Monday, January 30, 2012

"He Says One Thing And Does Another": Ralph Nader Reviews Obama's SOTU

"He Says One Thing and Does Another": Ralph Nader Responds to Obama's State of the Union Address,

No kidding!  Obama's announcement for a new "financial crimes unit" must be for the people who just fell off the turnip truck because
the financial-frauds have had a free pass since 2008.  Deferred/Non-Prosecution-Agreements are an open invitation by frauds, for frauds to commit more fraud.  Obama and his Justice Department are a unit for financial criminals, but hey, that's why Obama gets the fat donations from guys like Jon Corzine!  Obama's speech might work for the dope-hung-up-on-hope but there are laws against fraud but no justice is served by the Dept of Justice; War is not Peace because he has a peace prize as humanitarian bombs do not save lives; US troops are [mostly] out of Iraq because an army of 'Private Contractors' remain and thousands of troops just got orders to go to AfghanistanObama can deliver a pack of lies better than Bush but he delivers more bombs too since he's increased the drone wars exponentially.  As for the war on People in America, Obama doesn't deliver anything but bombs on Human Rights.  The State of the Union is a fascist mess!  Home sales are the lowest since 1963.  There are still 24-Million jobless people; even at the early 2011 rate, it would take 100 years to create 20 million additional manufacturing jobs.  If there are any improvements for The People, they are not accredited to Obama or his appointed.  We do have more GMO crops a growing, a lead up to war with Iran and Indefinite Detention for All.  The truth is, 'We the People' have a lot of work to do if we are ever going to have Liberty, Justice or Peace... THINK and TAKE ACTIONRigged Elections need your attention, NOW!  'Try Not to Think of a Newt': "Get serious. Get independent. Get principled. And stay nonviolent toward everything in the world except your television."

Fact-Checking Obama's State of the Union Speech, Part 1: Jobs

'3 Months After The MF Global Bankruptcy, We Find That $1.2 Billion (Or More) In Client Money Has "Vaporized"'-

'Why Prosecutors Don't Go After Wall Street' 

Facts about the Iraq War/Occupation:

'Why Obama's 'Targeted Killing' is Worse than Bush's Torture'
Both are legally prohibited but speciously justified by the White House. The difference? Obama's policy kills innocent bystanders

'Human rights groups charge NATO with war crimes in Libya',

'Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing',

“With or without this Congress, I will keep taking actions..." Obama was talking about jobs but (Libya) he does whatever he wants!
'Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain'

'Soldiers May Be Leaving Iraq, But Contractors Will Remain',
Soldiers just back from Iraq get new orders: Afghanistan -

Obama's Bundlers

'FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug, Effectively Banning Pyridoxamine from Dietary' Supplements (Vitamin is a drug... wtf? the conspiracy nuts don't need to worry about E.O. 13544)
Secretive Executive Order Establishes ‘Big Brother’ Health Bureaucracy

'Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA'

video platform video management video solutions video player
U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

Annual sales marked a new low since at least 1963, the start of Commerce Department records.
New home sales drop 2.2% in December as 2011 hits record low

Obama-backed electric car battery-maker files for bankruptcy

Lies, Omissions and Delusions-Obama’s Loaded State Of The Union Speech

Shared sacrifice doesn't apply to the 1%; we sacrifice, he enjoys the wealth...
Obama Hawaii Vacation Costs Tax Payers $4 Million; A Look At The President's Past Hawaii Vacations

TAKE ACTION --- The People's Congress
An event where all movements can unite in solidarity.
The Will of the People shall be the Law of the Land

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