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Hypocrisy of America’s Diminished Democracy!

THE EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION ~ Jan 25- Feb 11, 2011 ~ CONGRATULATIONS!  Tahrir Square, a mere eighteen days of People Power and a Tyrant finally stepped down.  I sincerely hope Mubarak was the last tyrant for Egypt.  They are free of Mubarak but I hope the military will cooperate with the People and support their desire for Freedom, civilian government and a chance to rebuild Egypt. 

Corruption, global capitalism and government incorporated are global problems.  They are not reserved for Mubarak type regimes and they are all toxic to Democracy.  True democracy is civilian run government, it is what Egyptians desire and I sincerely hope they get it because they have earned it.  They remained peaceful and strong despite all their challenges… I have not been so moved since the moment I became a parent.  I’m sure the Egyptian People know they need to be vigilant in fighting for true Democracy.  We can learn a lesson from them on peaceful action and they should learn from us too.  Do not take freedom for granite and remain protective of every infraction to its existence.  There is a cost to acquiring freedom and a cost for losing it as well.  Freedom must be maintained as if it is a living being.  TPTB have supported Mubarak regime for decades and they certainly want to maintain their control on Egypt.  It does not mean it is a lost cause but they will have to continue make their demands.  Please continue the support for the People of Egypt because their success could be the beginning of the end for global capitalism!

I am an American and I also want true civilian run government.  Tunisia and Egypt have shown us that people have power; we outnumber the dictators and a unified voice is loud, beautiful and more powerful than most believed was possible.  Their plight was obvious but the diminished democracy in America has been more subtle.  I often wonder why there is not more demand for our Rights but I suppose it is because many Americans wrongly believe America is a Democracy.  The Presidential election of 2000 is case in point.

I recently wrote a post about the contradictions of Obama but the hypocrisy is well illustrated in the last two weeks.  Obama says Egyptians should be allowed peaceful protests but Americans and Veterans are arrested for peaceful protests of the illegal wars.  Biden said Mubarak should end Egypt’s 'Emergency law' as Obama pushes for 3 more years of the 'temporary emergency' Patriot Act… that’s 3 times longer than what the House is considering [extending through 12/8/11].  A recent report indicates that “the FBI may have committed upwards of 40,000 possible intelligence violations in the 9 years since 9/11."  That comes to one "possible violation" every two hours, 24/7/365.  It sounds to me like we have Congressional and Presidential approval of round-the-clock lawbreaking by the FBI.  The Patriot Act is unconstitutional and it should be repealed in its entirety; it and other unlawful actions by US are comparable to Mubarak’s Emergency Law.  Where is the outrage?!?  Certain provisions of the Patriot Act are due to expire 2/28/11 but others were extended last year.  A friend shared an enlightening video with me about Tuesdays House actions and everyone should witness the hypocrisy of certain Representatives as well as some who seem to care about protecting our Freedom, see ‘PATRIOT ACT extension FAILS TO PASS' (link below).  You will see out-and-out devious moves that are just like others that have surrounded this unpatriotic bill since its inception (i.e. members of Congress did not read the patriot Act before they passed it in 2001).  In spite of the tricks on Tuesday, the bill did not pass.  However, there was another vote to proceed on Thursday and it did pass.  Hypocrisy rose to a new level when considering the Constitution was read aloud at the start of this session.  A final vote will probably be early this week and it is expected to pass so the Senate will have their turn to play the hypocrite.  The Washington Post article has links to the roll-call and results for each vote so look to see who cares about protecting our Rights.  I’m not sure if will make any difference but it can not hurt to give them a call before the final vote.  

Americans need to wake up and realize hypocrisy such as that in the above paragraph is not a Democracy.  US Gov has supported Mubarak for 30 years despite his tyrannical rule, and because he was such a tyrant, it did suit the US to finally orchestrate a face change.  It is up to the Egyptians to continue to fight and select a leader with their best interest.  Americans must do the same!  US Gov Inc has been dismantling our Democracy for years but it has certainly stepped up since 9/11 and we must begin our fight for Democracy.  Canadians must also fight because the “Beyond the Border” agreement between PM Harper and Obama greatly affect them.  Some say Harper does not have the authority to make such an agreement because he is of the minority party; I do not know Canadian law but I do know leaders do not always obey the law nor do they respect our wishes.  Fighting global capitalism will require an enormous effort from each and every one of us across the globe.  Peaceful protesters in and around Tahrir Square had to deal with violent pro-government attacks but they stood firm and regained Peace.  The People of Egypt are an inspiration to the world and I do not believe this feeling of power will slip away soon.  Global capitalists are on the verge of losing their control.  There have also been protests in Japan, Baghdad and Algeria.  Who is next?

