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Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere - Rosalind Peterson

Thank you Rosalind Peterson; keep up the excellent work!  

Ted Gunderson, We honor your sacrifice to the altar of truth, you will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace!  The truth movement could use more establishment patriots like Rosalind Peterson and Ted Gunderson.  Dedicated truthers of BP oil disaster Matt Simmons and Dr. Thomas B. Manton worked for the betterment of mankind and met untimely deaths.  Exposing crime comes with risk  but in the case of genocide, the price of doing nothing, is everything.  Chemtrails are a serious threat to our planet. People usually refer to them as chemtrails or persistent contrails and I've heard the program is called 'Operation Cloverleaf'.  US Congress listed them under "exotic weapons systems" in a draft of the ‘Space Preservation Act’ (2001) and some call it 'weather geoengineering', but I agree with former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson because he calls them "DEATH DUMPS!".  It doesn't matter what you want to call them, they are clouds of poison and we are the target!  'We the Tax-payer' are financing a lot of killing [Uganda makes eight] but we're also paying for our own demise. 

Knowledge is Power and this lesson is one helluva motivator! LOOK UP! WAKE UP! REPEAT...

Chemtrail Symposium 5/29/10 ~ Faculty of Bio-Sciences
'Case Orange: Dr. Coen Vermeeren Reviews Chemtrail Data';


follow up to 'What In the World Are They Spraying?'-

 former USDA Inspector turned Chemtrail Activist,

[former FBI Chief] Ted Gunderson Calls on Obama & CIA to STOP the Death Dumps NOW 


Like they say, Think Global, Act Local.  Let's take it locals.  As I suggested in CHEMTRAILS-R-US, take any or all of these facts to your city and county officials; let them know you'll give them time to review the information and that you will see them at the next public meeting... invite everyone you know and call the local press and invite them too.  Share the facts with doctors and invite them too.  Anyone and everyone that will listen because WE ARE ALL AFFECTED!  Awareness on this is key so GET THIS INFO OUT THERE!  Most people just don't know about them but science and facts don't lie, so it is usually accepted once people look at the facts.  The information contained herein is factual, undeniable and alarming.  WE ARE BEING POISONED!  Make discs, mail them or hand deliver.  It is the federal government doing this... the ones taking our Rights and working for the globalist elite.  We need to establish a no-spray-zone in every community, coast to coast.  They may ignore you and try to stall you, but keep going back.  They work for us, so it is their job.  Congress mentioned chemtrails in a bill [under "exotic weapons systems"] and NASA is forecasting them, so the government's claim 'chemtrails are a hoax' is just a lie.  The hoax is on us!

Rosalind Peterson is a former USDA inspector and excellent source of information on chemtrails.  Don't miss her previous video and review related information in my earlier posts CHEMTRAILS-R-US;  a Monsanto connection in 'Deeds of Destruction' and heavy spraying in the US and beyond documented in 'Normalcy Bias' (Christmas Day 2010).  Normalcy Bias is a mental condition people have when faced with a disaster.  It causes people to underestimate the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects.  Furthermore, people have a tendency to interpret warnings in the most positive way possible; they look for any reason to assume a less severe situation.  It's not just the US, Our governments are experimenting on us and our only home without our knowledge or consent!  If chemtrail awareness doesn't give people an urgent wake-up-call, I don't know what will.  The police/military state maybe?  Again, this is another urgent issue folks!  

The video from Australia was just sent to me by a friend and it is some of the heaviest spraying I’ve seen from Down Under.  There is a mass awakening across the globe so it’s a good time to recap what is probably the largest crime perpetrated against humanity.  I often refer to some of our federal lawmakers as traitors but participating in a war against one's native country is "high treason".  High treason is usually thought to be a person or group taking criminal action against their government, but in this case, it is the government officials against their country.  This is not some crazy conspiracy theory... this is very real and proven in the facts in front of your eyes right now and possibly right over your head.  Every branch of US federal government has proven their disloyalty so I don’t know how much proof people need to see before they realize the government is not just working for the corrupt 1%, they are actually working against us.  I don’t know what they have planned but from what I've seen, we shouldn't just wait around to find out!

