Thursday, January 13, 2011


The reports of mass bird kills are still coming in but the explanations aren’t flying anymore than the dead birds.  The mystery claims to be solved in one case; officials claim the birds are simply being hit by cars and trucks… by the hundreds.  Officials said one-hundred birds were hit by a truck in California; this is far-fetched and reminiscent of the magic JFK bullet.  Physics are changing because officials say so.  Common physics also don't apply in Alabama; there are hundreds more dead birds in another report today.  One article says, witnesses said the birds fell from the sky but officials say the birds flew into vehicles.  I believe the witnesses and not another hokey "official story". 

The vast majority of people do not believe the officials and why should they?  It wasn’t so long ago the US Government officials were performing sham “sniff-tests” on Gulf seafood and independent tests showed much different results… positive for oil!  The closest thing I’ve read that sounds like a bit of honesty comes from the Italian scientists; they said the blue tinged beaks of dead birds indicate poison or hypoxia.  I trust science.  It just doesn’t seem logical that there could be a mass epidemic of low oxygen in the air, fresh water and sea water.  Weather radar shows something unusual in the sky just before the birds fell dead in Beebe, Arkansas.  USAF biological warfare expert, John Wheeler was murdered in the midst of the mass animal deaths; this should raise the suspicion of poisoning.  I find it odd that poisoning is a possibility stated by scientists yet government officials ignore that and supply completely ridiculous explanations.  I smell more than dead fish!  Please read the complete theory in the post below.  It offers one explanation for all mass deaths. If you agree, then please SPEAK UP so this killing stops! 

They are spraying those damn chemtrails here again today.  Someone told me there was heavy spraying over their town yesterday.  Although they probably didn’t want to leave home, they had to buy groceries.  They noticed a man exit the store and put on a face mask; my friend figured the masked man was probably aware of the ongoing chemical attack.  I thought about this and an idea suddenly came to me.  We should all buy a haz-mat suit and wear it every time we leave the house.  It will definitely get some attention!  Don’t worry about the embarrassment because no one will be able to tell who you are.  Make a sign that says, CHEMTRAIL PROTECTOR SUIT or CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS TEAM… you get the idea.  Be creative.  Worldwide Chemtrail Awareness Day is Jan 22, 2011 so order your suits today (Du Pont makes them, see link for samples below).  This will certainly raise awareness and protect you from the chemicals.  This spraying is a crime and those responsible should be exposed!  I can not explain why they would do such a thing because I am of sound mind, but the evidence does not lie.  Aluminum, barium and strontium and who knows what else in accumulating in our soil, water and air.  Add this with the fact they are closing our open society, connect the dots and draw your own conclusion (New World Order is not hidden by those with the agenda).   

Regardless of why they do so, many governments spray crap from planes and they do so without our consent, without our best interest and without our knowledge (though many are realizing it daily).  Whatever the reason, it is harmful to our health and our environment; it is dead wrong!  I have been hoping the new something-something added to the mix was just a test but hello, it works!  Would you knock it off already!  It is senseless to walk outside and hope the trails I see are just the usual toxic chemtrails.  My hope is fading with each new report of mass animal kills.  Maddening does not come close to describe how most of us feel!  What does it take for people to simply look up into the sky and question?  Tic-tac-toe cloud patterns are not normal and they are not contrails.  It simply does not look normal because it is not.  USAF has been questioned but they say it is a hoax.  The hoax is on us because USAF is attacking us.  Most people are not aware so it is up to us to make them aware; subliminal messaging has been going on for some time now.  We need obvious messaging; don your hazmat suits!  If you do not believe chemtrails exist, or you don’t believe they are dangerous, please read the post here titled, ‘Normalcy Bias’; see links within for the report titled ‘Case Orange;’  watch the ‘Rosalind Peterson Chemtrail Cover-up’ interview and the documentary ‘What In the World are They Spraying?”  Science is supporting the evidence of this crime of our lifetime.  Our collective power has the ability to stop their agenda; join in before they stop us.

