Friday, May 27, 2011

Aye! Traitors Prolong the Patriot Act [Again]


Aye Traitors!  It is so telling every time this freedom killer comes around for renewal.  We get to see the games CON-gress plays.  From the infamous initial passing without a read, and little or no discussion to a voice vote with hardly a voice present last time and, oh how they switches sides and play the good cop-o-bad cop game this time.  The GOP wanted the Patriot Act to become permanent but the Dems didn't, so they settled for June 2015.  The autopen has no veto power?  So it's another four years of the Terrorism Industrial Complex at home. 
Out the Ayes in 2012
May 26, 2011 See who wants another four years of the Freedom Killing Patriot Act:
Obama - Autopen signed 'Aye' right away, all the way from France where he is probably planning his continuing illegal war on Libya.  So glad we have a leader that knows his way through the Constitution.  Our Constitutional lawyer (ROFLMFAO) turned POTUS is expanding the holes left by GeeW and making a few of his own.  Autopen and another Aye to Out in 2012!  I was wondering if the autopen is even legal?  LOL at myself, I forgot who I was thinking about.  It's not like any of these freedom robbin lawmakers will challenge it anyway.  Besides, the whole damn this is a crock of unConstitutional garbage!
'Patriot Act Extension Signed by Obama';

In other news, there is a spot of sunshine!  Union busting is not gonna happen in Wisconsin, for now anyway.  The WI Supremes will let us know if they will take it up soon enough and that is where this thing could get really nuts.  Ah, just read the article.  I do a lot of political bashing but I have to commend the good People in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin 15.  Too bad DC is mostly DINO Dems.  I think Walker knew this would be the outcome but the People all across the nation were uniting for Wisconsin.  Solidarity was getting too real for TPTB.  People were starting to question Obama.. 'why is he not standing with the workers?'  Because they all work for the same TPTB.  Oh, and people were beginning to see the media failure too; MSM lack of coverage and it wasn't just FOX.  TPTB fear our unity so Wisconsin unity had to be stopped- no matter what... so Walker was thrown under the bus when he took the budget out of the budget bill and showed it was all out attack on Worker's Rights.  Solidarity MUST Return! 
"Judge MaryAnn Sumi of Dane County has issued an injunction against WI Gov Scott Walker's union-busting collective bargaining law effective immediately";
'BREAKING: Judge Strikes Down Walker's Anti-Union Law';
Take Action!
'US Uncut Actions List';

'Prepare For Revolution: The Empire State Rebellion Begins on June 14th';

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