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GOV Inc.

GOV Inc. 
FACT: US Government allowed nearly two-million gallons of Corexit to be sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico.  
FACT: Corexit is POISON!  ‘2-Butoxyethanol’ is highly toxic and the main component (30-60%) of Corexit 9527A. See MSDS for 2-Butoxyethanol section 11- 'Chronic Effects on Humans' may damage blood, kidneys, liver and CNS... adverse fertility, birth defects cancer; section 14 DOT Class 6.1- Poisonous materials.
FACT: The MSDS for each Corexit says, "Do not contaminate surface water." See under "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS". 
FACT: There was no toxicity study done on either Corexit; see MSDS under TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION- "No toxicity studies have been done on this product." 
FACT: US Government declared seafood is safe before the well was officially dead and within a few weeks of stemming the 87 day-oil-gusher that unleashed hundreds-of-thousands-of gallons of oil… do not forget Corexit. 
FACT: Lab analysis detects 193ppm in shrimp caught in October, 2010 (link below). These are not sniff-tests.
FACT: Lab analysis of sand sample taken 9/14/10 shows 173ppm of BP’s oil in sand of a South Florida beach (link below). 
FACT: US Government said the remaining 75% of oil is gone.  It is not.  They said this just a few weeks after the gusher was cut off.  During the 87-days the general consensus was it would take years of clean-up and recovery… what changed? 
FACT: There were two types of Corexit used by BP et al. (EC9527A & 9500).  I have provided links to the MSDS for each Corexit and ‘2-Butoxyethanol’ [the main ingredient of Corexit 9527A].
FACT: 2-BUTOXYETHANOL is classified as POISON: Please note section 11- 'Chronic Effects on Humans' may damage blood, kidneys, liver and Central Nervous System (CNS), adverse fertility, birth defects and cancer.  See section 14, DOT Class 6.1- “Poisonous material”.
FACT:  In May, the EPA ordered BP to cut back on Corexit by 50 to 75%; they did not.  800,000 gallons of Corexit EC9527A (the worst of the two) had already been used at that point.
Spraying Corexit was not a secret!  It was/is blatant poisoning of millions of Americans.   There are many safer alternatives.  BP benefits from Corexit’s ability to hide the oil and making it impossible to collect [BP saves billion$ on clean-up cost and reduced claims by fishermen etc.]. 

There is no need to theorize about the blatant conspiracy known as the BP-Gulf Oil Disaster.  A conspiracy in plain sight is still a conspiracy.  Oil is toxic and so is the dispersant that was used.  There was a summer of poisoning of Americans along the Gulf of Mexico and it continues to spread with contaminated Gulf seafood; it is likely seafood outside the Gulf is contaminated as well, due to Gulf-Stream currents.  It is unfathomable to think all is well just a few weeks after such an enormous disaster.  I feel the fish that did survive should be protected as to reproduce and replenish; there were massive fish kills this year. 

I have some ideas I think may frighten some but we can no longer afford to be accepting.  Why did our government allow our environment to be sprayed with a substance than plainly says under “Environmental Precautions”, “Do not contaminate surface water”?  Please open your mind, expand your thoughts and spread the word… in the case of BP-Gulf Oil Disaster, the US Government did not act with the best interest of the majority of people.  Some people will never believe their government will allow injury like this; maybe they are uninformed.

Many questioned who was in charge of the response but it was never clear because they are one in the same.  They sprayed us with a highly toxic substance that is proven to harm us; they didn’t have to rely on BP’s word of its safety, they could read the MSDS.  There is evidence that suggests more dispersant was used than reported; and beyond the date and areas admitted by BP et al.  It is not in our best interest to believe the corporate-owned-media or our governments claim seafood is safe.  The corporate-owned-media is self-explanatory [propaganda] but I have a few reasons why we should question our government’s word and/or treatment.  BP had approval from government on short-cuts that led to the oil gusher and on the use of unprecedented massive amounts of toxic dispersant. There were many failures that led to the explosion/sinking of DWH but it is the response that I find so attacking.  How is it in the best interest of millions of gallons of poison to be sprayed in millions of people’s air/water/land?  It is so brazen and abusive.  Whether or not the government read the warnings about Corexit matters little- regardless, it shows they side with corporations even when people’s health is at risk.  I wonder if the lobbyist that pushed for its use considered the danger; there is little doubt the powerful elite know the hazards. 

