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Hacking Freedom for Fascism

Rigged elections are not a conspiracy theory, it is another harsh reality every American should know!

Rigged USA Elections Exposed 

OVC at LinuxWorld 2008 - just an example of how easy this huge problem could be solved,

"Open Voting Consortium (OVC) provided a voting system for the LinuxWorld conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco, Aug 5-7. The system is called an Electronic Ballot Printer, which prints voters' choices in the voting booth."

Americans UNITE, WE Are NOT the Terrorists!  
S.1867 is not just SERIOUS, it is URGENT!!!
Say NO to the Fascist State of America!!!


The Four Tenets
    Corporate Accountability
    Election Reform.
    Media Reform.
    Transparency in Government Policy-Making.
The People’s movement is still growing and so is the push back from the kleptocracy.  We've seen the Police State but here comes the Military State.   The worst piece of UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation since the Patriot Act was passed by the Senate this week, Americans are rising up against corruption and suddenly, 'America is a battlefield'.  Ninety-three Senators voted to allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone, anywhere... for undefined reasons.  Our Founding Fathers are spinning and so should we be!  This bill is another underhanded move by Congress and goes against every law of the land regarding military use.  It's been ten years since lawmakers passed the 'temporary emergency' Patriot Act and they renewed it again this year, so they really didn't surprise me when they passed the Defense Authorization bill without approving amendments regarding US citizens or giving general consideration for the Rule of Law, but the 93-7 vote count was a little surprising to me (I thought it was a make-the-dems-look-better campaign tactic).  It will give current and future presidents the power to order the military to pick up and imprison civilians without charge or trial, anywhere in the world, even USA.  Their way of stopping the People protesting injustice from government is NO due process for Americans in America.  The traitorous Patriot Act is still in affect so even if Obama carries through on his veto threat, it's not the salvation of our Freedom lost... they'll just use the military to come-n-get-us if he signs. (Not too likely he will veto, SEE IMPORTANT 12/7/11 UPDATE VIDEO )  Someone asked me to sign a petition that asks Obama to veto the bill.  I don't have a problem with petitions, other than the fact most lawmakers don't give a damn, but we should not have to ask our President [who is a Constitutional lawyer] to uphold the Constitution?!  It’s not like he ever listens to us and Obama was the one who wanted indefinite detention for people that haven’t even committed a crime.  The Senate confirmed America is not the ‘Land of the Free’ so that may at least enlighten the misinformed that say other wise… exposing the agenda, shine the light on every lie, murder, war-for-profit, theft, filthy secret, rotten cover-up, and dirty tactic in this war on people, score for OWS and The People.  Knowledge leads to power and reasons to prepare for the inevitable.  It's not just the infinite bailouts in US and Europe, it appears China is going bankrupt quicker than USPLEASE heed the warnings that global hyperinflation is extremely likely and survival of the fittest is nature's way, PREPARE NOW!  OWS should be all over this 'Indefinite detention for all' because the tens-of-thousands of OWS protesters and supporters will probably be some of the first to be 'detained'.  Have you wondered why cops have been filming protesters?  There is absolutely no reason that should deter anyone, and strength in numbers is exactly why we need millions protesting.  I don't think our men and women in uniforms will want to do this, but there will be consequences if they don't follow orders so don't just leave it to them.  This is serious shit folks and the more of us that are taking action in peaceful protests, the better... FEMA camps await as the alternative of doing nothing.  MSM articles I've read about the bill always mention Obama’s veto-threat so I had thought it may be the classic good-cop/bad-cop, way to garner some support for the traitor, Obama’s our hero bullshit propaganda campaign tactic... until the Senate passed it 93-7.  I don't have much confidence that Obama will veto because he hasn't shown any respect for the Rule of Law or followed through on promises he made to get elected.  It's more likely he may try to justify it like McCain.  We the People are not terrorists so WE need to stand together and stop this assault.  No apathy allowed!

