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SCOTUS is NO Reason to Keep this POTUS


 "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." Barack Obama.

Obama just gave Eric Holder 'Executive Privilege' to withhold relevant information from Congress in the Fast and Furious investigation (they've been after the info for a year).  Why should the Dept of Justice need Executive Privilege?  Oh, this is shaping up to be Obama's Mexicogate.  What is Mr. Holder hiding and why is Obama risking a 'cover-up' scandal in a scandal when  Obama told CNN Executive Privilege was not a good reason for Bush to withhold information from Congress but it's good enough for his cover-up.   This does raise suspicion that Obama also had a hand in Fast and Furious and not just Holder.   The idiocy of ATF allowing thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to be sold to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels and this Fast and Furious cover-up, and the emails support the theory the entire asinine operation was going to be used for stricter gun control.  As Naomi Wolf so aptly explains in '10 Steps in Closing Down an Open Society', TPTB have followed the steps thus far, they've taken more steps since Naomi wrote about it (indefinite detention w/o charge was a big one) and they recently introduced a [bipartisan] bill to the House and Senate to strip citizenship w/o criminal conviction, so it's logical they'd restrict guns in the closing down of America.  Apparently they are approaching this in another avenue as well.  The Senate passed a bill where IRS could make an accusation which would revoke an American’s travel rights and in turn put them on a 'no-fly-list', and lead to removing the person's right to own a firearm.. sneaky yet effective as only an accusation is required.  The incremental loss of Rights is adding up and People are waking up.  I just hope the mass awakening comes fast and furious as well.  

SCOTUS is NO Reason to Keep this POTUS

There is much more to consider than who will appoint Supreme Court Justices but since records are all important and propaganda says SCOTUS is reason enough to reelect Obama, let's take a quick look at the two Obama has already appointed (Kagan and Sotomayor).

Elena Kagan should recuse herself from cases challenging Obamacare since documents show she helped craft its defense when she was Obama's solicitor general.  Please read, 'Court Ruling Proves: Kagan Must Recuse'.  Despite the fact she was legally required to, Kagan did not recuse herself.  Please also read,  'Kagan does not recuse herself from healthcare reform decision'.  The law (28 U.S.C. 455) mandates that a justice "shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might be reasonably questioned" or "(w)here he has served in governmental employment and in such capacity participated as counsel, adviser or material witness concerning the proceedings ..."  Ummm,  Shouldn't she respect the law to uphold the law?  So much for Separation of Powers!  Side note on Obamacare. Insurance companies will be allowed to vary premium levels (up to three times the standard rate).  In my opinion, 'pre-existing condition' is discrimination and could have been outlawed without forcing everyone to buy into a market (Executive Order on Day 1, if he really cared).  Obamacare's unconstitutional mandate is a gift to the insurance companies... an overpriced gift millions still can't afford.

Sotomayor ruled FOR Drug Maker's Free Speech (2011) and AGAINST a Person's Free Speech (2008).  It is always important to have a Supreme Court that upholds a PERSON"S Right to Free Speech, especially when the 'Obama Administration refuses to say writers' 1st Amendment rights are protected with regard to Citizen's Indefinite Detention' (NDAA 2012 lawsuit).  It seems reasonable that Obama knew Sotomayor ruled against the Student's First Amendment Right to Free Speech before he appointed her to the Supreme Court (2009, see 'Sotomayor's Bad 1st Amendment Decision Should Disqualify Her' ).  Sotomayor acknowledged the 1969 Supreme Court ruling which held students "do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate" when she denied the student's constitutional right, upholding the high school's punishment for the student's off-campus speech... that is not the kind of Judicial Activism People need in these tenuous times!  Sotomayor is one of the six Supreme Court Justices that said, 'State Law Interferes with Drug Makers' Right to Free Speech'.  Free Speech is protected for an entity but not for a person... What kind of logic is that?!

