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The War on People is a War on You

Keiser Report: Financial Rape, Financial Pornography (E206)
'This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss error accounts and accounting 'errors,' like misplacing $700 million or finding $78 billion. Only GIABOzilla can save the day! In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews James Howard Kunstler about political awakening that an absence of justice could turn into a new Jacobin style uprising.'
Great show Max and Stacy!  American Austerity, The War on People's Wealth by the Illegitimate Gov and Financial Criminals! What will happen when the two party conventions are held?  Will the 1968 conventions look like a Labor Day picnic?  Anti-Uniparty Picnic sounds good but a lot can happen by then! 

I think I finally get it, everything G.O.V. is contrary.  'Patriot Act' sounds all loyal and devoted but it reads more like the 'Traitor Act'... OCCUPY and see the results.  'The People' use a tarp and GO TO JAIL but the '1% bankers’ BROKE THE LAW and got TARP.  BP spills their oil and the millions of gallons of POISONOUS dispersant sprayed all around 'The People' and it's called a "trade off", but the FAKE clean up of said oil is a tax-write-off for BP; the Air Force that helped BP spray that poisonous dispersant was given a special award and 'The People' are awarded nothing but sickness!   99% of lawmakers work for 1%, now, finally, the 99% of People have had it with the 1% and their puppets that take up 99% of DC.  'The People' make, and try to correct, a $5-sandwich-mistake, but no, 'Go go to jail and lose your kid for a day and night'.  All the while the really big crooks, the frauds-in-suits that work at the banks, where money is supposed to be safe but it's just fiat-phunny-money, one big ponzi scheme... yes, the guys that break into occupied homes to change the locks after they crashed the market can stay out of jail just as long as they don't turn themselves in.  Doesn't seem right because it is not.  So many talking-heads asking Why are the People living in tents to OCCUPY WALL STREET?, but they never ask the really important question: 'Why Prosecutors Don't Go After Wall Street'Justice Department Injustice Department guidelines, "deferred prosecution agreements" have permitted financial companies to avoid indictments if they agree to investigate and report their own crimes.  

So the banker percentage of the 1% can police themselves but the law-abiding 99% are maced, gassed and shot with rubber bullets.  I hate to imagine what would happen if the 99% actually broke the same laws.  I don't see the government telling a murder suspect, 'Let us know if you kill again'.  Again, to make it clear, the housing bust and subsequent never-ending recession depression, caused by the corrupt financial system, too big to fail excuse was treated by the Justice Department with an open invitation for more corruption!  It leaves highly suspect criminals a way to essentially do whatever the hell they want.  GO POLICE YOURSELF?!  I know these types like to rationalize everything from legal insider trading by CONgress (only) to humanitarian bombing by Obama.  It must be the only way they sleep, but come on, WE don't have to let them rationalize their way out of jail.  They MUST be held accountable.  So when the Uniparty politicians toss their puny little bones, don't settle for anything less than a Justice Department that defines, not defies, JUSTICE.  ONLY accept a government that works for People, not the rationalizers.  Obama talked about punishing PEOPLE for PRE-CRIMES, how about, NO MORE FREE CRIMES!  Don't buy the 'too big to fail', it's a myth and busted; thank you Iceland!  Occupy protesters are cleaning up after themselves, taking out the trash but I don't see any of the 1% war-profiteers picking up any of the dead bodies caused by their neverending wars or the 1% bankers doing anything about the growing number of homeless families that came as a direct result of their greed.  They damn sure aren't offering to pay for the stolen goods and THEY HAVE THEIR BLOODY HANDS OUT FOR MORE and like a good puppet, Obama is trying to give it to them.   It's just his gratitude for being the top recipient for Wall Street campaign donations this year  and goes to show you get a politician with money, not a vote.  NO MORE GOV where everything is bassackwards.  Hope FOR change... do more than hope folks, MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!  Get Up, Stand Up, All Together Now,  GIVE ME LIBERTY!!!  

I will keep blogging about rigged elections until something serious is done.  Someone asked what is the one thing that will unite people across the political field and I firmly believe it is A VOTE THAT COUNTS AS INTENDED.  Understand there is a problem, fix it.  This is a serious problem so we need to put up a lot of solutions; PAPER BALLOTS is a must but it is not enough.  There must be additional means that will ensure the legitimacy of an election!  That is extremely CRUCIAL.  A friend just suggested this Open Voting Consortium (OVC) and I like it... keep it simple and we can implement it right away.  I'm no tech expert but I know 'The People' are smart and we'll get it done.  OCCUPY for LEGITIMATE VOTING SYSTEM!  We must have a say in the voting system before we can have a say in the system of government, and that won't happen the old corrupt-Diebold-way.  Once we accomplish a legitimate public voice, we are on Democracy Road.  Thank you Brent.

