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Helland Hansen... or Hell in a Handbasket

You may have heard of the 2001 report called "Deep Spill Project"; it is a report GOV Inc would rather you not read.  I urge you to read it and share this important information with everyone possible. That is not a typo, it was 2001, not 2010.

"Deep Spill Project" was conducted in the Norwegian Sea at the Helland Hansen site June 26 to June 29, 2000.  US Minerals Management Service (MMS) and BP were participants in the "Deep-spill Project" (see page 155 of report for complete list).  Among other things, MMS and BP have long known that deep water spills would create underwater plumes of oil; the 2001 report discusses and pictures these 'underwater plumes'.  Much of the oil never reaches the surface and worse yet, this is the most toxic oil!  Here is what it says on page 89 of the report:
"This is important information, because the water-soluble compounds are generally the most toxic ones when exposed to marine biota. The results from these measurements show that the rising of the oil through the water column represents a kind of 'stripping' process of some of the most toxic compounds in the oil. The end result is therefore that a portion of the most toxic compounds is left in the water column."

The depth of this study was 844 meters; Deep Water Horizon (DWH) was nearly twice the depth at approximately 1500 meters.  The report says rising oil creates a "stripping" process; obviously this occurred during BP's 87-day-oil gusher.  It is questionable if the additional 656 meters altered or worsened this process but that it is another question for the experts. Unfortunately, the experts are not telling the truth!

It does not say which dispersant was used in this study but it does not mention Corexit.  We do know [toxic] Corexit was used in the Gulf of Mexico. Again, an expert could tell us if toxin + toxin ≠ a clean gulf?!?
It stands to reason the most toxic compounds remain in the Gulf of Mexico [and waters beyond].  People are eating seafood from this water and that MUST be stopped! This truly is "important information" that "We the People" need to know!

Our government appears to want people to eat toxic seafood or they would not continue the misnomer of safe Gulf seafood!  US Government allowed dispersant (Corexit) to be sprayed all along the Gulf of Mexico; this particular dispersant says, "DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATER" (see MSDS under 'ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS').  And now you see the most toxic oil compounds remain subsurface after a spill... BP knew they could never clean the oil yet they continue to say they will.  The US government knows this and yet they allow encourage people to consume seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.  It is criminal!

I continually read local news reports where independent lab tests show high toxicity levels and government tests show little or no oil detected.  A prime example is in the article (see below, 'Oil under sand... sample had to be diluted 20 TIMES').  The marine biologist states the samples from Fort McRee (Florida) were, "off the chart... had to be diluted 20 times to get a reading.  [It makes sense when you consider the effects of the "stripping" process.]  She adds, " The crude has very high danger levels of petroleum organics and is not safe for the public to be exposed to. I would be concerned for boaters, swimmers and fishermen who come in contact with it."

These are generally local news reports that are not picked up by national corporate-owned-media and ignored by our government.   These test results determine how large the clean-up effort will be but they also show us why the Gulf should be closed!  We can not rely on our own government to tell the truth so it is up to people to share all of this information.

I hope people will question this type of governance; US Government has proven their lack of concern of our well-being.  I have questioned it and I got the message, loud and clear, they honestly do not care about us.  It is the sad and disgusting truth.  There is more going on than you or I want to believe but I urge you keep your eyes and minds open... look up into the sky and seek the TRUTH.  Connect the dots!  I was initially skeptical about chemtrails but I am certain they are not contrails.  I saw my city covered by them immediately after I first viewed the documentary, "What in the World are they Spraying?"  It was a beautiful day for the big football game that was being played; there was a clear blue sky with the exception of dozens of white lines, some parallel, some criss-crossed and some still being laid.  The most intriguing fact was they were only covering the city; there were clear blue skies in every direction beyond the city limits.  I watched them for hours as they drifted with the wind, spreading into the sunset.  They just happened to be headed towards the Gulf of Mexico.

I am not going into detail on chemtrails but this new documentary is a must-see for the world.  It is a fact that something very suspicious is going on.  It is right above our heads... hidden in plain sight.  Weather modification uses silver-iodide and forms contrails, not chemtrails.  Aluminum is apparently the main component of chemtrails being sprayed across the globe; high levels are damaging to every living thing.  It reeks havoc on our health [linked to Alzheimers] but it alters the pH level of soil.  This change will make it impossible to grow anything that is not aluminum-resistant (Monsanto has created aluminum-resistant strains?!?).  Chemtrails are real and they are a real problem.  Chemtrails are mentioned in the `Space Preservation Act of 2001' aka 107th Congress HR 2977.  Some hypothesize it relates to Bilderberg Group's New World Order (NWO) and their desire for a smaller, more manageable population.  I agree 100%.

Consider the continual use of the term New World Order by US Presidents and others... the FACT our resources are dwindling [peak oil]... population is rising... chemtails secrecy, toxic Corexit, toxic seafood, toxic environment... and Bilderberg Group's secrecy.  There is an interesting correlation between the countries with the highest incidents of chemtrails and those which have participants in BG meetings.  Add the fact the BG participants excludes over half the globe and most of the population.  If they honestly have good intentions, why do they exclude over half of the world in the meetings where they discuss "New World Order"?  It is listed in the outline.  Part of the upper-hand of any attempt for world-domination is secrecy.  We need to eliminate this tactic and expose them!  Please spread the word before it is too late.

I have told you many FACTS in the past few days so I hope you will take time to consider them all.  I have offered no new information but I have collected FACTS which I believe are connected.  There are many things when considered individually seem explicable or even rational, but when these things are considered collectively, they are entirely suspicious!  PLEASE READ and SHARE the FACTS.  We deserve to know and seeing is believing!

"Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic":

See this entertaining report on Operation Deep Spill; they also provide a link to the full 159 page report, 'DEEPSPILL PROJECT':

See "chemtrails" under "exotic weapons systems", Section 7 part B ~ 107th Congress HR 2977:

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