My heart has a heavy spot for the Egyptian protesters who lost their life but they helped the People win freedom from Mubarak.  Long live Egypt but American Democracy is Hypocrisy.  I think many Americans don’t realize we’re no longer a Free because they just don’t know the whole truth… but they are waking up.  The People in Egypt had to overcome the bad PR from Mubarak's goons breaking the peaceful protests, and they did.  I say it all the time but information is very important; it is why Mubarak's paid goons attacked and detained so many reporters and why our MSM is owned by 6 corporations.  They hide the truth so they can keep their secret.  Protesters in Egypt got past it and so can we.  The truth and collective information that exposes the Global Capitalist takeover will awaken and motivate the masses to create change. There is plenty of info but it most telling when viewed collectively.  Once we have People Power, we will succeed because we outnumber the oligarchs billions to one.  They are powerful but they are just people.  Global Capitalists fear our unity and our people power… more so, they fear it is spreading.  It is!  My fellow Americans, we must demand Democracy. So, Get Up and Walk like an Egyptian!

I stick to the facts and I see that America is a closing society.  Connect the dots or Executive Orders and laws for “security” and see our freedom is fading while DHS power is rising.  NSA spying; joint agency fusion centers; FEMA camps; illegal Bilderberg meetings and illegal wars; appointments by Obama, actions by Congress and rulings by the Supremes show global capitalists hold all three branches of federal government.  The government sprays chemicals from planes; they spray poison on the Gulf and tell us the water is safe to swim and its seafood is safe to eat but it is not.  Chloroform, Corexit, chemtrails and corporate personhood are detrimental to our existence.  Building 7, squibbs and the Pentagon tell me that 9/11 was an inside job, or gross incompetence at the very least (spend 8 minutes and watch ‘Justice for 9/11’ if you have doubts).  Presidents Bush and Clinton have said "New World Order" and Obama said "global citizenship" but they are the same difference.  All of these things are documented and there is so much more to give serious cause for concern.  I have no doubt TPTB want their NWO and when it comes to depopulation, I am very suspicious.  People ruthless enough to go through with chemtrails, Corexit and 9/11 are dangerous indeed.  However, Denver airport murals do paint an ugly story.  Wake up America and Walk like an Egyptian!

Information; there are a lot of noteworthy articles I have not discussed but I hope you take time to peruse each of these articles and videos… there are some doozies!   Rothschild LLC has purchased the world's leading weather channel with 400 television channels in 21 countries.  Please also note NASA's report on forecasting of "persistent contrails" aka chemtrails (some of the data comes from observations made by students at primary and secondary schools).  Congratulations Tunisia and Egypt!  Thank you for your peaceful insistence, inspiration and strength!  Thanks to all my friends who share information and support the truth!  Peace

‘Egyptian Revolution 2011 COMPLETE. World MUST MUST watch this. Freedom for All!’;

'Egyptian military tortured, “disappeared” thousands of demonstrators';

"America’s Strategic Repression of the ‘Arab Awakening’";

'Thousands March in Anti-Govt Protest in Baghdad';

'Anti-monarchists hold demo in Japan';

'Thousands Defy Ban To Protest In Algeria';

The Palestine Papers!
'Saeb Erekat resigns';

'The Intent of the U.S. Ruling Class Is Total Tyranny: We Must Stop It!';

"FBI may have committed upwards of 40,000 possible intelligence violations in the 9 years since 9/11."
'EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations'";

Obama and Biden Democracy... more like HYPOCRISY!
'Irony Alert: Obama Pushes for End to Egypt’s Emergency Law, Extension of US Patriot Act';


'House votes to proceed on Patriot Act extension';