In addition to the loss of liberty at home, I think the warmongering abroad shows where WE ALL are headed if WE don't liberate ourselves from this kleptocracy. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient delivers good on war.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Uganda, a total of seven -- or eight, if you add the 'war on terror'.  'US drone attack kills 46 in Somalia' and various reports add up to about 30 militants being killed from drone attacks in Pakistan this past week.  Drones really are shameful and cruel considering the Brookings Institute says drone strikes may kill "10 or so civilians" for every militant killedI'd say they're ensuring their 'war on terror' is never-ending so either they've got that backwards, or it is their intention.  I doubt they intended their 'war on terror' that is actually a War on Freedom to unite People across the globe but it has.  I mean, what did they expect with their attack on humanity?  I think it's fair to call it a total of at least NINE targets of MIC; we may as well count the Israel/Palestine occupation because the US gives $8.2-million in military-aid to Israel EACH DAY they give Palestine $0.  TEN if you count the war on The American People... but it truly is one war, THE WAR ON PEOPLE is an attack on you. 

The globalist-media's misrepresentation of OWS will happen but it will not work unless we allow it.  Just be cool and remember, we are in control of our actions.  If they want to elicit a response it only favors them so we should all be careful not to give the globalist-media any fuel or the police-state any reason.  We should instead turn it around on them with a wave and a smile... attraction is the best campaign for OWS.  Our power comes from 'The People'... add more people, grow more power.  WE should all focus on solutions and not waiting, Where's our change?!  Their hollow excuses and disastrous results aren't worth another second of our time.  Look in the mirror and you'll see the key to stopping the madness.  Things may seem dreary but 'The People' are beautiful and we'll grow stronger with each day and more glorious with every person so stay positive as we're moving in the right direction.  WE are making history to be proud of!  Keep it peaceful, keep it strong!   

The problems from corruption span the globe and the cause goes way beyond Wall Street and the solution is



Enduring the Police State of America and Siege of Freedom
USA - Unspeakable Secrets of America

~ 'The People' use a tarp and GO TO JAIL
~ ‘The 1% bankers’ BREAK THE LAW and got TARP
(updated 11/9) 'Report: 27 Houston cops arrest six protesters for having tarp in park',http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/11/09/report-27-houston-cops-arrest-seven-protesters-for-having-tarp-in-park/
'Dispatches From The Edge: Why The Drone Wars Threaten Us All',
The problems are vast; wars, pollution, hunger, homelessness and poverty are serious and expanding problems because the corrupt governments work for the globalists, corrupt corporations, the banksters, the war-profiteers [profit more than Wall St by the way]... not for any People.
  I don't think the 1% will stop until they've actually eaten the 99%.  War addicted leaders and Banksters still walk free and...

Pregnant Mom Arrested, Loses Custody of Daughter Over $5 Sandwich

Remember the mom who was banned for life from a grocery store for forgetting to pay for a half-gallon of milk she stowed under her stroller while shopping? In the latest "mommy brain caper," a 30-weeks pregnant Hawaii mom was arrested and temporarily lost custody of her daughter after failing to pay for a $5 sandwich she nibbled on while shopping.

Read More, Video Mom's side of the story,

Pathetic!  Shaking head at the $5K; the poor victim... of incessant greed
'Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors',


The People get Arrested, Not the Criminals, Again.  
Police for Goldman Sachs:


and Police for JP Morgan:
There was a protest earlier this year against JP Morgan's illegal foreclosure policy of breaking into occupied homes to change the locks. They maced the victims!  The police maced several elderly peaceful protesters.  The hypocrisy of government shows at all levels, they protect criminals and mace, arrest and vilify people; they protect the likes of JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BP and Halliburton while they make Julian Assange and Bradley Manning out to be villains for sharing public information to expose a serious crime yet Mark Zuckerberg sells private information and is awarded 'Man of the Year'.  Obama appointed Feinberg to process claims by victims of the oil gusher, yet Feinberg gets paid by BP and his regular clients include Exxon, Citibank, Dow, DuPont and so on... guess that explains why less than 1/4 the fund has been paid out and life-long fishermen haven't seen a dime even though the oil is STILL leaking and dead animals continue to wash ashore.  Our president gave his personal assurance the Gulf is safe, well, the facts say otherwise.  The American People are told that poison is safe by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient that continues endless wars, occupations and illegal drone attacks on so many nations it's hard to keep track (up to 7, 8, 9).  I know he said the troops are coming home from Iraq, sounds great, but wait, he forgot to mention war isn't over in Iraq and more 'private contractors' are headed that way since Iraq government refused to continue immunity to US troops. 

'Police Mace JPMorgan Chase Protesters', (May 2011)

It's not enough to for them to keep the Justice Department from doing their job, Obama wants to stop the state attorneys as well.  Typical 1% vs 99%.  We have got to take control of OUR government folks! 

"President Obama is on the brink of cutting a backroom deal that would give bankers broad immunity for illegally throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of their homes. The Obama Administration is pressuring state attorneys general to abandon an ongoing investigation into the massive "robo-signing" fraud, in exchange for a relatively small payoff by the banks."
Don't Be Big Banks' Puppet; No Immunity Deal for Crooks -
by OccupyWallSt -

'Too-Big-to-Fail' MYTH BUSTED
Key Lesson From Iceland Crisis: “Let Banks Fail

INSIDER TRADING THAT IS LEGAL ONLY TO CONGRESS DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT, BECAUSE IT IS NOT!  They really are above the law.  #9 could explain the rest.