It is frightening to think about the chemtrail conspiracy theory or the BP et al poisoning-the-Gulf-of-Mexico-fact… the latter certainly gives credence to the former.  If you have chlorinated water (approx 80% in US), there are chemicals [VOCs, TTHMs like chloroform] in your water supply; you absorb more by taking a hot shower than by drinking it because you inhale and absorb it through the skin.  You’ve probably heard of chloroform; it has adverse effects on blood, kidney, liver, heart, CNS and reproduction.  Chloroform is number 11 on the CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances; DDT is number 12.  Sure, cholera is bad news but our government has known the ill-effects of chloroform for a long time and there are much safer and better ways to disinfect water.  NASA developed Copper Ionization for the Apollo Space Program (1960).  There are water treatment systems you can/should buy to remove a lot of these toxins.  Why does the majority of the US water supply continue to be treated with chlorine when safer technology has been around for 50 years?  Most people are exposed to low levels of the VOCs and TTHMs but it is chronic/daily exposure

Are we being systematically poisoned?  There are many things when considered individually seem explicable or even rational, but when these things are considered collectively, they give an entirely suspicious sensation.  This brings me to the conspiracy theory of world domination by the Bilderberg Group and their quest for a “New World Order”.  Some speculate they want a smaller population that is much more manageable and does not usurp the dwindling natural resources like oil, coal and water.  Sources inside this secret club have disclosed this speculation is correct.  Do they have a sinister plan to achieve a goal of complete world control?

Why did our government allow the Gulf of Mexico to be sprayed with a substance than plainly says, “Do not contaminate surface water”?  Is it corporate protection, a method to reduce the population, an experiment or just general disregard for life that has occurred?  I believe it is all of these.  I recently read a corporate-media article about what we learned from the Gulf oil gusher.  They interviewed the director from a lobby and trade group and he said we’re addicted to oil because our economy requires it; he said we are junkies and there is no real plausible alternative to oil.  But he is wrong- we have wind and solar technology but the power-elite have done little work towards that.  They have continued to push us into oil reliance [plastics too] and they profit heavily.  They have enabled oil-dependence when they should have been creating wind and solar energy. That is clean and provides energy independence… that is the best interest of the majority of people.  So in essence, consumerism has put them into position of power and we are their minions.  Is it possible they have the power they need and now want us gone? If we truly are the object of the world’s power-players domination, we need a plan, yesterday.

FACT: Power, control and world domination has been a goal throughout history.

Bilderberg Group (BG) is a select group of extremely powerful individuals from governments and corporations.  They claim to be a European-American forum and privacy is merely to allow them to speak freely.  They say they are not meeting in any official capacity; they say there are no resolutions proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.  You must see their list of participants in the conference (link below).  BG has held a conference every year since 1954 with one exception (1976 meeting was canceled reportedly due to a scandal).  Some say they want to reduce the population by 80% and I can’t know if this is true but I suppose it is plausible.  They do provide a brief outline of each conference and they do not hide the notion of ‘New World Order’; BG outlines reference it in conferences for 2009, 2007 and 1977. See Bilderberg Group Official Website and list of participants of the ‘Bilderberg Meeting’:

Bilderberg Group is a secret society.  Although its existence is not a secret, the details remain secret and that fact leaves much room for distrust.  Their discussions are not disclosed; what little information which is offered raises red flags to many people.  Although there are about 130 people at these private meetings, they are among the most powerful people in Europe, America and beyond.  If their agenda is good, what are they hiding?  One could assume the US citizens that attend have government approval or they would be in violation of the Logan Act (§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.  1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).

