Monday, October 24, 2011

David Icke: Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" ~ J. Edgar Hoover

GOV INCase-u-missed-it -
North American Trilateral Cooperation Charter (TCC)
'FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter - the end of health freedom as we know it'
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I look at the facts and I've done so with regard to NWO conspiracy and the facts show it is very real. Laws, Exec orders and actions do not lie. We are closer to living in the North American Union (NAU) just this past year with things like the Rural Council and the deals POTUS made with Canada (shared security) and Mexico (trucking) and more recently the North American Trilateral Cooperation Charter (TCC).

I know people are waking up but the majority of people have been listening to the globalist media for a lifetime so they do not know the 'real' truth, and that includes Occupy protesters.  Some people think they know what's going on but they may not... even if they watch the main stream news 24/7/365 because they only know what TPTB want them to know and it's all propaganda to DIVIDE and CONQUER.  They've divided us on issues/party/race/religion, you name it.  UNITE and WIN! 

It is them against us, and we are everything from t-baggers to o-baggers.  We are ONE so we're all the same to me, but the BIG [NWO] picture needs to be the focus, not Citizens United... it's not that simple.  The globalist agenda has been at work for decades and has been quite successful thus far.  That is dangerous to our survival!  The globalist's NWO is real regardless of how many people scoff at it so let go of any Normalcy bias.  OWS is a target and is in danger of being hijacked and splintered by so-called progressives that are, or speak for, the very same people that have been working against People for decades.  I watch them try every day.  We all need to be mindful of how the movement is directed, do not take bones they may toss to quiet us down... do not buy any BS from any gov or talking head because they suck people in and spin them in the wrong direction.  TPTB are masters at deceit and manipulation so do not be fooled.  Infiltrates are ALWAYS part of a closing society!   Some will try to split the Occupy movement; there are fake 'Anonymous' videos floating around now, so remain wary of anything that will be used to misdirect.  

TPTB are very threatened right now and they'll stop at nothing to stop the unity that will stop them.  We are more than progressives, Americans or anything that defines us as anything more than what we are, WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE.  The NWO is a conspiracy so monstrous many people cannot believe it exists, but it does exist, and they want total world domination.  They've created many problems (wars, poverty, hunger) so they can offer their solution of globalization but it is not the kind of world we want!  Stopping that is the only way to get what People are wanting... which is Freedom,  freedom from wars, hunger, poverty and/or economic slavery, and every person and OCCUPY protester needs to know that.    


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