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Unified Demand Occupation FOR the People, BY the People

The Peaceful actions of #Occupy Wall St [and beyond] is beautiful and POWERFUL!  We need to build the movement and guide it for the People by making sure the People know the WHOLE TRUTH about the global capitalists and the extent of their possession of the federal government.  First of all, People need to realize that America is a Kleptocracy; the fact that the federal lawmakers represent the top 1% proves this is not a Democracy!  Banksters get bailouts and a free pass from DC. and the People get foreclosed, warmongers get endless contracts and innocents die, corporations make record profits while the People pay six dollars for a gallon of milk, but there is so much more... there is a global capitalist agenda and we MUST stop it if we are to subsist.  'THEY' have poisoned our air, water, food and land, they have stolen our money and taken our Freedom, they spy on us... they kill needlessly.  I know who 'They' are and what 'They' do... I know we have had enough and I feel our power.  We are united and


Corporations like Monsanto have former employees in powerful positions of federal gov, as in the US Supreme Court, head of USDA and head of FDA food safety (why we have GMO everything); JP Morgan, one of the worst banksters, has a former top-man as POTUS's right hand man (Obama's Chief of staff); GE's current CEO is Obama's job czar (GE pays ZERO taxes while GE shipped out >200,000 US jobs).  Don't forget about what the gov does for foreign corporations... it's not just the fact that a few foreign banks benefited from the 3.3 trillion bailout, they protect them at the cost of People's dollars and lives.  Take the worst environmental disaster is US history as an example of government's protecting a corporation at the expense of Americans.  BP has been protected by the government throughout the entire Gulf Oil Disaster, they lied lockstep from the early days of the oil spill until today... from the amount of oil, the use of poisonous dispersant, to the claims for victims... a horrendous cover-up... talk about factual conspiracies.  Fact, the Gulf of Mexico is a TOXIC wreck; it is DYING and so are its People but the gov says it's safe (proof is seen in the death that is washing up on the beaches daily), FACT, Oil is STILL leaking (there is ample proof that current slicks are from MC252).  MILLIONS of gallons of Corexit (dispersant) have been sprayed on the Gulf and its People... FACT, Corexit is POISON!  FACT, It's main ingredient of Corexit 9527A is 2-butoxyethanol (60%) and it is classified as "POISONOUS MATERIAL"... by the government.  Evidence suggests the Corexit spraying has never stopped... and evidence suggests the reservoir collapsed (there is no stopping the oil leak until enough seawater fills the reservoir).  Millions of American are being POISONED, some have died, and POTUS says to swim there and eat its seafood.  He went out of his way to lie and endanger innocent people... he encourages our precious children to play in toxic sand!  What kind of President does that?!  As if that wasn't bad enough, Obama appointed the corporate friend Kenneth Feinberg to handle claims for the victims but Mr. Feinberg's usual clients include EXXON, DOW, DuPont, Raytheon and Citibank (many more corps and the US Gov) so its no wonder lifelong fishermen have not seen a dime... there is NO compensation for all the People made sick from POISONOUS Corexit.  Victims got a raw deal, again!  WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT DOES THAT?!  The same government that awards the Air Force for spraying the poison and the same government that BOMBS a sovereign nation and calls it's "humanitarian"... come on, really?! The list goes on as Obama made over 40 CEOs/lobbyist appointments to gov jobs! Things will not improve for the 99% with CEOs and lobbyists running the show,  We can't just vote them out because voting is rigged.  Nothing will improve for the 99% unless there is serious voting reform... paper ballots w/verifiable receipt and no corporate donations/personhood/lobbying.

98% of federal Dems and GOP represent 1% because there is only one party, Uniparty Incorporated.  Look at the past few decades and you'll see People have been sold out repeatedly (anywhere from NAFTA to paying for endless wars and NATO's humanitarian bombing of Libya, fyi, it's a coup).  Both parties delivered this mess so we can't count on them to clean it up... they play good cop/bad cop to make People accept the lesser of evil but the end result is ALWAYS the same... the Corporations get protection and People get the shaft... [and lose more Freedom with every turn], By the way, less evil is still evil! 

Voting is rigged so the puppets stay in power and it is naive to put trust in those same government puppets.  We need to get them out of power as soon as possible because innocent people are killed with each passing day.  It is my firm opinion that our demands should include things we know most People want... an end to all wars/covert ops/humanitarian bombing, repeal the unpatriotic Patriot Act that has cost Freedom, stop, or at least label genetically altered foods, end corporate personhood/lobbying, and serious voting reform that will give us a vote that counts.  We could have excellent candidates but the oligarchs will remain in power if they continue to rig the elections; I think paper ballots w/verifiable receipt would make an enormous difference and those systems already exist.  The Electoral College is archaic and needs to go.  Hillary Clinton agrees; she said, "We are a very different country than we were 200 years ago. I believe strongly that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, that means it's time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president."

We need many changes but serious voting reform is a priority change 'We the People' need to make happen and then WE can BE the government of, by and for the People.  Only WE will implement the solutions that exist!  “A nation of shopkeepers are very seldom so disinterested.”~ Samuel Adams


Most People are unaware of the global capitalist agenda because the oligarchs own the main stream media (5 corps own all MSM but Keith Olbermann will convey the People's message).  Just look at the global situation and it's hard to deny 'They' really do want Total World Domination and I know the whole truth is hard to swallow but we must bite that bitter pill if we are going to move forward.  I've done a lot of research and it's certainly not all there is but it should be more than enough to shake up the apathetic.  Wanna promote change?  SHARE the FACTS->
See testimony of rigged voting-> Rigged USA Elections Exposed

Keep the Rinse Cycle flowing strong because 'They' know how to manipulate via the media and they will try to hijack this as some type of progressive-Dem movement if they can... it is 99% of ALL PEOPLE.  WE now have a True PEOPLE'S PARTY!   We now have a Unified Demand Occupation FOR the People, BY the People... and I am one happy Patriot.
The time is now, else the time is never; OUT every oligarch's puppet if you want to survive!!! 

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EVERY American needs to know this;
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Always be PREPARED!  They control every market so now is the time to prepare. Must maintain

Use the above research and/or do your own, but either way, VIRAL the TRUTH because it WILL SET US FREE.  UNITY is raging across the globe and this is OUR time to make a difference.  World Peace can be a reality ~

Well, what do you know, a hijack attempt? I just wanted to share this message from Occupy Wall Street  'Occupy Party' has nothing to with Occupy Wall Street so don't get confused.  I recognized the photo on the poser's webpage immediately; it is a stock photo that has been used by Newt Gingrich and 'The Democratic Majority', or as I say Uniparty Incorporated.  I'm not sure who started that page, but 'We the People' have to keep spreading the truth so Uniparty Inc does not redirect or diminish the Power of the People.

AMERICA'S REVOLUTION IS NOW and the oligarchs are threatened by our UNITY... WE OUTNUMBER THEM, WE WIN!
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Together
Global Revolution Livestream


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