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“For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death.”~ Rachel Carson

People always ask "Why do they spray chemicals from planes?"  Does it really matter?  Sure it does, but it does not negate the fact that chemtrails are real.  It should not prevent us from demanding they stop.  I have moved beyond asking why they spray because it is fairly obvious they spray chemicals and chemicals kill! 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, NASA has a report related to forecasting “persistent contrails” aka chemtrails (see important post for info and what YOU can do CHEMTRAILS-R-US).  NASA just attempted to take their chemtrail observation to space with the mission Glory that would “help researchers distinguish the relative influence of natural and human-caused aerosols on our global climate”.  Their website describes it as “Observing the Earth’s Aerosols and Solar Irradiance”.  Glory has two scientific instruments, one of which, the Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor (APS) instrument was built by Raytheon.  The Glory satellite was set to be launched lat month but they had to reschedule because of a technical problem.  However, they launched it Friday but it failed and reportedly landed in the ocean…so much for $424-million.  NASA wants to know the influence of aerosols on climate.  Well, chemtrail areosols have a devastating affect on people and the environment.  Apparently they do not know the affect it has on climate… remember that when they finally admit to chemtrails, they’ll likely say they are doing it for our own good - saving us from global warming.  Glory shows they do not know the affects aerosols have on climate.  They could have saved our $424,000,000 dollars and the continuing costs of chemtrails if they would just stop the aerosol spraying!

It should be no surprise that Raytheon built the APS instrument because they own the patent for aerosol spraying; it was registered by Hughes Aircraft, which Raytheon purchased.  Raytheon does a lot of work for NOAA and NASA and is the fourth largest federal government contractor.  Please see the top 100 at the link below for details on what they do with our money and you will see an interesting peek at this government’s priorities.  Raytheon is just one of the companies that have connections to government, weather and chemtrails.  Other companies like Evergreen (suspected CIA front), BP, NALCO and Monsanto are partners and they have delivered horrid things like Corexit, Agent Orange and GMOs.  These are not exactly moral companies that our government to be mixed up with [unless obviously the government is criminal too].  For more details, please read and connect the dots in ‘The Unfolding’ at link below for details.

NASA had students collect data for their forecasting study and they also had children narrate the short instructional video as part of the venture they call GLOBE (link to that report in my post CHEMTRAILS-R-US).   NASA also does “Contrail Education” with activities like crossword puzzles and “A Recipe for Creating Clouds and Contrails”.   They are doing more than using children for their studies; they are normalizing these chemical clouds for our kids.  I’ve posted a few clips of cartoons and commercials with chemtrails as subliminal conditioning, but this is coming from our schools.  We send our kids for education, not brainwashing!  This is propaganda targeted at our children and it really ticks me off!   My child did not participate in the study but has told me there were questions regarding “persistent contrails” on a standardized test.  Government’s explanation of normal contrails is absurd because I have seen one plane leaving contrails when another plane below it was leaving chemtrails; they happen at the same time so how the hell can they explain that?  That was when I showed my oldest child how to spot chemtrails.  I hate for my children to know this crap goes on but I want them to know they should not be outside when “persistent contrails” are pouring.  Homeschooling is important even if a kid goes to a regular school!

Besides the obvious affects of chemtrails like inhalation of chemicals and their detrimental effect on the pH in soil, chemtrails are blocking sunlight and Vitamin D.  I will repost an article from last week, ‘Chemtrials Block Sun Causing Vitamin D Deficiencies' because it pairs nicely the latest article about a recent study that shows 90% of the US population is Vitamin D deficient.  I live in the Sunshine State and my Vitamin D level is in the toilet (take D3, not D2); my doctor told me how prevalent Vitamin D deficiency is and he said it is due to all the chemicals we are exposed to… no kidding!  Vitamin D is essential and important for many things so please read the article linked below about this "miracle anti-cancer nutrient”.   A PhD told me to look into ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’ and I think everyone should learn about this.  It is difficult to absorb vitamins and minerals when bombarded with toxins so it’s a challenge to say the least.  Worse yet, supplements may soon be illegal.  Obama’s Executive Order 13544 says these supplements can be illegal if the CDC and HHS say so.  So the government bombards us with toxins and now they will take away the ability to combat the effects! Chemicals kill and supplements heal!

