Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama and George Bush - What's the Difference?

Obama and Bush - What is the Difference?

The only difference I see between the two puppets is the ‘Iraqi-WMD lie’ and eight years, exactly!  Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Odyssey Dawn were each said to be needed to protect civilians and defend the world.  Coincidentally, each “Operation” began on March 19 and each country has oil as its biggest resource.   There have been over 500 different names given to the “operations” in Iraq and after eight years, US troops are still there, thousands of people have died and they are still dying.  They can call it whatever they like, but people are dying and fighting for peace truly is like screwing to achieve virginity.

Once again we have another prime example of Obama’s hypocrisy.  “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” <--Senator Obama 2007... President Obama 2011--> Fired about 130 Tomahawk Missiles on Libya WITHOUT an actual or imminent threat on the United States, more so, he has done this WITHOUT the approval of Congress!  There is talk of impeachment by some lawmakers.  I think he should be impeached, just like the banksters should be arrested because TPTB like this will not change unless there are consequences.

The U.S. commander in Africa, General Carter Ham said "Our mandate - again, our mission - is to protect civilians from attack by the regime ground forces.  Our mission is not to support any opposition forces."  He said they are not working with, or even in contact with Gaddafi’s opposition forces.  Of course I do not approve of Gaddafi killing his own people but I do not believe the coalition forces are there to protect civilians.  There are many atrocities ongoing around the globe and the US does not get involved, and definitely not to this extent.  What about Palestine, Yemen or Bahrain?  The US is not on the side of protecting civilians there.  Bahrainis are still protesting by the thousands and they are mourning their dead.  At least 13 have been killed, over one-hundred are missing and thousand have been injured in the past month.  Israeli airstrikes injured 17 Palestinians, including 7 children yesterday, and this has been going on for decades (US just vetoed the UN resolution).  Besides, these same coalition governments spray chemicals on their own people so they are not exactly humanitarians.  Whether you believe General Ham or not, firing 130 missiles is supporting opposition forces.  Regime change may be their goal but they have opened a can of worms as Gaddafi will not go down without a fight.

I think TPTB want to protect the oil interests for the global capitalist thugs and replace Gaddafi with someone more controllable.  General Ham also said, "I could see accomplishing the military mission, which has been assigned to me, and the current leader would remain the current leader. Is that ideal? I don't think anyone would say that that is ideal."  Stephen Harper was kind enough to give us the reason for Canada’s involvement, Gaddafi must go.  He said this about Gaddafi, "He simply will not last very long, I think that is the basis on which we're moving forward. If I am being frank here, that is probably more understood than spoken aloud. But I just said it aloud."  So there you have it, an honest statement about this ‘operation’.  I really don’t see how they can accomplish civilian protection without ground troops because that is where most of the conflict has occurred.  They have expanded the No-fly zone into Tripoli and will extend it about 1,000 kilometers along the Libyan coastline and they have fired missiles into Gaddafi residential headquarters.  Obama says he will not use ground forces, but ground forces really are the biggest threat to civilians and opposition forces.  Libya did not have much of an Air Force to begin with since they haven’t bought a plane in about four decades; Libya has eight C-130s still sitting among the weeds in Marietta, GA (since 1974).  Tomahawk missiles cost $1,400,000.00 each (made by Raytheon) so it is phony for the US government to go from “shut down” to spending hundreds of millions in just a matter of hours. Please remember we were duped into Iraq under false pretenses and don't be fooled again!

Irony defined: Bradley Manning is treated like a war criminal for exposing the crime and truth about war... Peaceful Protesters were arrested and trampled by riot police just as the war criminals start another war… all on the 8 year anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom... Police State of America!
STOP THESE WARS! http://www.stopthesewars.org/
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