‘WE THE PEOPLE’ outnumber the power players by billions and they know it!  Corporate power is a global problem; it is growing quick and is a worldwide concern!  It may not be solely about economic control, it may be about surviving.  Even if you remove the ‘BG theory of world domination’, we are facing global warming, population growth and dwindling natural resources; these are the power-elite in charge.  We depend on their decisions for our survival or demise.  Power is a strong force but there is strength in numbers and that is our biggest strength.  It is vital to remember the wealthy and powerful players in this corporate owned society are a minority.  We have the numbers and we can make a difference.

Lord Acton wrote in 1887, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."  Look at how much corporate growth has occurred in the time BG has been meeting.  In terms of financial wealth, the top 1% has nearly half of the wealth in US.  In 2008 the average CEO pay was 316 times more than the average worker; it was just 42 times more in 1980.  The peak was in 2000 at a staggering 525 times the average worker.  The six largest US banks own 63 Percent of GDP.  Three of every oil/gas lobbyists previously worked for the federal government.  Corporate power is out of control!  We are the frog sitting in water that is getting pretty damn hot.  We need to do something about it before it boils... jump out or turn off the pot! 

If Americans think they have freedom they need to read the Patriot Act.  I don’t think we will have our rights returned unless the power-elite lose power.  Huge conglomerates own TV, news, radio, entertainment and so on, they are telling us what THEY WANT us to hear.  You-tube has changed that to a degree and Facebook allows us to connect globally but consider those who attend the BG meetings (Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt).

Whether or not Bilderberg Group is attempting population control, our government allowed the poisoning of millions of people.  If you are still a naysayer, think about what has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico and ask yourself why our government would allow such an atrocity to occur.  It is obvious US government has protected a corporation is this oil/dispersant debacle but maybe there is more to it than many of us think.  Events of this year do not show ‘We the People’ are our government’s number one priority.  There are many layers to this and I can’t address them all but I hope you will take time to review the links, connect them if they fit, do your own research and consider these findings collectively.  The World Wide Web is a tool and knowledge brings power.  I hope you will discover and share the reality of our position; adjust as needed. We must work together and stop any agenda that threatens... the population, in whole or in part.  The internet is a good way to connect but you should remember the internet kill switch could be flipped at any moment. 

I want to clarify why lobbying must completely end. I don't think corporations are people but the US Supreme Court [majority] disagrees. If we are to rid ourselves of corporate lobbying, it is only fair to end lobbying for all.  It is a good start.  We can no longer allow our government to give corporations free reign.  We must elect officials that are not party to corporate gain – and hope it’s not too late. 

CERCLA no.11 Chloroform:
Chloroform was used as an anesthesia until too many People DIED!  
CHLOROFORM is banned in food, cosmetics & medicine, but it's in water; #11 on CERCLA's list of toxins DDT is #12.  You absorb/inhale more by taking a shower than drinking. NASA developed Copper Ionization in 1960; it's chemical free and superior!  So why are over 80% of Americans still exposed to toxic water?  Because GOV wants you ASLEEP!  Use a good VOC filter and WAKE UP! 

Here are some must see articles/videos related to BP et al lies and cover-up: 
‘More seafood testing needed, scientist says’ > 5,1oo sq miles of Gulf waters reopened in early September; NOAA “only used data from 12 samples of shrimp, consisting of 73 individual shrimp, for its evaluation.”
Research the misnomer of the dead well ~
ROV films black blobs seeping from the mud-line at base of wellhead when the media reports it is dead. 9/19/10
The ‘mudline seep’ has been ongoing for months.  The capping stack is still leaking black blobs (video 10/21/10 link below).  Mudline seep Sept 10, 2010:!
Leak October 21, 2010:
Leak November 2:
On 8/30/10 ROV live feed showed 8-10 hours of continuous flow of hydrocarbons coming from the main bore of the capping stack.  When asked about the continuous flow, Thad Allen claimed he was “not aware of any flow of hydrocarbons” or “anomalies”. This ROV feed is an hour and a half before Thad Allen’s press conference.

