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The Audacity of Accomplishing American Austerity

Note- If you are new here, or this seems unfounded, you should read previous posts and the supporting facts to grasp a reasonable explanation of this post. It is important to connect the information to gain true understanding and how we have arrived to this point and please do so with an open mind. This is a serious issue that relates to us all. 
The American word of 2010 is austerity; America’s enforced economy of poverty is the latest talking point.  Merriam-Webster just announced it was the most looked-up word in America this year and I can’t think of a more appropriate term.  Government Incorporated has literally forced this nation into poverty and Obama is continuing the push that was started nearly sixty years ago.  The bankers have made fortunes while the people go homeless; US Census Bureau shows 6.3 million vacant homes in America.  Unemployment remains high and shows no real sign of improvement.  The American Dream is in foreclosure and most Americans are sleep-walking through the nightmare of what is truly going on.  I have heard you shouldn’t wake someone who is walking in their sleep because the shock is too much.  Tough!  Wake them up.  I was never one to get caught up in grand conspiracies but once I saw one unfold before my eyes, I took a second look at others and saw they connect.  My eyes are wide open and I am awake.  We must overcome decades of propaganda and unveil the whole truth behind the grand conspiracy. 

We have been fed lies and misinformation too many times and I do not trust or believe anything my government says or does; they do not represent the people’s best interest.  There are a series of small conspiracies that are linked together in their quest for world domination.  US government has done many things to prop up corporate-elite which in turn assures austerity in America and that in and of itself it un-American.  There really is nothing that surprises me today.  I am having doubts about the motives of the sources for information released through WikiLeaks; I suspect it is another government trick.  People can unknowingly work for the CIA so I am not referring to anyone specific like Manning or Assange.  WikiLeaks got our attention with "Collateral Murder' and the many atrocities in the name of war, but many things since then are not too shocking.  The video was an attention grabber but information has fizzled to teasers about a bank; nothing shocking about corrupt bankers!  It has been confirmed the US is hell-bent on war with Iran, but that is no shocker.  Yes, GOV got some bruises but, Where’s the beef?  There are many details we would like to know about and there must be hard proof about the $9,000,000,000,000.00 missing from the Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Halliburton, Operation Cloverleaf, and Blackwater [now know as Xe security].  Many people have been thinking these leaks could give cause for closing the internet, especially with the added works of Anonymous.  I suggest reading the article, ‘Is the End Game of Wikileaks Internet Censorship?’  The article makes a good point about Bank of America; if it fails the bigger vultures will simply pick the carcass clean just as they have been doing.  My faith in WikiLeaks would be restored if there is proof of wrongdoing by the Federal Reserve or evidence to any of the aforementioned.  All they have to do is LeakyLeak some eye-opening stuff!

I have never suggested the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was intentional but the facts of what happened after the spill (toxic clean-up) are troubling enough.  The earlier posts here show BP et al and GOV Inc. have been party to a cover-up of the largest environmental disaster in US history.  Peculiar things happened in the short time before DWH exploded just as curious things happened in the days before 9/11. I am not saying either of these events was intentional; I can’t say one way or the other.  I stick to the facts and the evidence supports they have made enormous effort to construct globalization or New World Order.  This is not a movie, it is not a delusion, it is real and it is here and now. 

The GOP is playing the bad guy by blocking health care for 9/11 workers.  Obama finally kept a promise to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  I applaud this late coming effort but it really is no skin off the corporate pig’s back.  It does however have potential to sway votes in 2012.  Repealing DADT does not provide equality to all as guaranteed by our Constitution.  The Constitution is not just historical, it’s history and our Founding fathers must be spiraling in their graves!  The Senate unanimously approved the ‘food-safety-act’ in a sneaky move so the food cartel can squeeze out small farms who are struggling as it is.  There is much debate about this bill but FDA had ample authority to protect food.  This bill gives DHS great power if they “reasonably believe” anything, so don’t judge a bill by its title!  Net-neutrality is on the way and a new form of censorship is approved in America so the free and open internet is no longer free and open.  The FCC squeezes the people for the corporations, again.  The US main-stream media is controlled by only six giant corporations which squeeze out free-thinking by offering limited views and propaganda.  American media is owned by six corporations, General Electric, Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp & CBS.  The European Commission has just approved the sale of BSkyB to News Corp; BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting) is the largest pay TV in the UK.  Looks like it’s a go for START but that still leaves enough nukes to blow up the world.  Mushroom clouds blow across nations without nukes, and as we learned from GW’s invasion of Iraq, saying a country has WMDs does not make it true.  But I suppose it's a start. 

It is rather impressive when I think about the steps that have been taken to end our Democracy.  The government induced fear, wars, Patriot Act, increasing Executive power, increasing DHS/FEMA power, FISA, Corexit, Operation Cloverleaf, censorship and austerity… all were steps taken with great purpose.  We can’t just wait for them to tighten the rope and put in the final knot!  Many of us are devoted to raising awareness but we need the power of more people! Please join in and help, do not be afraid because we are powerful.  You will look at everything from an entirely different prospective when you connect all the events that have occurred; this blog has many but I suggest you read or watch, “End of America” (link below).  The reasons for many things our government does become crystal clear, they are closing an open society.  I can often answer a news anchor’s question “Why this, or why that?” on just about any major topic.  It is hard to stomach but enlightening to have an insider’s view of reality and see the arduous fact; we must fight hard to save our Freedom.  I hope you will share my effort to bring this to the attention of everyone across the globe.  It is up to us and we outnumber the oligarchs and we need to remove them from power.  The people of Cochabamba, Bolivia rose up and fought an American company [for their water] and they won.  They still struggle for water but they control it; we should be inspired by their accomplishment although our task is momentous we must stand united.  Please support and share the whole truth!
Samuel Adams, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”

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You need to watch this if you don't think 9/11 was inside job.
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