Where will we be when First Amendment protection is only for corporations?!

"The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny."~ Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice 1937-1971 

This post is in response to the campaign-propaganda push saying we need Obama for SCOTUS appointments.  It is unlikely that any of the Justices will retire any time soon.  Ginsberg said she has no plans to retire (she has hinted 'not before 2016') and the other Justices are years younger.  I think Ginsberg cares more than to leave under Obama since he is the shredder of Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus and War Powers Act.  There are a few I'd like to see retire but it's no-win if they're replaced by someone who is constantly shredding the law, and may be worse.  Some people seem to think Obama's appointments will overturn Citizens United but that is highly unlikely based on the way his appointed have ruled.  We need more like Ginsberg, not less, but one idiotic columnist wrote Ginsberg should retire immediately or risk being replaced with a conservative... [as opposed to a fascist disguised as a liberal].  I guess he likes the current Goldman Sachs Administration but as a writer, perhaps he should suggest that Sotomayor retire! 

Americans need to stop accusing third party voters of "wasting their votes" and realize Democratic Party and Republican Party voters are wasting their votes.  The only viable option for People and Liberty is for us to ONLY consider a candidate with a worthy record (I wholly support Ron Paul as Life and Liberty are at stake, more on that soon).  As far as policy goes, Romney and Obama are the same!  Just follow the money!  If ANYONE thinks that SCOTUS appointments are reason enough to vote for Obama, think again and consider the two he has already appointed to SCOTUS:

FACT: Sotomayor ruled AGAINST Person's Free Speech and FOR Corporate Free Speech. *'State Law Interferes with Drug Makers' Right to Free Speech'... and with no regard to Patient Privacy, HIPPA!  6-3, Sotomayor sided with the Roberts gang.  Sotomayor said corporations have Right to Free Speech, so she must think corporations are People.  That was a 6-3 decision, she didn't have to, but she did.  Obama appointed Sotomayor knowing she didn't protect a PERSON'S Free Speech (another fail by CONgress).  "Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself.  It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime."~ Potter Stewart     
FACT: Goldman's own 'GOLDEN GIRL' Kagan was an advisor for Goldman Sachs [2005-2008], FACT: Kagan defended Monsanto’s fight to contaminate the environment with its GM alfalfa.  **In December 2009, in her capacity as Solicitor General, Kagan intervened in SCOTUS case involving genetically modified crops, Monsanto v Geertson Seed. She defended Monsanto, not the American people or our environment. 
FACT: Justice Kagan should have recused herself from any litigation regarding on Obamacare and she did not!   
Kagan and Sotomayor have shown total disrespect for the law and that's a dangerous quality in a United States Supreme Court Justice!  In my opinion, Propaganda has it backwards; SCOTUS appointments are a good enough reason NOT to reelect Obama!  Constitutional issues to be decided demand honorable Justices [and why I like Mr. Constitution aka Ron Paul]~

MORE FACTS: Obama has appointed from 'The Corporations' dozens of times.  Some of the worst are Goldman Sachs (SCOTUS, Treasury Sec and many more), JP Morgan (Chief-of-staff), MONSANTO (USDA and FDA), Raytheon (Pentagon), GE for Jobs (lol, more like jobs in China), BP, and recently BAIN Capital (yep, Mitt's own).  I stopped counting at 60 CEOs and lobbyists in his first 2 years, but at least it slowed from the 17 lobbyists he appointed in is his FIRST 14 days!  Obama NEVER says NO to Corporate America, HE APPOINTS IT!

