Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Ill Wind Blows

Earthquakes and tsunamis are horrific events and I feel deep sympathy for everyone affected by such disasters.  The meltdown at Fukushima was an avoidable disaster because nuclear energy is avoidable.  This whole situation is reminiscent of the Gulf oil debacle, especially when hearing all conflicting "official" stories.  An oil slick that is one-hundred miles long was spotted off of Louisiana coast last Friday; it was about 20 miles from BP's blown well.  I have read conflicting reports that it definitely is not BP's well and a more recent article that says it's not suspected to be BP's blown well.  An ill wind blows across the Gulf of Mexico and there's one coming across the Pacific as well.  It is more than fallout from the nuclear reactors; it appears to be more of the same, government covering for the energy company.  Who is in charge is a theme when it comes to government and big energy so I don't find much comfort when Obama says "Do not prepare for radioactive fallout, just listen to your government."  That did not work out for the people living along, or visiting the Gulf of Mexico.  So yes, we all have to be concerned about this.  Disasters can and do happen and the consequences are too devastating for cover-ups. Lies like this kill.  

Fukushima is still a touchy situation and you know they are truly desperate when they are dumping water from helicopters onto the pools of spent rods.  Reactors 2 and 3 are still smoking, the seawater, milk and food are contaminated, so I truly wish People would err on the side of caution and evacuate without waiting on government officials to say so.  Nuclear energy is dangerous every step of the process… mining, power plants and waste.  Mining uranium is bad and we are now reminded of what happens when things go wrong at nuclear power plants.  The meltdown at Fukushima was essentially due to a power loss (at least one report said one reactor did in fact melt down).  Sure it was caused by an earthquake and tsunami, but the loss of power at this power plant is what is causing the melt down and that could happen anywhere!  Chernobyl was not caused by an earthquake or tsunami; it was caused by stupidity which is far more common than earthquakes of any size.  Nuclear power plants are not safe!  I am reminded of an earlier article I shared where a study showed the entire world could be run on alternative energy in 20-40 years.  Even if that is half true, we should put all the effort into truly clean alternative energy. Buckminster Fuller elaborated, "Nuclear Energy is like burning down your house while you sit in the living room so that you can stay warm."

Most, if not every nation has a huge problem of disposing nuclear waste.  Utah nuclear waste processor EnergySolutions Inc. was fined last month for handling waste that is more radioactive than its license allows.  They were considering taking nuclear waste from Italy (wtf?!) and another nuclear energy company in Canada is hoping to bury it in beautiful Saskatchewan.  Even if the US is safe from fallout today, we have enough spent fuel rods here to do plenty of damage and Obama just called for more plants to be built (Texas coast) and operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.  Congress wants to reopen plants that have been closed 25 years (wtf?!).  There is no place to put the waste there is since Yucca Mountain was scrapped!  Nuclear waste disposal is a huge problem but the government plans to develop recycling technology (they plan to have a plan).  This disaster alone brings to light another clear example of the total incompetence of a government commandeered by greedy corporations!  

Obama has given up on Yucca Mountain which is probably wise since there are 33 fault lines under the mountain.  No one wants nuclear waste in their backyard because it will remain extremely radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.  The inability to dispose of spent rods leads to a storing problem so the rods are often stored in pools just above the reactors.  As in the case of Fukushima, the spent rods are more dangerous because 40 years worth of spent rods are stored there so 40 years of extremely radioactive waste may be melting without much protection to keep it from escaping into the wind.  It is careless for Japan’s government to be so lax on the evacuation zone so I hope people trust their instinct and leave if at all possible.  Regardless of the wind direction and level, it will track east to the United States.  Obama says we are safe as the radiation will be less concentrated, but this is the same President who says the Gulf of Mexico is safe and I know that is wrong.  If you haven't already, please read and share the important information in "The Gulf of Mexico Is NOT Safe! It is Dying!’  There is evidence to support the many reports that Corexit spraying continues and that the well [reservoir] is still leaking; I heard it has been mainly gas leaking these past few months (because it sits on top of the oil).  If so, the gas would slow but the oil would eventually increase.  Maybe this 100-mile-oil-slick comes from a different leaking-well but fresh oil is coming ashore and people see clean up crews spraying a substance on the beach.  As I've written in earlier posts, even Thad Allen said the well may have collapsed, and there is no stopping the flow of oil from that "doomsday scenario".  I know one thing for sure; they can't hide it forever if the doomsday scenario is the case.  Regardless, there is a ONE-HUNDRED MILE LONG OIL SLICK off our beaches.  Additionally, a recent study showed one-third of lead air pollution found in San Francisco originated in Asia.  An ill wind is always blowing across the Pacific.

