Friday, February 4, 2011

Ode to Chemtrail Pilots

Ode to Chemtrail Pilots,   

I have a message I really need to say,
Please don't spray the children today!
They're young and innocent and by the way,
They need fresh air when they’re out to play!

You squirt and spew leaving trails left and right,
They spread out and make our blue sky turn white.
I’ve seen it happen all the day and half the night,
So stop spraying chemicals and join in the fight!

Don't be a tool for this global destruction,
You don't have to follow genocide instruction.
Protect the people is the military’s function,
Don’t follow orders that defy the Constitution!

Expose this crime to the world or LeakyLeaks,
They’ll find your replacement in a couple of weeks.
We’ve had too much death in the air, sea and creeks,
Don’t wanna end up dead like the birds that had blue beaks!

No one else can do it if the pilots simply say,
"We’re not gonna spray any kids today!”
This madness stops now if you say it will,
For a kid growing up it's a really big deal!

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