Favors for banksters is one thing, lying to go to war for war-profiteers is criminal, but spraying your own people with chemicals from planes is beyond all reason so I don't care what they say when this high-treasonous act is finally exposed to the world.  The affects of chemtrails haven't been so quick to appear like they have been from the poison sprayed on the Gulf of Mexico, but they are apparent when 90% of the population is Vitamin D deficient and our trees are dying!  The main ingredient of Corexit, produced by Nalco, is the dispersant sprayed on the Gulf of Mexico, is classified as "Poisonous Material" and its affects were seen immediately, and lasting.  Monsanto's Agent Orange poisoned land and innocent people, including our military Carl M. Casale is Executive VP for Monsanto’s Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Strategy Groups (he has been with Monsanto since 1984) and he is the Director of Nalco’s Board of Directors.  Agent Orange causes horrific birth defects and Corexit 9527A's main ingredient also causes birth defects and fertility problems (a lot of miscarriages and many stillborn dolphins this year is the areas sprayed) but those unfriendly familiar orange colored waves of oil and Corexit continue to wash ashore because BP's OIL IS STILL LEAKING!  This is a proven fact yet no one in government warns the public and BP still runs their come-on-down-the-waters-fine ads.  PEOPLE HAVE DIED so Obama's personal assurance it's safe is genocide!  Monsanto and Nalco have more in common than killer orange toxins and Carl Casale because both have produced toxic chemicals that US Government sprayed on its citizens without their consent!  In another human and environmental experiment, Corexit was used without ANY testing for toxicity and someone ignored the MSDS environmental warning, “DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATER.”  Chemtrails and Corexit are proof our government is negligent, and quite possibly actively working against humanity.  I look forward to the imminent trials for such traitors, they are slime! 

These death-dumping-planes are not filling the sky with friendly condensation!  Protest the financial rape and scream about this "exotic weapon's attack" before we start dropping like the birds, cattle and sheep!  I gave up trying to figure out why they spray, I just know they do.  And I don’t think they would so vehemently deny them if they were harmless.  We begged government to stop spraying us with poisonous dispersant all last year.  They knew it was toxic but they did it anyway.  They admitted spraying millions of gallons of Corexit, a material they classify as ‘poisonous’, so don't think the death dumps aren't anything to worry about.  People along the Gulf are sick and dying because they're POISONED!   But illness like Alzheimers, autism, asthma, CFS, ADHD have been on the rise and studies show 90% of the population is Vitamin D deficient.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence their rise coincides with the increase of chemtrailing.  Some people think they’re part of HAARP, a type weather modification, or to hide Planet X.  HAARP is destroying our ionosphere so I suppose it pairs nicely, but clouds of aluminum, barium, strontium and who-knows-what-else, fill the atmosphere with poison, not water!  Skeptics always want to know Why?  IT IS GENOCIDE!  Any reason is a moot point.  I am witness to the 'Genocide on the Gulf' so maybe it's just a death spraying campaign in the War on People.  The Great Culling, that about covers it.  You can ask government officials but the usual response is 'they don't exist', 'they're normal contrails' or 'it's a hoax'.  Does anyone honestly think we can trust the liars that are in bed with the crooks Wall St.?!   Monsanto has their men in charge of USDA and FDA and the doomsday-seed-vault is funded by Monsanto investors, so maybe it’s all about the aluminum-resistant seeds and a way for NWO to control the food.  All I know for certain is, the hoax is on The People!  The corrupt government officials and crooks on Wall Street are one-in-the-same EVIL so who knows what they're up to.  I just know they've got to be stopped if we're going to survive. 

Just open your mind, open your eyes and LOOK UP!  Looking to the sky will never be the same once you realize what's going on.  You may not see them everyday but if you're in US, Europe or Australia, you will definitely see your rogue government filling the skies with chemicals.  I don't know what is wrong with the chemtrail pilots but I know Congress is a slime-fest.  Slugs leave a trail of slime and this operation isn't cheap so there must be a massive paper trail. 

