Friday, April 1, 2011

BP Carpet Bombed The Gulf With Corexit Poisoning Marine Life, Workers & ...

                                        The Gulf of Mexico is NOT Safe!  It is Dying!

'Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated';

Obama administration restricts findings on Gulf’s dead dolphins
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Evaporating oil from BP spill likely posed a health threat, study says

U.S. lawyers say BP, spill partners harmed cleanup crew

Scientists grapple with BP oil spill's cost to bird life

FACT: Millions of gallons of Corexit have been sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico.  
FACT: Corexit is POISON!  ‘2-Butoxyethanol’ is highly toxic and the main component (30-60%) of Corexit 9527A. See MSDS for 2-Butoxyethanol section 11- 'Chronic Effects on Humans' may damage blood, kidneys, liver and CNS... adverse fertility, birth defects cancer; section 14 DOT Class 6.1- Poisonous materials.
FACT: The MSDS for each Corexit says, "Do not contaminate surface water." See under "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTION". 

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