'Afghan president confirms US demand for permanent bases';

'FreedomWorks to “Dethrone” GE CEO Immelt for Alliance with Obama';

Canada and US… is the another step towards the NAU?
'Stephen Harper commits treason. Signs secretive deal with U.S. to remove Canada’s sovereignty.';
"Declaration by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada - Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness";

ROTHSCHILD! Control the weather report!
"E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP ( The world's leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central's highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products."
E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP
NASA forecasting "persistent contrails" (aka chemtrails):  

'US choppers violate Pakistan airspace';

'Switzerland freezes Mubarak's assets';

'Israeli Embassy shut down in Cairo';

'Egypt army vows to respect treaties';

'New Gaza factory, jobs destroyed in Israeli attack';

'Treaty banned weather modification system now being used by the U.S. to achieve geopolitical objectives';

‘$1.4 MILLION PER PAGE: How Ireland Paid Merrill Lynch For "Advice" That Bankrupted A Nation’;

The fed won't bail out the people; the banksters are not loaning or adjusting loans; the banks make money on foreclosures; the banksters set up the bubble and made it bust... Why should people pay?  JP Morgue does this stuff so people shouldn't feel bad! 
'Strategic defaults contagious in Las Vegas neighborhoods';

'U.S. Housing ‘Vicious Circle’ Worsens';

'Airmen, It’s Illegal for Your Kids to Read WikiLeaks';

'Lingering Military "Widows' Tax" Angers Wives';

"The British police are failing in their tactics to face with the fast-changing nature of protest movements across the UK, warns a new report."
'UK police need to adopt new tactics';

'People get power to take CCTV abusers to court';

'U.S. Canadian and International laws declares the United States government is guilty of war crimes';

'US probe fails to incriminate WikiLeaks' Assange';

'BUSTED: Anonymous Uncovers Corporate Proposal to Take Down Wikileaks';

'The Illuminati's Secret 20 Trillion Dollar Bank';

'Feb 10, 2011: Markey: No Subsidies for Big Oil';

"The world can be powered by alternative energy, using today's technology, in 20-40 years, says Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson'";

'H2O (Water) – O (Oxygen) = H2 (Hydrogen) fuel';

‘Justice for 9/11  (1/2)’;

"Health fear over metal in formula milk as researchers discover up to 40 times more aluminium than breast milk';

'The Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves... ";

'U.S. military purchases Gulf of Mexico seafood, boosting an industry battered by oil spill';

'The deadly truth about the U.S. genetically modified foods – reproductive genocide.’

'FDA / CFIA approved genetically modified corn revealed to be unfit for human consumption.’

'Judge gives go-ahead to add fluoride to city's tap water supply - despite overwhelming public opposition';

'4 Best Methods for Off-the-Grid Food Production';

'Monsanto's Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health';

'Gaza-Egypt March for Palestinian Freedom';
“We the People’ deserve better than corexit, chloroform, chemtrails and corporate personhood. Our collective power has done great things before. We Have Rights! Anti-war demonstrations across the US and this should include protesting the chemical attack on ‘We the People’!
Saturday, March 19, 2011: Resist the War Machine!

Personal note - I want to add something about chemtrail/persistent contrail vs contrail.  A contrail is a condensation trail left by a plane when hot humid air mixes with cold drier air (National Weather Service).  I live in a warm climate and the coldest driest air is high altitude.  I often see 2 planes where one is leaving a contrail and and the other is leaving a persistent contrail; there is a clear difference in altitude between the two planes.  The plane leaving the contrail is at a much higher altitude and the trail always dissipates within seconds (what I have seen all my life) but the lower altitude plane leaves a persistent contrail and it will last all day... that is a chemtrail!  The differences are clear and the danger is real!  I have been keeping track of chemtrails/persistent contrails for several months.  If the government's version of persistent contrails are natural, it sure as heck is odd they form the same days of each and every week.  The only Saturday I have not seen a "persistent contrail" in months was Jan 22, it just happened to be Worldwide Chemtrail Awareness Day.  I trust science that shows these harmful chemicals are collecting in our environment and I trust what I see when I look up... they are spraying chemicals from planes and they MUST be stopped!  Peace 

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