They are taking our money, Liberty and Freedom.  They’ve poisoned our air, water and food.  How long before they take our lives, oh wait, they are. The bombs they drop on other nations are loud and unmistakable but these silent trails are just time-released-bombs, killing us slowly each day.  Everybody got pretty ticked over the jack-boot-cop spraying students like they were cockroaches, but they are doing the same thing to millions of people, EVERY DAY!   THEY ARE KILLING OUR ONLY HOME!  I can only imagine what it’s like to be young and know all this shit… watching the bastards rob the future.  As a parent I used to worry about what kind of legacy are we leaving our children, but now I just worry about them having any future at all.   

We the People of this beautiful planet have got to unite!  Grab the remote-control, turn off that damn TV,  take your eyes off the stupid [tracking] i-pod... forget about the GOP Newt/Cain/Palin/Bachman nonsense!  Those are just a means to distract and manipulate... while they KILL US ALL.  Now, Review the FACTS and science provided in this post and spread it like the wind.  Do as much research as you need to and tell anyone and everyone that will listen.  We need to work together to turn the high trails of high treason into trials for traitors.  Do everything you can to help STOP the MADNESS! 

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists"  ~ J. Edgar Hoover
Report Chemtrails!
'Chemtrails Live'

Some people are unaware or still in denial about chemtrails, so I've put together a bit of proof.  Please share this information and begin the trials of traitors.  It is a matter of life and genocide!  


‘The Actual Patent #5,003,186 Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming by David Chang and I-Fu Shih, 1991’ (Aluminum Oxide and Thorium Oxide are the preferred material-See Page 6, #10-18)

"Abstract - Light scattering pigment powder particles, surface treated to minimize interparticle cohesive forces, are dispensed from a jet mill deagglomerator as separate single particles to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility or radiation scattering ability for a given weight material."
POWDER CONTRAIL GENERATION - US PATENT: Assigned to The United States of America

U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population"

Congress/chemtrails, "exotic weapons systems", Section 7 part B ~ 107th Congress HR 2977: 

2010 Congress addresses chemtrails;

NASA is forecasting "persistent contrails" (aka chemtrails).  Why would NASA be forecasting something GOV has denied? US Air Force says chemtrails are "a hoax".  The hoax is on YOU!  
Aluminum is NOT naturally found in its free-form but IT IS NOW- test showed Aluminum at 6400x and Barium at 278x toxic limit!, see more test results here:  
“Chemtrails - Shocking Phoenix - Air Quality Test Results”;

A team of Scientist evaluate persistent contrails aka chemtrails; 
Must read report, Case Orange;

'Case Orange: Peter Vereecke Plans to Stop Chemtrails';

Alan Watt Chemtrail History Technology Agenda and conspirators MUST WATCH'

'Parliamentary Document on Geoengineering';
‘The Unfolding’;  The history [patents] of the aerosol program
'Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!';
'Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF';

Those chemicals are in our air, water, soil, food and our body. Imagine what this does to OUR CHILDREN!  And the propaganda is despicable!!!
NASA’s 'GLOBE Program', Training Our Children on “Persistent Contrails”... SHAMEFUL!

GOV INC; Chemical Experiments and You!


The Chemtrail/Contrail process is registered and Patented.
The USA Navy under the UN and NATO treaty conned our Government for 35 years with a pack of lies to let them covertly poison our air we breathe and the water we drink.

We have been lied to, and we are being poisoned.

More details


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Yes,control the food bowl and people now.
/Australia Food bowl nears the tipping point\
Australian Food and Grocery Council chief executive Kate Carnell was pressing that button hard this week, saying a reduction in water availability would push up water prices, make local food less competitive and make Australia more reliant on imports.

''Australia exports quite a lot of bulk commodity foods, like wheat,'' she said. ''A lot of the food produced by irrigators [in the basin] is not for export. It's fruit and vegetables that we eat fresh or process here, for Australian consumption.

''If we don't produce it here, we're going to have to import it. I'm not sure the environment is a great winner if we import more food from south-east Asia and China.''

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