'A List of Goldman Sachs People in the Obama Government: Names Attached to the Giant Squid’s Tentacles'-

Now Let's look at some of Obama's Record.
THINK about the cost of another four years, another four wars?!  Obama's puppetmasters want war with Syria because they want war with Iran.  We are currently in SEVEN WARS (Obama's deal will keep us in Afghanistan til 2024), Tax-dollar funded PRIVATIZED War in Iraq is NOT over, just more taxdollars (DOD is paying the Private Security/Contractors who average $150-200K year, US Troops, $19K). Illegal bombing of Libya is 100% on Obama.  Dubbya started it but Obama expanded the drone war in Pakistan and Obama started drone wars in Somalia, Yemen and Uganda (***NY Times Confirmed "Obama likes 'blowing the hell out of people").  The US has admitted to developing Stuxnet and the Obot ordered a cyberwar against Iran and others.
Three Wars under GW Bush and SEVEN WARS under Obama... Four more years, tyranny, oppression and maybe four more wars, NO MORE GLOBALISTS!

The POLICE STATE of America is growing, fast!  Obama wanted Indefinite Detention for ALL, and he signed it into law last New Year's Eve.  Several activists and journalists filed a lawsuit against Obama Administration regarding the unconstitutional citizen detention provisions in NDAA 2012 earlier this year.  
"Criticism of government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. It embraces freedom of the press."~ Hugo Black

On 5/16/12, U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest issued a preliminary injunction preventing government's enforcement of a citizen detention clause in NDAA 2012 (Also see 'Obama citizen-detention plan in trouble - Administration REFUSES to say writers' 1st Amendment rights protected'/).  Typical federal government, not answering questions asked of them, but kudos to the honorable judge for protecting all of our Rights.  Victory for The People is too rare these days so it was a good day.  

Then about 3 weeks later, the federal government did something so ridiculous that I still can't believe they'd try it.  Commander in Chief, the 'Constitutional lawyer' turned Obama Administration questioned the court about who is protected by the injunction on the indefinite-detention-for-ALL-provision?... uh, EVERYONE!  Because everyone lost their Constitutional protections when he signed NDAA 2012 into law!  You really have to read this entire piece for yourself ->  (JUDGE TO FEDS ON CITIZEN DETENTION: I SAID NO!)  The federal government told the judge it concluded that her recent ruling exempted only the named plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the provision.  Wrong, said Judge Forrest; part of what she wrote, “The law has long provided that this type of finding has provided relief to both the parties pursuing the challenge, as well as third parties not before the court,” she lectured. “This court’s preliminary injunction was consistent with that precedent. Put more bluntly, the May 16 order enjoined enforcement of Section 1021(b)(2) against anyone until further action by this, or a higher, court – or by Congress.”  []   I thought it was crystal clear Mr President.  Precedent aside, how could anyone think the injunction on a provision in a law only applied to the seven plaintiffs who WERE CHALLENGING THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE THING!  That is ridiculous and completely ABSURD and staying true to form as everything Obama does with regard to NDAA 2012's citizen detention is arrogant, dictatorial and disrespectful of the US Constitution and law.  One of the plaintiffs in the case, Tangerine Bolen was interviewed, and I think she's correct, the government is trying to maintain their very broad reach.  I am glad the judge made it perfectly clear, the injunction protects us all.  It's also encouraging for the outcome of the case (not so much if it goes to the Supreme Court).  It's highly unlikely the Constitutional lawyer Obama was misinterpreting precedent, but if he actually did it begs the question... how will he interpret extremely vague laws like the one the lawsuit is about?!   Like I said when he signed NDAA 2012,  Obama's Signing Statement is BULLSHIT.  His actions indicate he intends to use indefinite detention, and worse Preventative prolonged detention, because Obama's plan is making it part of his "legal regime".   Injunction or not, this administration will continue to do whatever they want.  This administration has assassinated US citizens without charge, including an American 16-year-old and refused to comply with ACLU requests FOIA associated with the assassination.