FACT: A “dead well” is leaking.  Why?
Sources at two companies involved with the well said that BP also discovered new damage inside the well below the seafloor and that, as a result, some of the drilling mud that was successfully forced into the well was going off to the side into rock formations.
Leaks- Thad Allen admits there may be a collapse in the formation:
BOB CAVNAR: “If it comes into the formation, basically, you’ve got uncontrolled flow to the sea floor.  And that is the doomsday scenario.”

Other links:
Corexit in curious places:
Gulf Chemist: BP Contractors Are Now Applying Toxic Dispersant – at Night and In an Uncontrolled Manner – Which BP Says It No Longer Uses:
FL swimming pool:
Near FL border:
New tar washes up on AL beach 11/08/10:
Insightful take on the internet’s role and the “internet kill switch”:
S.3480 - Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010:
Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood:
193ppm oil detected in shrimp caught in October 2010:
Sarasota Sand Sample 9/14/10 -173ppm of BP’s oil:
Great argument on action or inaction of Global Warming:

There have been countless FISH KILLS this year; here are a few to give you an idea. Please note- It appears Menhaden are the majority in each of these kills.  Menhaden play a critical role in the food chain and are widely used for fishmeal to feed farm-raised fish.   
Cat Island, LA:
Gulfport Beach, Mississippi - July 21, 2010:
Fairhaven, MASSACHUSETTS- August 10, 2010:
NewJersey- 08/11/10- 4 mile stretch of beach, news report:
Cayman Island:,-beached-fish-a-mystery/
Will oil bring death to Gulf's rich web of life?:
Gulf satellite images of the first month of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster:
Chemtrails exist:


Obama June 2008- (2008 BG meeting was June 5-8).  Hillary Clinton conceded June 7, 2008.  Video from June 7, 2008 “Press not allowed to follow Obama at secret Bilderberg meet”:

New World Order Bilderberg Group - 'Open Your Eyes and See the Truth':

Dwindling natural resources:
This is critical viewing- please watch each part of "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy"

Please note: Apalachicola Bay is the second largest estuary in the United States.

For Updated Info on Corexit and the Gulf, Please Read Posts:

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RBailey said...

A very informative blog & you are right on the money-pun intended!Really,just follow the money!Looking into the links you posted,I came away with a feeling of "now it all makes sense"! I just don't believe in coincidence!Even as scary the thought of a "total world denomination" is,the facts do support this conspiracy.
How can you not believe what is going on right beneath your very nose-Can you not smell it?(that's corexit in the air!) And on that note...
One big corporation that escapes detection is Monsanto Corp.-talk about evil,just google them.
Monsanto Corp. manufactured Agent Orange(Vietnam's Corexit!)and has ties to Halliburton & BP.
Monsanto Corps.CEO is Carl Casale,who is also the CEO of Nalco,the manufacturer of Corexit.
Monsanto is responsible for genetically modified foods(GMOS)owning large portions of our farmland/crops throughout the U.S.
An,all too easy,blatant way to continue spreading the poisons and killing the masses through our food supply.
As you pointed out,the layers run so deep,long & wide-can we,the people,survive?
"Yes We Can"-hmmm,where have I heard that before?
Those of us(in the know)must continue to expose the lies & cover ups-if we're to save ourselves.
The Oil Spill cover-up(s),alone,should have people mad as hell and screaming "out-loud" for an end to the injustices still being committed on the Gulf & it's people.
We need to get our heads outta the toxic oily sand & rebel against these Corporate Greedy Entities that are absolutely set upon our extinction.

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