Friday, December 17, 2010

We Demand to Know the Truth!

The Truth Movement has a world-wide audience and the fans are jumping on the stage.  There are a lot of lies to uncover and WikiLeaks has inspired three new acts to join in; please welcome Openleaks, Brusselsleaks and Tradeleaks.  It is a beautiful thing for those of us determined to know the truth, but the liars perceive it as a threat, and they should.  The US Gov is still trying to come up with a way to charge Assange with espionage so who knows what they plan to do with that little thing we call, Freedom of the Press.  The antics surrounding Assange’s bail hearings have shown the suppressors of truth will stop at nothing.  Bradley Manning has been in solitary confinement for seven months and he is not faring well.  We should not forget his sacrifices.  The men who are responsible for war that cause destruction of minds and lives seldom pay the price.  Brave men like Bradley Manning fight the wars and now he is being punished for showing the ugly truth about war.  Thank you Bradley!  “Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice”~ David Kenyon Webster. 

Truth could be the saving grace of America but it should be processed with careful direction.  Of course knowing the truth shows us the liars and what doing but so much truth is forcing people to look beneath the surface.  It is important for everyone to know why all this occurred in the first place; the shady deals, the wars, deceit and blackmailing are all part of the oligarch’s quest for power.  They have gone to great lengths to orchestrate their plan of a New World Order so new set of problems arise if they are on the defensive.  Will they speed up their plans? Will they push us over the edge?  Some question if the leaks are part of the plan.  I don’t think so but nothing would surprise me.  Information and communication are key in any movement but it could be gone if they decide to pull the internet plug.  If they flip the internet switch people will be incensed and may take to the streets; riots could ensue; leading to Martial law; suspended Constitution; FEMA camps… whatever.  I just think these things should be considered and hopefully avoided.  This is one reason why people need to wake up NOW.  If you want to help but you don’t know what to do, then open someone’s eyes to the whole truth.  There are over 300 million people in this country and it would be best if they were all on the same page.

Michael Moore wrote an open letter to the government of Sweden; he referenced a recent special report by Amnesty International.  After reading the report it is clear that Sweden is far from being a champion of woman's safety.  Most believe the extradition stems from US pressure and this report certainly supports that notion.  Allegation of rape is serious but it is a pathetic excuse for political persecution. The percentage of Swedish rape cases that make it to court is appalling (20%); it would certainly be higher if Sweden was truly concerned about this crime.  The report says gang rapes have been increasing over the last decade and they account for 18% of rapes in 2006.  I am not minimizing any type of rape but they should seriously be putting more effort into going after those criminals.  Sweden is making extraordinary efforts to question Julian Assange.  One very telling bit from the report suggests they may never question an alleged perpetrator in this type of case.  The following is from page 20 of the report, “Investigations are sometimes closed without an identified alleged perpetrator being interrogated at all. The police appear to assume that the alleged perpetrator will invoke consent and this sometimes results in the investigation being closed without an interrogation.”  While this is appalling and it shows there is much room for improvement on Sweden’s investigations, it lends to the question, why is this case any different?  Obvious answer, Julian Assange provides evidence that governments do bad things.  The report also says credibility plays a critical role in cases where both parties agree sex took place and disagree on the issue of consent.  Again, not to minimize rape, but if credibility is a factor, it should be noted that Julian Assange has taken great personal risk to deliver the truth; many powerful people have called for him to be killed.  This type of political involvement only intensifies our determination and need for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

We ask friends and family to be honest.  Why should our government be held to lesser standards?  I realize there are exceptions to that rule for government because some secrets need be kept to protect lives.  What we have here are lies that lead to death and/or corporate profits.  Those types of lies do not make a country strong; look at where we are today.  Our soldiers are not here defending us and protecting our soil and our borders.  America is slipping on so many levels; down in education, health, physical and financial strength. Corporate owned government is toxic to society so this really is about survival!

BP is still the BigPig but this time it's about Azerbaijan.  The Gulf of Mexico is not the first time they've had problems with "poor cement jobs".  Azerbaijan was luckier than the Gulf of Mexico when they had cement problems, but there is an interesting comment; from the cable: "It has closed off a 'few suspect wells' from which they think a bad cement job caused the leaking gas (which is actually good news, since had it been a reservoir leak the damage would have been potentially non-repairable)".  That isn't startling information because of BP's track record. but it also tells of the danger that comes from a collapsed well formation, "non-repairable".  Matt Simmons sure did think the DWH reservoir collapsed and Thad Allen said it may have.  You can look through my earlier posts for support of such a scenario.  I can't say that's what happened in the Gulf of Mexico but it is very odd that a dead well leaks.  Unfortunately Matt Simmons "drowned in his hot-tub" because he was very a very knowledgeable and credible source of information.  We may never know the truth about DWH because BP lies!  Oh, they also blackmail.  

I won’t say much about the Obama/Bush tax-cuts other than it is more evidence that Obama is growing the power and wealth of the oligarchs.  If Democrats are the wolves in sheep’s clothing then Obama’s coat has fallen off.  We the slaves get unemployment benefits and the suggestion we should shop.  It is laughable to think an unemployment check will grow a job.  I don’t think we’re buying their lines anymore, mostly because we can’t afford to. 

GOV Inc. is global problem and that is one thing we all seem to agree on. Therefore, opposition to corporate controlled government is universal.  And that my friends, has greater power!  We can not allow the strength we have gained from learning the truth go to waste and allow us to slip back into the abyss of dark lies.  We can not allow the sacrifices to have no meaning.  We have a solid opportunity to build forces to expel the oligarchs from power and make genuine positive change; this is the type of change ‘We the People’ deserve.

“First of all, then, you must become conscious of the false values which have been established through the centuries and to which you have become a slave; you must become conscious of values, to find out whether they are false or true, and this you must do for yourself. No one can do it for you - and herein lies the greatness and glory of man.” - Jiddhu Krishnamurti
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