An interesting thing happened in Chicago on the same day the injunction was issued, Lawyers Guild claimed NATO activists "disappeared" without warrant or charges. Three of them were eventually charged with 'Providing Material Support for Terrorism'... The entire situation reeks, police intimidation, threats of police retaliation, planted evidence...   I'm not going into detail because I urge you to know the convoluted details of this story. See  Activists Charged With Providing Material Support for Terrorism Ahead of NATO Summit: "the three activists that remain in jail are in the video of three Chicago police officers pulling them over in Bridgeport on May 9. The video, which went viral, features police questioning protesters and threatening them ahead of the NATO protest. They search the protesters’ vehicle and threatened “pre-emptive police violence against those” who planned to attend the NATO summit protests. One officer can be heard in the video saying, “We’ll come look for you, each and every one of you.”  .  

Never forget, ****2009, Obama announced he wants PREVENTATIVE Indefinite Detention and here we are, three years later and there are preemptive arrests of American citizens (in Chicago before NATO Summit).  He extended Patriot Act, signed into law NDAA 2012, HR347, has OPENLY ASSASSINATED US Citizens W/O A Single Charge (including a 16 yr old).  The Economy of Fraud and War-4-profit are the reason we're broke and PEOPLE ARE DYING!   NOT ONE BANKSTER Prosecuted, because Wall St Frauds get NO-PROSECUTION AGREEMENTS FROM Obama & Holder!  We get arrested and maybe 10 years in prison for PEACEFUL PROTESTS (thanks to Anti-Protest Law, HR357 signed into law by Obama)~

STOP SUPPORTING WAR AND YOUR OWN OPPRESSOR! Obama appointed Monsanto and Romney may appoint Dow and DuPont, that really is NO DIFFERENT!  FOLLOW THE MONEY... the same contributors to Romney, Obama and Bush!!! 

SCOTUS got it wrong with Citizens United, that is for certain.  Corporations are NOT People, but when it comes to CU's 'money in elections', that money is directed at People... so, IGNORE THE ADS, don't be manipulated by the propaganda and rhetoric.  Simply take the time to research and LOOK AT THEIR RECORDS.  Corporate Lobbying is directed at the lawmakers, EVERY DAY and that is worse, IMO.  If politicians need lobbyists to recommend what they should do, then they do not belong in office!  Putting a stop to corporate lobbying is just as, if not more important; both are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! (see Help Wanted ad below, we're building a team to challenge corporate lobbying).

The Time is NOW or Else it is Never!  SAY NO to UniParty Inc! WE ALL LOSE with RObamney v RObamney! WAKE UP to the FALSE 2-party system and GET ACTIVE! Only We the People and ANY Third Party Will Be The Solution. No POTUS, SCOTUS or CONgress will fix this mess until WE realize nothing will improve with the ones screwing it up!   People should be UNITING, Not Fighting Over FRAUD A or FRAUD B!  Elections are rigged, and there are solutions so BE THE SOLUTION and for the sake of everything decent, STOP supporting the problems!

The Police State of America: the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention for ALL, Anti-Protest Law, the Enemy Expatriation Act, TSA, AUMF, FISA, REX 84, Camp FEMA, Agenda 21 … all of these things are happening because America’s Open Society is being Shut Down! The economy of fraud is serious, OUR FREEDOM IS EVERYTHING!  NO country has ever created such laws and NOT used them against their own citizens.  The War on People and Liberty, the needless wars, the Closing of America … GLOBALIZATION is the BIG Picture we all must remain focused on, Be the solution, stop promoting propaganda and issues that divide us, there isn’t left or right in a federal government where 99% of lawmakers  work against 99% of The People.  We shouldn’t  fight over Fraud A/B, or do anything that helps them divide and conquer us!
 UNITY is our power and they fear it; it's why they work hard to divide us using issues that don't mean a darn thing if we are not FREE. We are not free, if you think we are, read the Patriot Act  and  the next 4 links;

