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GOV INCase-u-missed-it: 12/23/2011

Remy: Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (A Very TSA Christmas)

GOV INCase-u-missed-it

Yes America, There is No Due Process Guarantee
Tis the season for governmental treason,
Your Allotted Amount of Freedom Has Expired!

Well done examination of the Unconstitutional NDAA 2012, 
'Three myths about the detention bill';
It is worthwhile to briefly examine — and debunk — the three principal myths being spread by supporters of this bill, and to do so very simply: by citing the relevant provisions of the bill, as well as the relevant passages of the original 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), so that everyone can judge for themselves what this bill actually includes...
Myth # 1: This bill does not codify indefinite detention
Myth #2: The bill does not expand the scope of the War on Terror as defined by the 2001 AUMF
Myth #3: U.S. citizens are exempted from this new bill
Read it, Share it, debunk the propaganda!
'Three myths about the detention bill';

'Due Process Guarantee Act 2011 due on Senate floor in January';


Call the White House at (202) 456-1414 and demand that President Obama veto the NDAA
'Americans to Obama: Veto NDAA, White House phones jammed';
or What Iceland did!  
Refusing to bow to foreign interests, that small country stated loud and clear that the people are sovereign.    
'Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not';

new update - 12/29/11-  
NLG condemns NDAA provisions on indefinite detention

'This Holiday Season, The DHS Would Like To Remind You That It's Not A Huge Waste of Money';
As you move slowly and shoe-lessly through the security lines at your airport, trying to get home to your loved ones for Christmas, the Department of Homeland Security would like you to remember that you would be dead if it weren't for them and their $50-odd billion a year.

'Insider: $56 Billion Later, Airport Security Is Junk';

'Medical Journal Article: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout',
Impact Seen As Roughly Comparable to Radiation-Related Deaths After Chernobyl; Infants Are Hardest Hit, With Continuing Research Showing Even Higher Possible Death Count.
An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. This is the first peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the health hazards of Fukushima..

SCOTUS on Free Speech, Again... The People Lose, Again!
'State Law Interferes with Drug Makers' Right to Free Speech'
SCOTUS gave it to them again, with no regard to patient privacy!
AND, 6-3 this time, Sotomayor, Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Scalia & Kennedy for corp Free Speech. (I'd say that throws the lame argument of 'must have Dem make appointments for SCOTUS' out the window!)
Say NO 2 UNIPARTY Incorporated!!!
Reposting since it's not a big MSM story... and it's important!

Soldiers just back from Iraq get new orders: Afghanistan -

'Chicago Rally to Thank Obama for Supposedly Ending War in Iraq Turns Up 30 Speakers and 10 Audience Members';
Obama promised to make ending the war in Iraq his first act in office. Then he did what he could to avoid ending it. Forced by Bush and Maliki and the Iraqis to remove troops, he's keeping troops nearby and filling bases with mercenaries, while expanding ground and drone wars around the region and claiming the power to make war anywhere he likes, including having already done so in Libya. Nonetheless a hearty band of Obama-Right-Or-Wrongers planned a rally in Chicago to praise the president for . . . well, for something or other.

69 US Patriot missiles (made by Raytheon) were marked as "fireworks"
'Finland 'finds Patriot missiles' on China-bound ship';

'Russians Put New “Satan” Nuke Into Play';
"Russia, frustrated with anti-nuke talks with the United states has decided to put an end to the talks and move forward with its plans to upgrade its nuclear defensive and offensive systems, including the construction on a new and more powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).  Nicknamed “Satan” by Western intelligence, the new missile carries a 100-ton warhead."

'Cities that broke up Occupy camps now face lawsuits over free speech, use of force';
Lawyers representing protesters have filed lawsuits — or are planning them — in state and federal courts from coast to coast, challenging eviction orders and what they call heavy-handed police tactics and the banning of demonstrators from public properties.";

Occupy protesters indicted on felony charges in Houston
'Occupiers Arrested Protesting NDAA, Denver Camp Burns';
FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists
Good thing POTUS can soon use the military to indefinitely detain those pesky peaceful citizens who want Liberty and Justice [Patriots infiltrate internment camps].  

WTF is wrong with people?!
'Lee County Deputies Tied Suspect to a Chair, Gagged Him, and Pepper-Sprayed Him to Death';

race card, really?  People don't care if they're purple and green, they lie, torture and kill!
'Eric Holder Pulls Race Card: Critics Attacking Me and Obama Because We’re Black'

An Open Letter of Apology to President Barack Obama

List of Major Companies Supporting SOPA

EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As the Economic Elite Make Off With $46 Trillion

'Evacuation plan for Brits in Spain amid warning euro collapse could leave them stranded';


Why a Dollar & Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed

Tis the season for governmental treason,
They rule by fear, not Rule of Law.
Liberty, Justice, Peace, pick a reason
Get Up, Stand Up, we've had enough of it all.
The People's Unity is now required,

Your Allotted Amount of Freedom Has Expired!

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