Thursday, February 14, 2013

"The American Public is Treated as An Enemy of the State": Daniel Ellsbe...

NDAA & Patriot Act in Action: Chris Dorner Was Executed - Fire Set by Police

'Obama to 'bypass Congress' on CISPA with cybersecurity executive order' -

'NDAA: Hedges v. Obama: Did The Bill of Rights Die Today?'-


'Obama Sends 50 Million Dollars to Fund War in Mali'-

'Pentagon creates special medal for drone pilots'- 

Obama administration has ordered drone strikes more than four times as frequently as during the George W. Bush White House. US drone strikes in Pakistan have already killed as many as 58 people in only this year.

What is the opposite of "LIBERTY?"
The answer is: SLAVERY.

NDAA & Patriot Act in action...

Chris Dorner was Framed - Executed~