CRITICAL for EVERY American,
The End of America – Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot –by Naomi Wolf talks about the book here,
Give me Liberty' is the follow up to 'End of America - Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot'- Stand up for liberty!  GIVE ME LIBERTY!;
The Enemy Expatriation Act. Bipartisan bill introduced; apparently they want to STRIP US Citizenship WITHOUT TRIAL or CRIMINAL CONVICTION… another ‘why-bother-with-pesky- trials’ law brought to us by UniParty politicians for Globalization.  “Citizens vs Civilians - Americans Without a Country”;
 NDAA 2012 New Year 2012: Obama Starts off Fresh! (And his signing statement is bullshit!) -
Forget Labels & Rhetoric, LOOK AT RECORDS and SEEK TRUTH:
       *'U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Vermont Ban on Data Mining; Rules that State Law Interferes with Drug Makers' Right to Free Speech';

       TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA (Many Links/Sources, see comments for updates):

  ***NY Times Confirms What WHI Said Long Ago – “Obama Loves Blowing The Hell Out Of People.; ”

 ****Obama Announces Detaining Americans for Future Crimes that Have Not Been Committed.',

'New documents suggest Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan involved with crafting legal defense of Obamacare' -
Read more:

'Federal Judge’s Injunction Finds NDAA Is Worse Than Material Support Law'-

"He Says One Thing And Does Another": Ralph Nader Reviews Obama's SOTU

[this says a lot!]  NY Times Confirms What WHI Said Long Ago – “Obama Loves Blowing The Hell Out Of People.

Nothing funny about Predator Drones on a Boy Band when US Killed 700 Civilians in Pakistan Drone Strikes in the year before... seriously, not funny and is concerning!
'Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones'-

Not 'cool'!
'Year of the Drone Strike' Netted Only Five Actual Militant Leaders
'Try Not to Think of a Newt' 
The current President and Congress are destroying our Constitutional rights, our planet's climate, and the vestiges of a social safety net, and you are obsessing over a freak show of self-hating homosexuals and anti-intellectual intellectuals jumping through hoops in a corporate media circus ...
Self-government is not a spectator sport. Elections are not reality shows. There is much more at stake than a soap opera. The first step, and it is a more difficult step than sleeping in a tent in the ice cold rain, is to cease giving a damn what some individual who is stripping away your rights and the fruits of your labors really feels in his heart of hearts. Stop it. We do not have the time. Politicians who make speeches opposing everything they do must be pushed to match action to words, not treated as if words speak more loudly than actions. That attitude is what leads us to focus on what a gaggle of misfits with no power and less wisdom have to say about each other, just because they're on the teevee screen.  Get serious. Get independent. Get principled. And stay nonviolent toward everything in the world except your television.

Read it all :


"Updated: The day President Obama signs the NDAA, I will remember this…"
"never be fooled and used again"

Justice Ginsberg has no plans to retire and it is unlikely that any of the other Justices will leave any time soon. (I think Ginsberg is staying so this Constitution shredding POTUS can't replace her with another Goldman Sachs/Monsanto corporate lackey).  Kennedy and Scalia are younger than her so this claim '3 Justices will soon retire therefore must keep Obama' is nothing more than propaganda.  It's not like his supporters have any positive reason to support him; the Obama change has them grasping for straws.    
"U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said on Thursday evening that she will not retire from the court before 2012 and hinted that she might serve until she’s at least 83 years old in 2016." (from Feb 2011)


Obama's Bundlers (minimum $500,000.00 - over $2-million in contributions)

Obama Tops GOP Candidates in Wall Street Donations',

'New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers' Expense' - by Zach Carter

Wall Street's Pick Obama picks another Wall Street to lobby for your vote... Occupy that!
'Obama defies base, hires Wall Street lobbyist for re-election campaign',
Read more:

This should say it all,
The Gulf of Mexico Is NOT Safe! It Is Dying!:


Together We Stand; Divided is NOT an Option…  RObamney is NOT an Option!

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How Obama can "legally" murder you

'How Obama can "legally" murder you'


At What Point Do We Say ENOUGH!?!

