefore, people who have been exposed to phosgene should be monitored for 48 hours afterward. Delayed effects that can appear for up to 48 hours include the following:  
 * Difficulty breathing
 * Coughing up white to pink-tinged fluid (a sign of pulmonary edema)
 * Low blood pressure
 * Heart failure
CDC Facts about PHOSGENE;
There are thousands of dead birds, millions of dead fish and thousands of dead cows and buffalo and not one convincing “official” reason.  I am sticking by my theory; A Factual Theory on the Mass Bird and Fish Kills; it is Poisoning! (See below for Jan 7th post). 

‘Thousands of Dead Squids and Octopi in Portugal’;

This herd of buffalo started dying in October but there are no test results from the water samples... it is now January! 
'55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm';

6.2, 6.2, 6.2.....
'H A A R P Project Bluebeam part 1';

'The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps the More Money JP Morgan Makes';

And Another Load of Bull!
Court Inc.
The Supreme Court will now decide on privacy rights for corporations.   If the Supreme Court rules corporations [which they have ruled are people] don't have privacy rights... will all people be denied privacy rights?  The Supreme Court has already decided corporations are people so if the court decides they have privacy rights... how much will the corporations hide under 'privacy rights'?  Watch for a ruling on this case.  This is bad either way!!!  Note to Justice Roberts, "Personal privacy" is directly related to the root word 'person' so stop the double-speak.  Are they aiming at no privacy rights for all people?
'Court Weighs Whether Corporations Have Personal Privacy Rights';

'Group: Supreme Court Justices 'participated in political strategy sessions' before Citizens United';

I say YES!  'The midmorning Refill: Should Scalia and Thomas have recused themselves from hearing Citizens United case?';

'Common Cause Letters';

'US Courts Help Corporations Win';