'12 Facts About Money And Congress That Are So Outrageous That It Is Hard To Believe That They Are Actually True',

President Obama said Wall Street behavior "wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral." The 99% need political leaders to say the truth: Wall Street broke the law. Click here to sign a "Wall Street bankers who broke the law must #OccupyJail" statement -- and then pass it on. Let's get this viral!

A secret arrangement?  Why bother to hide collusion, it's Monsanto?  
"As courts and bureaucrats continue to assert that citizens have no fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice, we find Monsanto lurking nearby.  The Wisconsin judge who recently ruled that we have no right to own a cow or drink its milk resigned to join one of Monsanto’s law firms."
‘No Food Rights’ Judge quits to work for Monsanto law firm

BIG BROTHER -  "Homeland Security"  Terrorist Industrial Complex
The Watchful Eye of Intelligent Lights,

The Big 5 of Big-Oil make WHAT?!

Big Oil’s Scary Haul: $100 Billion And Counting http://thinkprogress.org/green/2011/10/31/357838/big-oils-scary-haul-100-billion-and-counting/?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150374133589752_19560407_10150381967744752#f2eb2317c2b59c

The Living Dead: will Big Oil’s record profits turn us all to zombies?


PRESS RELEASE-  Is BP'S Macondo Reservoir Leaking More Oil?  (YES)
--Scientists Fear Fresh BP Oil Surfacing at Deepwater Horizon Site Is Making Landfall 100 Miles away --As public concern escalates, the critically acclaimed oil spill documentary "The Big Fix" premieres Nov. 12th-14th in Los Angeles


"They don't call it "programming" for nothing."

'Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read'

Greed and corruption in government comes from Republicans and Democrats, otherwise the 1% would not be represented by 99% of federal lawmakers... we wouldn't be the 99% without representation.  The Law has become so lop-sided that an accounting error of $5 by "The People" gets a pregnant Mom, and Dad thrown in jail and their toddler gets taken into custody by Child Protective Services.   
Five-Dollars, 500 pennies... Really? OUTRAGEOUS!  Safeway, Shame on You (BOYCOTT)
$Untold Trillions Taken from the People, and NOTHING HAPPENS!
Rule of Law? 

OCCUPY the Kleptocrats OUT of EVERYTHING!

STOP The War on People's Wealth & Freedom.
* The Pentagon couldn't account for $2,300,000,000,000.00 - nothing (from 2001)
* The Federal Reserve couldn't account for $9, - nothing (from 2010)
* The People offer to pay the $5.00 error GO TO JAIL! US GOV COLLECTS YOUR KID (2011)
* JP Morgan Foreclosure, ILLEGALLY Enters The People's Home, Changes Lock, nothing
* The People Protest 'Foreclosure-Break-In', Peacefully Outside JP Morgan, ELDERLY PEOPLE MACED (2011)
The Price We Pay for Doing Nothing, EVERYTHING
The 99% is PEOPLE, The PEOPLE are NOT a political party 
OCCUPY is NOT a political party, not Left or Right - just PEOPLE Across the World
UNITE for Freedom  UNITE for Peace  UNITE for People
'Occupy Wall Streeters Aren't Republicans—Or Democrats' 

TPTB (the globalists) are trying to stop the OCCUPY, a People's movement because they know the POWER of PEOPLE UNITED.  They will try anything to divide us or hi-jack and steer the movement, so don't fall for their tricks, lies or promises that will be insignificant or broken.  Stay peaceful and stay focused on the BIG picture!  Keep it peaceful, keep it strong!

'Occupy Wall Street to Mayor Bloomberg: Get Your Facts Straight; Stop the Fear Mongering',
Agent Provocateur - Infiltrates are ALWAYS part of a Closing Society
'Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs ':  Remember - Always look at their shoes.

100% Agreed!
"The participants of Occupy Wall Street are working for a better quality of life for the 99%. We are everyday Americans who want our voices and every voice to count in the political process. We want policy that looks out for all of our health and economic well-being — not a system that's rigged to look out for only the interests of the very wealthy and powerful."
'Occupy Wall Street: Improving Quality of Life for the 99%',

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Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi blog 11-17:
Woman Gets Jail For Food-Stamp Fraud; Wall Street Fraudsters Get Bailouts
> a federal judge in Mississippi sentenced a mother of two named Anita McLemore to three years in federal prison for lying on a government application in order to obtain food stamps.
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/woman-gets-jail-for-food-stamp-fraud-wall-street-fraudsters-get-bailouts-20111117#ixzz1ehvFngO0
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/woman-gets-jail-for-food-stamp-fraud-wall-street-fraudsters-get-bailouts-20111117#ixzz1ehuocNvx

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