“The United States cannot simply execute people, including its own citizens, anywhere in the world based on its own say-so,” BUT IT DOES!

The Assassination of an American Teenager:

Where do we draw the line? When do we stand up and say enough is enough? When will we see the world through the eyes of those whose lands we forcefully manipulate, invade, and occupy?
On October 14, 2011, Abdulrahman Al-awlaki was killed by U.S. airstrikes in Yemen. Al-awlaki was a 16 year old American citizen who was eating dinner with a group of his teenage friends when U.S. airstrikes took their lives. Al-awlaki, born in Denver, Colorado, was the son of Anwar al-Awlaki. Anwar al-Awlaki, of course, was the U.S. citizen suspected (but never prosecuted) of working with Al Qaeda; Awlaki was assassinated by the U.S. on September 30, 2011.... READ MORE:


NY Times Confirms What WHI Said Long Ago“Obama Loves Blowing The Hell Out Of People.”:

The only thing Obama has taken a real interest in are the drones. Apparently he loves those drone attacks. Thinks they’re cool – how they fly in and just blow the sh-t out of people. No fuss. No muss. President Obama gets off on it. The same guy who was so concerned with giving those GITMO fellas a nice citizen trial because he was concerned with their rights – he loves blowing the hell out of people. A real power trip for him apparently. So much so the military brass are becoming increasingly uneasy. -White House Insider: October, 2011 ~ READ MORE:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “President Obama Gets Off On It”: MORE>

'Obama: Not Cool, Just Cold-Blooded'
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
“When the U.S. president arrogates to himself the right to bomb and kill at will, he makes himself an outlaw.”
SO Many Lies for War... Again!  And Busted... Again!
"Over the last week, the US has been outright caught lying – admittedly by Pentagon officials, regarding Russian gunships being shipped to Syria." [Read More Lies Exposed];
'US Attempting to Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria With Help From Corporate Media'

"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal" - Martin Luther King, Jr

'Obama Announces Detaining Americans for Future Crimes that Have Not Been Committed.',

Chicago: Cops Start Preemptive Arrests on the Eve of NATO Summit -

'Citizens vs Civilians - Americans Without a Country':
America is a battlefield and 'We the People' are the enemy, POTUS can say the word and a US Citizen can be detained by the military, indefinitely and without charge. No charges. No attorney. No trial. No Day in Court, No Habeus Corpus! What's the next next oppressive step in America? Perhaps it's Americans without citizenship and without a country. And again, with No Trial, No Day in Court, No conviction and absolutely NO Constitutional protections!
> STOP The Enemy Expatriation Act [a BIPARTISAN bill BTW] - Learn More!:

ACLU And CCR Charge That Practice Violates The Constitution And International Law -

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) today filed a lawsuit challenging the government's asserted authority to carry out “targeted killings” of U.S. citizens located far from any armed conflict zone.

The authority contemplated by the Obama administration is far broader than what the Constitution and international law allow, the groups charge. Outside of armed conflict, both the Constitution and international law prohibit targeted killing except as a last resort to protect against concrete, specific and imminent threats of death or serious physical injury. An extrajudicial killing policy under which names are added to CIA and military “kill lists” through a secret executive process and stay there for months at a time is plainly not limited to imminent threats.

“The United States cannot simply execute people, including its own citizens, anywhere in the world based on its own say-so,” said Vince Warren, Executive Director of CCR. “The law prohibits the government from killing without trial or conviction other than in the face of an imminent threat that leaves no time for deliberation or due process. That the government adds people to kill lists after a bureaucratic process and leaves them on the lists for months at a time flies in the face of the Constitution and international law.”
Rights Groups File Challenge To Targeted Killing By U.S.
ACLU sues Obama administration over assassination secrecy - Salon:


'Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones' -

There is NOTHING funny about using Predator Drones on a Boy-Band when 700 Civilians... including real boys and girls... were killed by US Drone Strikes in Pakistan in the previous year!

