Monday, July 16, 2012

TPP: Tremendously Pervasive Power for the Multinational Corporations

TPP secrets: Obama covertly handing more power to corporations

"Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power."-Benito Mussolini                                           

'Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined', the history of what is named, "The New World Order"

TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership~
Tremendously Pervasive Power for the Multinational Corporations.  TPP is another Globalist/Obama move against US sovereignty and a giant step towards globalization, or as the US Presidents call it, the New World Order... and so it the UN Arms Trade Treaty.         

National sovereignty is at stake. Signatory countries will have to change domestic laws, regulations, and other policies to comply.
'TPP: A Trade Deal from Hell':
Outrageous TPP Investment Chapter provisions:

(1) prohibit federal, state, and local governments from regulating foreign companies operating in America. They'll have greater rights than US firms.

(2) incentivize corporate America to invest abroad and offshore more jobs to low wage countries.

(3) establish a two-track legal system. Foreign firms will be exempt from US laws. They'll be able to sue federal, state and local governments in foreign courts. At issue is demanding compensation for financial, health, environmental, land use, and other laws they claim undermine their rights.

(4) let foreign corporations demand and receive compensation for costs incurred in complying with US financial or environmental regulations that apply equally to all companies globally.
'TPP: A Trade Deal from Hell' by Stephen Lendman  READ & SHARE:

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty is on your doorstep Americans. It will be law within a few months. Will you allow your congressmen and senators to give away American sovereignty to corporate control? Will you stop this? It is a final death blow to American democracy. The time for careful thought is over. It is time to act.
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'TPP: Direct From the San Diego Negotiations: Last Chance to Save Democracy'~

UN Arms Trade Treaty~

an earlier plan ~ 
US Department of State Publication on Disarmament
Freedom from War (1961)
"United States has introduced at the Sixteenth General Assembly of the United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World..."
A plan for complete disarmament and disbanding of all national armed forces [NWO]

GOV INCase-u-think-they-care ~
'Senate rejects bid to label genetically modified food' 
Sanders’ amendment would not have required states to label genetically modified. It would only have given states legal protection to do so.


Say No To Corporate America! said...

Rahm Emanuel: "Don't let a good crisis go to waste"... A tragedy used further a plan of General and Complete Disarmament and Disbanding of All National Armed Forces... “Dark Knight” Tragedy Sure to be Exploited to Threaten 2nd Amendment:
UN Arms Trade Treaty has its roots in a briefing from the State Department Bureau of Public Affairs in September of 1961. It calls for a “general and complete disarmament”. It goes on to call for “the building up of international peace-keeping machinery and institutions”. The key word in that sentence is international....

Our hearts go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy and their loved ones. My only hope is that we do not allow their pain to be taken advantage of, and used as fuel to trample the constitution and irreparably damage the safety, security and sovereignty of our nation.

I’m not ready to see the blue helmets of UN Peacekeepers marching through our streets. Are you?

Say No To Corporate America! said...

The shooter, described as "top of the top" by the Chancellor where he recd his scholarship for degree in neuroscience. Was he recruited? MKUltra?!?! It has happened before.
Project MKUltra ->

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