Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gulf of Mexico Seafood Safety according to the FDA and EPA

                                       Gulf of Mexico Seafood Safety according to the FDA and EPA                                          
"Download Trisha James' Spreadsheet calculations and help us continue our efforts to document BP's damage to the Gulf at http://www.hope5.com  The seafood isn't safe! The oil is still here and so are we!" 
link to spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/unsafe-seafood
I'd like to thank these ladies for this valuable and entertaining interpretation of the science. 
Please read the important message at HOPE 5 (video too)

For more information on the poisoning and continuing dangers of the Gulf of Mexico, please read my earlier posts; a good place to start is 'The Gulf of Mexico is NOT Safe. It Is Dying!"  This is critical information that everyone should know.  I don't care what Obama says, the water is not safe for swimming and the seafood is not safe for consumption... the beach is not safe, especially for children!!!  I miss my days at the beach, plates of Gulf shrimp & fish terribly; I miss those oysters more than words can describe, but half an oyster on the half shell is not worth the risk of cancer!  Keep checking back because updates will continue as needed and please, please, please share this information with anyone that will listen. 

The time is now,  else the time is never.  --Peace

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