'Year of the Drone Strike' Netted Only Five Actual Militant Leaders

'Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing',

At What Point...?

What must be in store for the next few years when the past 11 years have taken so much from so many.  The 'hope-n-change' guy brought us more warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq, an illegal bombing coup d'├ętat of Libya, and Three More Drone Wars... Not one prosecution of the banksters [and this is why] (see this too), the TBTF banks have gotten bigger [13% bigger as of 12/2011].  The jobless and homeless, inflation... not helped by the Administration of Goldman Sachs! or Monsanto, YIKES!  America has been declared a battlefield by the government that says 'We the People' are the enemy, Indefinite Detention for All, Preventative Detention... Assassinated Teenager... Campaign Propaganda Obama is selling 'must have Dem for SCOTUS appointment, LMAO, NOT!  Sotomayor ruled with the Roberts gang on Corporate Free Speech last year, 'State Law Interferes with Drug Makers' Right to Free Speech'... and Kagan, Goldman Sach's "Golden Girl", defended Monsanto’s fight to contaminate the environment with its GM alfalfa (Monsanto v Geertson Seed).  SEVEN WARS under Obama... (1) Still in Afghanistan, UNTIL 2024! (2) Privatized Iraq war is NOT over, just more costly to US taxpayers (3) Obama/NATO illegally bombed Libya (4) Drone war with Pakistan started under GW Bush and Obama expanded it, and Obama started drone wars in Somalia (5), Yemen (6) and Uganda (7)... Seven Wars, Countless Dead and Wounded, an Expanding Police State, a Closing Society, F.A.S.C.I.S.M., Giant-Ponzi-Economy by The FED and MASSIVE Wall Street FRAUD... IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO SEE. WTF?!  "Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal"

How Many More Must Suffer and Die?! 

When Do People Realize Accepting the 'Less-Evil' is Only More Effective Evil?! 

Bush, Obama... Romney is just as much The-Same-Game-by-Anther-Name Puppet for The E.S.T.A.B.L.I.S.H.M.E.N.T. - TPTB, aka the Globalists, aka the Cabal, the Masterminds of Too much Evil & Corruption want war with Syria, for a regime change for their war with Iran, or whatever the agenda, they want war with Syrai and they are lying their ass off again, just like they lied and war-mongered to out Gaddafi from Libya... because TPTB want war with Iran and Iran is NOT OUR ENEMY but THEY have an agenda, and WE HAVE ALTERNATIVES... PICK EM!     

Elections are Rigged and that affects us all so get involved.  The 2012 GOP Primaries were so blatant it should be easy to expose much of the cheating (more on that later but for now, click here to help).  The GOP Party cheating against a GOP candidate this bad should raise a few sleeping eyebrows so like every lie and dirty trick, WE MUST USE IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE TO WAKE UP MORE PEOPLE!  It doesn't matter who you like, or if you don't like Ron Paul, EXPOSE THE FRAUD.  There Are Solutions for a Fair Vote, and it starts with You and I.  It's as simple as 'We have to'.  Our biggest advantage, TPTB know it and they fear it,  U.N.I.T.E.D.  P.E.O.P.L.E.  of  A.M.E.R.I.C.A.  NOW it is time to show it... WE ARE MANY and MIGHTY WHEN WE ARE ONE!  Help Stop Election Fraud:

NOW is the Time for WE THE PEOPLE to Say NO to the Status-quo, and to ONLY Consider ANY of the MANY Alternatives... of course I want RON PAUL.  But Let Us, We the People, UNITE and CHOOSE OUR PRESIDENT, OUR CONGRESS, OUR GOVERNMENT for OUR COUNTRY and OUR WORLD and OUR FUTURE and OUR KIDS!  ENOUGH FRAUD, KILLING, RECESSION & OPPRESSION... GIVE ME LIBERTY, Unity and Peace!