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Aspersions from the Gullible Mind

So I made a post on Obama over at Truthdig and I've learned that I SHOULD BE HUNG! for my lefty liberal socialist propaganda.  Woooohaaaaa.  I'm getting to them now.
I tried to post a reply but I was moderated so if it doesn't make the light of day, here it is for you readers.
So Spooky wants me to hang! Psychologists call this type of behavior a confirmation bias. Negative responses, personal attacks and insults, are characteristic of this bias. No one wants to hear that their well-thought-out belief is wrong. They react, "How dare you question my decision? Question me? And so on those lines their story and their behavior goes. Spooky says I "infer" things- well, that simply is not true. Spooky twisted everything I wrote in his/her mind, attacked me personally and says I "should be hanged". At least for now, Spooky, America still has free speech. I will not address all of Spooky's attack because it is so far off base it is not worthy, but I will make other points now that the opportunity has arisen.

Spooky wrote, 
"This poster infers in the paragraph starting with, “Obama’s war in Libya….” that the USA, Obama, and American soldiers, are responsible for, if not outright guilty of, the sexual abuse of 8 year old children in Libya. Typical socialist propaganda, becoming way too transparent. Please try a little harder to hide your agenda, will you? Or how about providing some evidence that America could possibly be at fault for the sexual abuse of an 8 year old Libyan child."
=>In response, The war in Libya is NOT America's war! Obama entered it on his own. I did not say the USA and American soldiers are responsible for the sexual assault of an 8 year-old child in Libya. I said "Obama's Humanitarian bombing is not helping civilians" and "the charity could not say which side the soldiers were from". These rapes and assaults by soldiers happened within the last 4 weeks, so yeah, the bombing isn't helping when atrocities like that happen. Obama says US soldiers are not on the ground in Libya. So it is either the "Rebels" (AlQaeda-AntiGovernment)" or "Gaddafi's (ProGovernment) soldiers. Reports say as many as 1000 of the rebels are al-Qaeda but who knows because Obama and the MSM aren't telling. The leader of Libya's rebel forces, Khalifa Hifter, has lived near Langley, VA in the US for the past 20 years (CIA). Despite what Obama says, the US is central in this war in Libya, and we are paying some of the tab. This is why the USA has a legislative process for going to war. Senator Obama commenting on Bush's Iraq said, “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”  Humanitarian bombing is not humanitarian. Americans are not directly to blame for the assaults on civilians and children by soldiers, WAR IS. And in Libya, Obama has truly illegally sanctioned that war! Americans may indirectly bear some blame for allowing their Chief Executive to sanction an illegal war in the first place. But who can really blame them when "Dancing With The Stars" is getting so exciting. And if you think it is ok because of a UN resolution, I have to reiterate, Obama works for the US Citizens-not the UN! No one in the UN aside from the US contingent got to vote for Obama. The UN is not the boss of the US Government. As I said before, several innocent children were killed in Libya and Afghanistan that same weekend so why doesn't Dionne talk about that "gutsy" move by Obama. Let us not forget the illegal drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen by Obama's covert ops (957 civilians killed in Pakistan in 2010 alone). To clarify, 3 children were killed and several more injured in Afghanistan and Gaddafi's 3 grandchildren were killed in Libya (all under 12). 9 boys were killed by US troops while they, and one other boy were collecting firewood. These are all too common casualties of war and I do not like war. Wars based on lies, wars for oil, gold and pipelines are wrong! My only agenda is PEACE and that ain't comin’ from Obama! The US government creates men like binLaden, and continuing wars create more wars when that is all children see and know. They hate us because we are there. And we are there for KBR, Xe, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin etc. Obama continues wars despite his campaign promises. One man, binLaden, is killed [again] and the whole world knows. How on Earth do people think the death of one bad man should get Obama re-elected? What about all the innocent children that have died? That will die? Now Obama has gotten the US involved in a civil war in Libya - who knows for sure it was a civil war; it was not like the uprisings in Tunisia or Egypt. Obama did it on his own, he is not King Obama. Why no cruise missiles in Bahrain? Oh wait we like their super-rich dictator-family. Why no cruise missiles in Sudan? Oh wait, they don't have anything we want. Gaddafi, sitting on 144 tons of gold, wanted to start a new gold backed currency, the gold dinar, which bodes ill for the dollar, the euro and the yen which are backed by nothing and being put in a race to the bottom by their central banks. NATO is in Libya to kill Gaddafi, take his gold and of course take his oil. The rebels had brand new CIA weapons, a brand new central bank and an oil deal with Qatar within a couple of weeks of its inception. That is one well-organized Internationally-savvy bunch for a group of rag-tag-rebels. Oh yeah, btw Obama - American "Special Forces" have been on the ground in Libya since February (NATO March 19).