As if that wasn't bad enough, they just made another assault on our economy.  The Fed is bailing out the euro so the dollar is the big loser... or anyone that uses the dollar.  Obama said the European debt crisis is of“huge importance”to the US so America is "ready to do our part"... the banksters do like to make the little People suffer!  It’s not just the money that's been robbed, it's the lost Liberty.  People are fed up!  I think most of us know 99% of federal lawmakers work for the 1% and folks are finally catching on to fact they actually work against us.  The masses want drastic change even if they haven't figured out the globalist agenda or how scummy the shadow government truly is.  I think people are figuring out that trading 'left' evil for 'right' evil just doesn’t work and all the bums gotta go!  OWS is shining light into the cracks of the shadow government and the growing Police/Military State is glaring back.  Yet another bailout and the injustice from the so-called Justice Dept rolls on despite MF Global’s outright theft, but it was invited so the frauds are proving OWS is right, Gov and Wall Street are one in the same.  Most federal lawmakers don't have our support as it is and OWS is only going to expand the mass awakening… so we should expect 2012 elections to be rigged throughout the federal level.  They can rig the elections but they need to make it look good so expect a lot of propaganda to make it appear some of the corrupt jerks are on our side.  Don't be fooled by what they or MSM says but look out for the indefinite detainment of anyone who speaks the truth about them. 

I don't know how much more proof people need; the more POTUS, SCOTUS and CONgress do, the more they prove they are traitors.  They expose themselves when they swing the police brutality, throw out the ludicrous solutions and push the Occupy evictions.  SCOTUS reaffirmed Free Speech for corporations this year, at the expense of patient privacy and the split was 6-3 this time, with Sotomayor siding with the corporation [so forget the argument we-need-a-Dem-to-appoint-justices-for-SCOTUS]; Democrats want to validate corporations are people; the Senate clarified Americans have NO Freedom and NO Rights in America... and Uganda makes 8 war/occupations/covert-operations... give the man a Nobel War Prize... but OWS has them scared to the point they want military force to quiet any and all dissent.  Uniparty Incorporated.  OWS is the start of good things but they’ll never stop trying to co-opt it... be very wary of infiltrators.  Also beware of the White House campaign tricks and empty solutions slithering down the halls of DC.  Super-CON-gress fail brings the usual finger-pointing and the usual screw-the-People every which way possible. 

Democrats came up with a slimy-soother; SJRes29 is supposed to reverse Citizens United and limit money in elections but I am insulted.  It misses a lot of issues in regards to money in elections and more so, it does not abolish corporate personhood, it actually validates it.  It only addresses elections by giving Congress the authority to set a limit on campaign donations for state and federal candidates, not local elections, ballot issues or Constitutional Amendments.  And it doesn’t mean they will.  Besides, any limit would be set by additional legislation... by the very same people wanting corporate campaign donations... right before an election.  It's something I suppose, it's not enough to make a significant difference, and an insult.  They're welcome to use the resolution by Move to Amend or any of those adopted in cities around the country that actually say 'corporations are not people' and ‘money is not speech’.  And why stop with elections?  Congress could clarify 'it', the corporation, is not a person.  Then ‘it’ could not lobby under a person's Right to petition for redress.  Elections come but every 2-4 years, corporate lobbying is daily influence on lawmakers... and it is definitely UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Stop corporate lobbying!  If Congress wants to tackle an election issue, they can end the rigged diebold vote.  Not that they will, so it’s up to us.  We still have issue with the Electoral College and gerrymandering but we’ve got to start someplace. 

The kleptocrats stay in power because they own/rig the machines that place their puppets so they can have the power to steal our money... they take the freedom so we can't fight back... and they profit from that too.  It's a vicious cycle and we can stop it... we better stop it soon!  Occupy movement is just getting started, but I gotta say, it's years overdue.  OWS is evolving, getting more organized and addressing more issues, like food, jobs, war-profiteers and environment and that's great, but the fight for Freedom is critical!  There are big actions in the works for Spring, like the National Occupation of Washington DC, but I honestly don't know if we can wait that long.  A lot of people are awake and taking action, but we really need to increase our numbers.  I genuinely feel for the people that trust GOV Inc.; ignorance is not bliss because they won’t realize America is a battlefield until SHTF.  It really doesn’t make sense that people act against their best interest but they do (the gullible mind).  Wake people up!  Shower them with the cold hard facts because successful manipulation empowers the globalist agenda and we need to undermine it.  We've all got to be part of the solution or we truly are part of the problem!