An ill wind blows and I don’t just mean radiation from Japan.  The Global Capitalist agenda of austerity and freedom loss for the People has been going on for decades in DC but they are moving in on state policies through GOP Governors.  I don’t think all these Governors came up with such career-killing policies; I think they come straight from Bilberberg et al.  They all have the same cuts to education and tax breaks for the corporation with a few Rights stripped from the People as well.  I can agree with some MSM reports on the issue with big one exception, they do seem to be promoting this as a GOP issue… the majority of DC Dems do the same thing.  ‘The Ed Show’ did a good job on showing what these corporate governors are up to so please watch the video below. Democrats like the Wisconsin State Senate Democrats are not commonly found in DC!  DC UniParty lawmakers play the good cop, bad cop routine but they are dirty cops nonetheless.  DC Democrats have extended Bush tax-cuts, Patriot Act and Indefinite detention.  Some people do not understand why I hold the lawmakers responsible for corporate owned government, as I call it, GOV Inc; lawmakers make the laws that allow companies like Bank of America, Boeing, Citigroup, EXXON-MOBIL, General Electric and Wells Fargo to avoid paying a penny in taxes; lawmakers use the MIC to wage wars so the warmongers can make huge profits or settle a debt (see posts here Economic Hitmen and John Perkins on Globalization); lawmakers like Obama appoint corporate friendly Feinberg to handle claims for oil disaster victims; appoint GMO/Monsanto men to head up FDA Food Safety and now food labels are not telling us if the food we eat is genetically altered; Obama appointed GMO promoter Vilsack to head up the USDA and now we have scientist warning the USDA about a dangerous new pathogen linked to Monsanto’s Roundup... Vilsack has not rescinded his approval so the warning has been ignored; we have men like GE’s CEO Immelt appointed as Job czar but GE has shipped 200,000 jobs out of the US; Obama signed an Exec Order that will make supplements illegal if CDC doesn't approve with their test.  JP Morgan man Daley is Obama’s right-hand-man as his Chief of Staff and there are about 40 appointments like that so you get the idea.  We do not elect the CEOs but we do elect lawmakers, and we must have lawmakers that represent People, not corporations like BP.  I honestly do not think he can win a second term and not just because he is losing support daily; no President has ever won office without support of the South and Obama has poisoned the South with Corexit.  The divide and conquer is the usual tactic used by the oligarchs to divide us… it has worked too long, and always to their advantage.  Anyway, just keep that in mind now that candidates are announcing their run for the White House.  We the People must stick together if things are ever going to change and it will not happen with Obama the oligarch’s obot.

FEMA camps are supposed to be for evacuating American citizens (LOL yeah, right).  However, Gulf of Mexico residents should have been evacuated but the POTUS says everything is fine,  come-on-down.  Government continues to claim the Gulf is safe despite NASA’a report on toxic rain.  In case the leader of this nation hasn’t noticed, there is a 100 mile long oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico and dead dolphins and more continue to wash ashore.  We are in bad shape ourselves because this government has NOT yet tested the dead dolphins!  How many more will die?!  They can’t determine where the fresh oil is coming from or agree that it is even oil (it is oil).  We still have a crisis in the Gulf of Mexico! 

We can not afford to sit idly by while the corporations that want to rule the world usurp our military; our troops are stretched thin enough.  It appears the Global Capitalist Agenda of wars-for-money continues and their globalization (NWO) plan is as intense as it ever was.  Impeaching all the corrupt lawmakers would be great but I won't hold my breath.  I hope the protests will intensify and have some impact because it is going to take a much greater voting effort than this nation has ever seen before.  Less than 25% of eligible voters actually vote and that is shameful.  And we have to do more than spend a couple hours a year voting, ‘We the People’ must be the government.  We must peacefully remove the UniParty-for-corporations and replace them with a Uniparty-for-People.  As protests move forward and intensify, please remember we do not need to stoop to their level and become violent as it will only worsen things.  TPTB must become TPTWas!  Move your money out of the bankster banks (Move Your Money Project) and STOP SHOP is still on!  Of course people still need to buy things but buy from companies that are sustainable and that do not use their money for evil.  Become a Responsible Shopper!  A friend shared this informative site so I hope you’ll check it out for Guide to researching corporations, 'Shop and Unshop' and Green businesses you can support and more at Green America.
'Boycotts - Economic action to stop corporate irresponsibility';
Power to the People!  Screw the banksters that screwed us!
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BP and More Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and South Florida (Atlantic Coast)

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