Spooky wrote, "Don't blame America for the absolutely polluted corruption evident in every single corner of the world. This corruption is not caused by America or corporatism."
=> Now we're getting somewhere. I really liked "the absolutely polluted corruption evident in every single corner of the world" acknowledgement. We both agree on that. And I kind of agree with the first half. I don't blame the American Citizen for corruption in every corner of the world, but I could blame America's leaders, it's corporations and institutions. Corporatism gets no pass from me. American Government has become the biggest corporate PR department in the world. If a corporation (even foreign) can make a buck, well then the US Government is behind it. But here's the thing - the government doesn't do it to enrich the lives or standard of living of the American Citizen, they do it to enrich the lives and standard of living of the super-rich (even foreign)! Libya and Afghanistan are the only wars I mentioned. Bad people exist and bad people can lead nations; most governments are corrupt but that does not excuse the American Citizen's tacit-acceptance of Imperialistic Wars. TPTB pull the strings of this government and a lot of bad things happen that most people do not know about because the corporate owned Main-Stream-Media is owned by TPTB. A CNN/Gallup Poll showed 63% of Americans oppose the Afghanistan war. The polls on Americans supporting intervention in Libya are fading from 70% in favor to 47% in favor just in a few weeks. I've never excused what Gaddafi is said to have done (I'm still pissed off about the Lockerbie Bomber), or what happened on 9/11, but bombing for Peace is like screwing for virginity. Global Capitalist puppet-masters have their fair share of Imperialistic wars and covert CIA ops, but there are many places worse than Libya that are ignored by Obama and/or the Global Capitalist Corporations because there is no profit in them or they already own that dictator and they don't want to mess with that profit stream.
You've got to check out John Perkins "Tales from an Economic Hitman"

Spooky - open your mind. Here's a place to start. THE GULLIBLE MIND - - Oh yeah, Semper Fi, Aim High, Hooah, Oorah or "The only easy day was yesterday." I want to thank you for everything you've done for me and our country. In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.
And btw, Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura in 2012. Maybe you could come to one of our meetings - Lefty Liberal Socialists for Paul/Ventura 2012.
And as to my ultimate demise by hanging?  I can only cite this quote:
Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be postponed. - Winston Churchill


GoPug said...

Yes and we hope your martyrdom is postponed as well. We need you to keep pounding the alternate views to the normalcy/confirmation biases-cognitive dissonance or whatever you call it into Americans at every turn. I'm glad to see the blurb about Jesse Ventura. I'm really starting to get into him more and more every time I see him or hear what he has to say. I used to get his show on TrueTV - "Conspiracy Theory", but I don't see it anymore. I guess it was a little too much for the MSM to handle - since TrueTV is owned by Turner Broadcasting which of course is owned by Time Warner - which is owned of course by a who's-who list of TBTF which can be found here.

Keep up the good work SayNo... this country needs you now more than ever before.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to see a blog about all the issues that so many are ignorant about.. thank you for sharing your thoughts & links for us to learn more for ourselves rather than being spoon fed. Always good to feel hope by seeing people like you in the world trying to share your views & knowledge.


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