Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turn On Our Collective Power and Turn Off the System of Fraud

It is time to change the system of fraud!  The corporate takeover of America is toxic to Democracy and the environment but our civil liberties are in danger of extinction.  TSA inspections and radiation are headed to the streets and highways of America!  The Florida Bar has proposed a new rule where citizen journalists could not cover court proceedings.  I want revolutionary change and I want peace so I think about a line from John Lennon’s song, Revolution, "But when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out".  We can not have change by peacefully sitting on a couch but we can and should have peace and truth.  Peaceful protests may be ignored by MSM (like DC protesters in December) but local media may cover them and people will notice.  Get involved with a local group or start one and turn on our collective power and turn off the system of fraud.  People are waking up and that must continue; there are a lot of inspirational news articles in this space today.  We need to expose the lies and tricks as we build a TRUTH Platform and end this Kleptocracy!  Americans must control America!  Peace
"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal." John F. Kennedy

The powers that be
pulling strings in DC
need to tell Barack
to turn up the heat
and pressure to Mubarak
to give up his seat!
If anyone has any doubt as to who is running the White House... here ya go...
'White House pressured Vilsack to approve GMO alfalfa, media reports suggest ';

This article is from 2008 but after reading the above article, I suppose it could be updated to Seven reasons!
'Six Reasons Why Obama Appointing Monsanto's Buddy, Former Iowa Governor Vilsack, for USDA Head Would be a Terrible Idea';

BOYCOTT BP because: they killed our Gulf; they poison our air, land, water and food; they don't care about the people they make sick; they don't pay the people who are sick, out of work or lost their way of life and/or property value; they don't care about the animals they killed; they don't care about people's lives because they ALWAYS put profit before safety. One of BP's graveyards is for sale.
'UPDATE 3-BP Texas City sale: Refining prize with deadly past - BP to sell more than half its U.S. refining capacity';

Oil production is slowed because BP leaks [again]... BP Profits UP because oil production down... BP profits from BP leaks. WOW!  Detest, Disgust, Disdain, Despise and Disapprove!  BOYCOTT BP (Big-Pig) and BOYCOTT the killers of our Gulf.  The world could be powered by alternative energy in 20-40 years!

'BP set to make £13billion profit thanks to huge rise in oil and gas prices ';

'BP shuts UK field after oil leak';

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Leak
"BP owns 46.93 per cent of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, a consortium that owns the pipeline. ConocoPhillips owns 28.29 per cent; ExxonMobil 20.34 per cent; Chevron 1.36 per cent; and Koch Alaska Pipeline Company 3.08 per cent.  Prudhoe Bay is jointly owned by BP, with 26 per cent; ConocoPhillips, with 36 per cent; ExxonMobil, with 36 per cent; and others with 2 per cent. BP is the operator of the field."
'Oil markets on alert over BP leak';
'Another blow for BP';

'Inspectors Flagged Leaky Alaska Pipeline for Replacement Two Years Prior';

"No one knows where it came from or where it will go."  Ya gotta be kidding! Could it be Hydrogen sulfide, aka "sewer gas" which comes from decomposing organic matter from dead animals or oil refineries... and smells like rotten eggs.  Maybe they are testing our memory because they need to know if they need to up the aluminum in the chemtrails.  Evidently the scientists have ample aluminum in their brains.
'Big blob of gunk found in the Gulf';

Fracking has caused flames to shoot out of the faucet along with tap water... I suppose the oil/gas industry could say fracking is green because it saves energy on heating hot water.
"‘Fracking’ Violates Safe Drinking Water Act, Congressional Letter Charges';

‘Bloodbath in Egypt: 300 feared dead and 500 injured as Mubarak mob attack peaceful protesters’;

‘VIDEO: Brzezinski’s Feared “Global Awakening” Has Arrived - Monumental worldwide rallying cry for freedom threatens to derail new world order agenda

'Ending the New World Order';


I’m sure a lot of people want information on the murder of US biological warfare expert John Wheeler, particularly because he was murdered just as mass-animal-deaths began to appear.  Beau Biden is the son of Vice President, Joe Biden, and he doesn’t seem to agree… not even with regards to Mr. Wheeler’s family.  “Attorney General Beau Biden's office, along with police investigators, have sought to keep information about the case from the public. Biden's office asked a judge to seal a search warrant for Wheeler's home, and three search warrants for Wheeler's cell phone and his 1993 Oldsmobile were sealed at the request of Newark police.”
'Family of slain ex-Pentagon official wants info';

The TSA VIPR program: 
"If people think they can avoid the TSA by staying away from airports, they’re going to be in for a rude awakening. TSA is clearly engaged in a total takeover of society and plans to have its agents searching, patting down, scanning and harassing Americans at all levels of society, not just at transport hubs but at public events, in the street and on highways and roads across the country.
The implementation of ‘Checkpoint USA’, where citizens are routinely stopped, searched and radiated by federal VIPER teams is further evidence of how America is crumbling into a Soviet-style police state where the presumption of innocent until proven guilty is abolished and the 4th amendment eviscerated. The DHS program also represents a complete violation of the 10th Amendment in that it brazenly contravenes states’ rights."
'TSA Invades Roads & Highways With VIPR Checkpoints';

'An Arizona city's proposed law requiring people buying certain drugs to be fingerprinted has civil liberties advocates concerned about what they say is an unwarranted intrusion on privacy rights."
'Arizona city plans to fingerprint pharmacy customers';

Chemtrail Symposium 5/29/10 ~ Faculty of Bio-Sciences
'Case Orange: Dr. Coen Vermeeren Reviews Chemtrail Data';

'US Empire on Haiti: dictatorship and genocide';

"A federal district court judge in Florida ruled today that a key provision in the new health care law is unconstitutional, and that the entire law must be voided."
'Florida Judge Voids Entire Health Care Law';

Ummm, Why all the exemption if it is so great?
'Obama administration issues hundreds of health care exemption waivers to friends';

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Egypt is using the Iranian playbook of 2009 - set loose paid thugs and unmarked cops to incite violence on the protestors.
Remember to talk to any friends/family you have that work for the GOV INC's police state apparatus to take it easy on us when our time comes.

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