Chemtrails are a slow attack that many people do not recognize so they ignore it or reason it away.  I have heard every reason imaginable from very intelligent people, but none of the reasons are scientific, they are all emotional based reasons but denying them does not make them go away.  FACTS show these chemicals are in our environment and the source is obvious.  Fluoride has been in the news a lot lately so the conspiracy theorists were right about that one.  Chloroform is one people really need to learn about because most people are exposed to it every day; please get a good VOC/TTHM filter for your shower if you don’t already have one.  Even if you deny chemtrails, everyone needs to detox.  NASA developed chemical free water treatment, copper ionization, over 50 years ago and it sure would be nice if they had used the 424 million dollars wasted on Glory for decent water for people.  They should spend our tax dollars to make our water chemical free instead of spending it to poison us and monitor the crap they spray every day.  Chloroform, GMO’s, Corexit and Chemtrails of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are just a few things we have to deal with and all thanks to the government that is supposed to protect and serve its people.  What kind of government does that?  What kind of President tells his People to swim in water sprayed with millions of gallons of what his own government classifies as poison?  What kind of President tells us to eat seafood that comes from a Gulf full of oil and poison?  What kind of government sprays chemicals in the atmosphere when it harms people, trees, food and water?  I think the answer is to the question of why do they spray is obvious but regardless, it is just outright criminal and it must stop! 
Lawmakers are supposed to serve and protect us, not inundate us with toxins that are unavoidable!  We can no longer afford to let this attack continue so People across the globe must unite and Stand Up to the governments that are attacking us!  Please use this and the information in this blog about chloroform and post ‘CHEMTRAILS-R-US’ to wake up people and make local government STOP SPRAYING US WITH CHEMICALS THAT KILL!
'8000 IUs of vitamin D daily necessary to raise blood levels of "miracle" anti-cancer nutrient, declares groundbreaking new research';

'Our Dead and Dying Trees';

'FDA to pull 500 unapproved drugs from market after allowing them to be sold for decades';
'Obama sings legislation to make supplements and alternative health remedies illegal';

'2010 Washington Technology Top 100 Government Contractors';

NASA Glory, Mission Details
'NASA Creates Glory Satellite Mishap Investigation Board';
'NASA's Glory satellite launch fails';
"A rocket, standing more than nine stories tall, blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base but failed to lift a NASA Earth-observation satellite into orbit and plummeted into the Pacific Ocean. The failed mission cost $424 million, the space agency said."
'Glory rocket launch' (video)

NASA’s GLOBE Program, Educating Our Children on “Persistent Contrails”
Crossword Puzzle- Middle School

‘The Unfolding’;

'Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!';

 ‘Chemtrail Dispersal Mission’;

VERY STRANGE THINGS In The Sky Were Uploaded Feb 28th!
Rainbow cloud FL (uploaded 2/28/11)
Blue cloud Russia (uploaded 2/28/11)

What kind of measurements?  Will they be testing levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and other crap they spray?
"Text of S. 223: FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act" (voted and approved by Senate 2/17/11) Sponsor: Sen. John Rockefeller [D-WV]
SEC. 732. PLAN FOR FLYING SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS ON COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS. (a) Plan Development- Not later than 270 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with interested representatives of the aviation industry and other relevant agencies, shall develop a plan and process to allow Federal agencies to fly scientific instruments on commercial flights with airlines who volunteer, for the purpose of taking measurements to improve weather forecasting.

Base Reflectivity NOAA/NWS National Map.  Blue is chemtrail suspect.  When you see chemtrails check the map to see your area's current "Base Reflectivity".  If you see blue on the map... it is showing you the chemtrails you see in the sky on radar.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Max Keiser
Max Keiser's latest "On The Edge" with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former Reagan Treasury Secretary) talking about the "Military Industrial Security" Oligarchy and the fact that THEY JUST DON'T CARE about America or its citizens.

upRising America
Anti-war demonstrations across the US and this should include protesting ALL attacks, including the chemical attack on ‘We the People’!
Saturday, March 19, 2011: Resist the War Machine!

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