I have been following the corrupt corporate activities but this chemtrail issue has taken precedence because of the mass animal deaths.  Priority number one is to stop them from spraying us.  I urge you to read the various articles at the links provided below.  We can now expose them and their corruption by exposing chemtrails; we can kill two birds with one stone.  Leaders of a nation should not spray chemicals on its people, yet they do.  Leaders of a nation should not tolerate or make outright calls for assassination, yet they do.  The tragedy of last Saturday is awful and regardless of any relation to these public officials gun-sling-target-shooting language, they must stop.  The calls to assassinate Julian Assange are still ringing in my ears (oh yeah, the chemtrails cause that ringing).  It is seriously wrong but we can not allow this to take our focus off of the real problem.  It is not about left vs. right; it is about ‘We the People’ and a government that continually acts against us.  Do not let their speechifying divide ‘We the People’.  Obama said he would take a gun to a knife fight.  Obama continues the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A report this week says another 1400 troops are being sent to Afghanistan.  As of last report, there are still over 40,000 US troops in Iraq and 180,000 “private contractors” supporting those troops.  Obama would like people to believe we are no longer at war in Iraq but that is just another lie.  Despite Obama’s promises to close Guantánamo, it may soon be a permanent institution with infinite detention.  Look at the facts that are happening today, Obama continues to strip the hope for ‘We the People’ as he extends the Bush agenda. 

Candidate Obama said he was going to tell the lobbyists their days of setting the agenda are over.  It seems he kept that promise in a twisted way, the joke is on us.  There isn’t much need for lobbyists when so many corporate men are appointed for top government positions.  Obama appointed Monsanto’s man as FDA Chief and JP Morgan’s man as White House Chief of Staff and other lobbyist/non-lobbyist are joining in (see article below).  The NWO agenda continues with Obama.

GOV Inc. does not want People to know the ugly truth.  We need to put the government and corporate-owned-media spin on the Rinse Cycle!  There is a constant need for a rinse cycle for the brainwashing by GOV Inc. and the corporate owned media so the internet is under attack.  Use the internet, it is your friend and it offers endless sources of information.  Do not let GOV Inc. do the wash!  The FCC is about to decide on NBC Comcast merger; it is bad enough as it is because the media is owned by only six corporations.  The internet is our best source of truth and it must remain so.  

I do not diminish the tragedy of the shooting this past weekend but the talking points are running amok.  It was a horrible crime.  I strongly promote Peace but I also strongly promote our Constitution and I have noticed something I would like to point out.  The new gun related bills appear to be focusing on protecting federal legislators more than people.  They work for us, to serve us yet they are focusing on special protection for themselves.  Yes, a federal lawmaker and a judge were shot but so were completely innocent civilians.  A beautiful nine-year old child lost her life.  I suspect the federal lawmakers know we are waking up to the fact the government is working against us.  Laws are servicing the wealthy and corporations when they should be better serving us; and then there are the chemtrails.  It seems they feel the need to be better protected from us but we deserve to be equal in their thoughts for protection.  I think we need better protection from government chemtrails.  I am not saying what they should or should not do but it seems unreasonable to expect a legal carrier of a gun to remain a certain distance from all federal legislators; we do not know the legislators every move, but maybe we should.  George Bush asked us to watch out for crop-dusters that terrorists may use to spray us with chemicals.  I don't see how what they are doing is any different; they are merely spraying chemicals from cropduster JETS.  It appears they assume we have malicious intentions just because we legally carry a firearm and may be within a certain distance.  I doubt that malicious intent is the usual case.  Good people have guns too.  Besides the fact it is judgmental to assume the worst, it is our Right to have a firearm and carry it if permitted.  

Our leaders have set a horrible example of violence in these never-ending wars and they attempt to hide misuse of weapons ('Collateral Murder').  The government leaders order the use of all types of weapons, from guns to chemicals on a daily basis.  Thousands of innocent people have died in the wars ordered by our leaders.  Those who order war are responsible for each death incurred; the soldiers are not responsible for following orders nor any mistakes made from the stress of countless tours of duty.  Our soldiers are under tremendous stress as they are viewed as the enemy by some... they wear the uniform but they have good intentions.  They are not responsible for lies told by leaders but they pay a very heavy price.  As I recall, there were many innocent people murdered in Oklahoma City and not a single bullet was fired.  People kill people and so do rogue governments.
“With malice toward none, with charity for all, ...let us strive on to finish the work we are in, do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”~ Abraham Lincoln

In addition to the many gun realted laws headed to the steps of Congress, Robert Brady plans to introduce a bill to protect federal officials from words and symbols.  They, and only they, want protection against words and symbols.  Who is to say what 'language or symbol' "could be seen as threatening or violent" against them?  I promote peace but my blog or my words "could be seen" as a threat against their power because it is illuminating government lies.  We can not afford to lose another Right.  They would not permit reporters to cover areas of the Gulf oil disaster... where are they headed?  I am concerned they may try and rush these bills through so fast the letters of the Constitution will fly off the paper, just as they did with the Patriot Act.  Threats have been made in words and symbols and have come from public officials but nothing was done until now, now public officials are using this to impede free speech.  We are already protected from threats of violence and inciting murder; the laws were not enforced.  It seems to me that this bill is misplaced and that loosely worded language ("could be seen") may infringe on free speech; I do not know how my words "could be seen" by a legislator but i do not intend to commit any act of violence.  

