Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Central Bankers


CNBC reported 'We're All Slaves to Central Banks' on one show and '100% Chance of Global Recession' on another.  It's hard to argue with either headline.  However,
You Don't Have to Be a Victim!
Open Your Eyes!  Get Principled, Get Independent!   
Be Prepared!  You Can't Eat Gold... Choose Staying Power!

NOW is the Time for WE THE PEOPLE to Say NO to the Status-quo!  

Move your money if you haven't already, carefully consider every purchase and ONLY Consider ANY of the MANY Alternatives to the Globalist's puppet politicians.  End the Wars! End the FED!  Restore Our Power and Liberty!  Let Us, We the People, UNITE and CHOOSE OUR PRESIDENT, OUR CONGRESS, OUR GOVERNMENT for OUR COUNTRY and OUR WORLD and OUR FUTURE and OUR KIDS!  ENOUGH FRAUD, KILLING, RECESSION & OPPRESSION... GIVE ME LIBERTY!  


Help Stop Election Fraud:



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