The kleptocrats do not value humanity so they can not truly understand it like The People do... that is their weakness.  Humanity has a natural survival instinct... it is powerful.  They do not underestimate our strength in unity and numbers and neither should we.  I know it's impossible to understand such ruthless beings but they have weaknesses.  Learn their methods, learn how to save the future of  humanity, learn how to save your country!  Know the Art of War!
This is important knowledge ===>"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."                                                                 (This is MANDATORY READING) The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The entire work - The Art of War -


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?!  Right to Liberty, Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Association: Right to Legal Representation: Right to a Speedy and Public Trial and Freedom from Unreasonable Searches... TOO MUCH!
'US Constitution vs. Patriot Act'
'Enduring the Police State of America and Siege of Freedom''The War on People is a War on You'

GOV Inc and the [private] Federal Reserve keep adding to the infinite bailout for the kleptocrats and inflation for The People!  OCCUPY and Free the economic slaves from the oligarchs! 

"The US Central bank – the Federal Reserve – promised the cash-strained European Central bank a practically unlimited amount of American taxpayer money for cheap, effectively bailing out the Euro.... And there's no doubt that European banks that lost money on junk debt obligations of European governments will line up for almost free American cash.... Welcome to the Bailout 2.0 where the only loser is the dollar--"
'Fed bailing out the Euro',

WE Are Making Progress!
See a list of communities and links to the resolution and ordinance texts.
'Map of Resolutions & Ordinances Abolishing Corporate Personhood'

But the economy isn't making progress (infinite bailouts will do that)
“The Prevailing Debate Among Economists and Historians is Whether the World Economy Faces the ‘Great’ Depression of the 1930s or the ‘Long’ Depression of the 1870s”
Housing Prices Have Already Fallen More than During the Great Depression … How Much Lower Will They Go?

"The failure to investigate 9/11 has bankrupted America financially and morally, and has allowed us to stand idly by while our liberty has been destroyed.

93% of the US Senate voted for NO Due Process for Americans in America and Indefinite Detention for ALL

Dealing with jack-boot-cops is bad enough... they kick, mace, beat, shoot and FILM us so take this fascist intimidation tactic by the Police State of America all the way to SCOTUS

  UPDATE - 12/07/11

Proof Obama will sign NDAA 1031 Citizen Imprisonment Law in a few days


Hidden Camera Catches Missouri GOP Admitting That They Rigged the St Charles Caucus!
BE the Solution!
'Occupy Rigged Elections: A Call for the Second American Revolution in 2012',

The application – codenamed “PollWatcher 1.0” – is currently only available for Google’s Android operating system and was built from the ground up with an easy-to-use interface. PollWatcher 1.0 will allow Revolution PAC’s boots on the ground to conduct an efficient exit polling initiative as a means to crosscheck the accuracy of state GOP parties’ vote totals, which were problematic in Iowa, Nevada and Maine.


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Speechless! Great presentation!!! First video has been pulled, maybe just to this rebel? Incredible.
What is it going to take to make people wake up to what is happening to Our country? OMGs.

Sciatic Nerve Pain said...

I have a number of different ideas about what I would consider an ideal state for this country, and a number of ideas about what we should or should not do about getting ourselves to that point. I've put up a great deal of different posts on here and a couple of other places that specifically outline policy directions I'd like to see us take, and I'd be happy to link you to them if you wish.

The wall I seem to have hit appears to be the same one you're struggling with: how to get people to slow down long enough to have a reasonable debate on a given set of policy issues, even if we don't necessarily all walk away with the same idea of what to do. Just getting that far can be quite a chore depending on who you talk to. I do what I can, generally by putting up replies that tend to be more like essays and that avoid inflammatory or insulting language, even when the views of the person I'm speaking to are seriously opposed to mine. In a number of cases this works, but there does appear to be a group on here (and in the real world as well) who are uncomfortable debating and would rather shout insults and fight, and I don't know what to do about that.

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