Focus on unity and Peace and do not let them divide ‘We the People’!  Keep hammering with the "$9-trillion dollars is unaccounted for by the Federal Reserve!" $9,000,000,000,000.00 is a lot of zeros!  Everybody hates that news so find common ground with those who may have opposing views.  Blast the sound of corruption until everybody knows the Emperor has no clothes.  There will be those who don’t see but stay positive and avoid the negative energy.  They may be killing our birds but the chickens will come home to roost!  Please peruse this blog; there is a lot of information throughout which shows ‘We the People’ are under attack!  I have offered suggestions for things we can do; we can all contribute.  We are all connected and we must all work together to spread the truth and stop the oligarchs.  Wake up the world and share knowledge with all of your friends!  Look up, wake up, speak up, rinse and repeat!

I want to thank all of my friends who contribute information, inspiration, encouragement and sacrifice for the truth.  We fight the good fight for us all.
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."~ Harriet Tubman 
'Hwy. 101′s dead bird mystery solved';
 “The viewers who called us said the birds seemed to just fall from the sky, but we spoke to a wildlife biologist at the scene who says there is an explanation for what happened.
‘What it appears to us right now is that the birds were feeding alongside the road,’ said Mitchell Marks.  ‘The flock flushed, flew out into a vehicle and we've got this kill here along the road.’"
‘Hundreds of Dead Blackbirds Found Along I-65 In Athens’;
 If you have Facebook you can now see a time-line of these mass kills; links to stories are provided.  Thank you Brad!
‘Timeline of Animal Mass Deaths Dec 2010 - Jan 2011’ by Brad Geyer
Weather radar shows something just before birds fell AR;
‘Overeating and indigestion blamed for 1,000 turtle doves falling dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks’;
Hazmat suits;
Every Embassy knows about chemtrails!  People do not; TELL THEM! 
Must read report, ‘Case Orange’;
'Case Orange: Peter Vereecke Plans to Stop Chemtrails';
Sometimes reality is based on Science-Fiction
‘Mass Killing of Birds in Scene of 'FlashForward' on ABC October 8 2009 Showing Strange Device’   (watch it fullscreen in 720p) 
‘chemtrails uk - subliminal chemtrails in games advertising and television’;

GOV INCase-u-missed-it
As you know, I disapprove of lobbying but this Washington lobbyist, Ashley Turton was a mother of three young children.  Her husband is a White House aide.  This is another story that doesn’t fly with me!
‘Wife of White House aide found dead in burning car’;
'Gitmo protest in front of White House -- Exclusive Footage';
'U.S. sending 1,400 more troops to Afghanistan';
'Guantanamo Forever? The 9th Anniversary Of Lawlessness' By Andy Worthington ;
GOV in the Drug business!  '85 per cent of all drugs produced in Afghanistan are shipped out by US aircraft.';
Obama appoints another. 'When is a lobbyist not a lobbyist?';
"Robert Brady, a Democrat from Philadelphia, told CNN that he also plans to take legislative action. He will introduce a bill that would make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress."   

*This should be interesting- 'Public Official Accountability Act'  Chemtrails violate public trust! 
'Cardoza introduces legislation aimed at elected officials who violate public trust';
‘Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill’;
Luis Posada Carriles - One of the most wanted Terrorists of Latin America!
Terror Accusations, but Perjury Charges’;
A little background on Posada- connected to Anna Ardin, accuser of Julian Assange ;
'Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group';
NBC/Comcast Merger Not in the Public Interest
Expect gas prices to rise. 'Alaska pipeline may be shut for months';
Finally - Good news!  ‘Congress Passes Landmark Community Radio Act’;
A good read! 'Vision: Why the Fall of American Empire Can Be a Good (and Peaceful) Thing';
"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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