Friday, April 8, 2011

The Big SHOWDOWN-SHUTDOWN Sleight of Hand!

The Politics of US Government Shutdown

I’ve got to blog about this current Dem vs. GOP Shutdown Showdown.  This is not good for ‘We the People’ but it’s a win-win for TPTB.  It works well to divide the people, it boosts Obama’s falling poll numbers and it is a really really good DISTRACTION.  Remember, America is not really broke, 99% of the wealth is owned by just 1% - the elite that do not pay their fair share!

These idiotic lawmakers just can’t seem to come to an agreement on the spending budget and they are essentially arguing over a drop in a big barrel.  If you listen to the MSM, the issue has boiled down to abortion vs. women’s health.  Of course women’s health is important and abortions are never paid for by government currently, but the fact that abortion is even a part of the topic is a great benefit for the puppet masters; it is perhaps the number one issue to divide and distract the Sheeple.  Of course there is wasteful spending by government but there would be no need to cut any social programs if the deficit wasn’t so dreadful… but they have it backwards.  They should have increased revenue and not cut social programs that benefit People.  The government is supposed to work for the People and this shows that it continues to fail. 

This enormous deficit comes primarily from endless wars, tax-cuts for the rich, loopholes that allow the corporations to avoid paying taxes and of course the chemtrail ‘Operation Cloverleaf’ can’t be cheap. Democrats and Obama are responsible for that too because they have approved them or have done nothing to change them (they had 2 years with Dem majority).  So if you think Dems are putting up a fight now, ask yourself this one question.  Where was this Dem stubbornness when the GOP "insisted" on extending tax-cuts for the rich?!  There wasn’t an ounce of fight.  It was stifled by puppet masters and campaign dollars from the rich and the corporations.  After listening to the Democrat politicians and MSM, I see this shut down is about only making Dems look good for the 2012 elections. Neither party represents the interest of People!  The People are finally beginning to realize that, so this is a tool to divide and distract 'We the People'.  I hope people see through this tactic. 

I am sick of the ‘good-copóbad-cop routine’ being played in politics because both sides are equally corrupt.  This routine works well to divide the people but it is time to stop buying it!  THE UNIPARTY HAS TO GO!  People often make the Ralph-Nader-excuse (helps GOP if you vote for a third party) as to why they vote for a Democrat even when they know it is a vote for the lesser of two evils.  Besides the fact that the lesser evil is still evil, the Nader-Excuse is not true, especially now.  TPTB fear our unity and People of all types are uniting (less T-baggers of course but who cares).  We are on to the fact that both parties (THE UNIPARTY, INC.) are beholden to the corporations and People are pissed off.  We have had enough of the barrage of attacks to our money and Rights.  This nation is on the verge of a major revolution and a lot of people would easily vote for a Third Party or Independent candidate right now.  So yeah, TPTB are worried.  What is their solution?  Make their lead puppet look good by having a shutdown showdown!  

The fact it comes while we are involved in 3 wars [plus at least 3 covert ops] is risky timing for such a thing and unprecedented.  It will cost money to do this and but what do they care, they don’t pay for it, we do.  Our soldiers are risking their lives to fight TPTB’s imperialistic wars - maybe the soldiers will lay down their weapons and have their families pay for their air fare home since they’re not getting their paychecks.  Obama, Biden and Congress still get their paychecks.  The corporations may use this as a tool to get their tax-holiday so watch out for that one.  Regardless of a shutdown, the Dems will look better than the GOP… again, lesser of two evils and we can’t just keep switching the devil for his twin!

TPTB don’t care if the GOP looks bad, it is actually their goal (even Karl Rove is saying the Republicans should back off).  Obama has been losing his base and it has only gotten worse for him with his humanitarian bombing in Libya without approval of Congress; he announced his run for reelection on the same day Holder announced military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees… the list goes on.  GOV Inc knows the Dems are losing support, hence this big ‘shutdown’.  It doesn’t really matter if they shut down or not because either will make the GOP look bad and the Dems look good… voila, Obama looks better for a win in 2012.  Alan Grayson wrote in Huffington Post today, Please make a note on your calendar. November 6, 2012. Election Day. That's when it will be our turn to punish them (the GOP), the way that they've tried to punish all of us.”   Alan Grayson may have questioned the Fed about the missing nine-trillion dollars but he was up for reelection then (it was all for show); he supports Obama and he wants back in the game.  Alan Grayson is wealthy and a Dem/Uniparty and he is NOT one of us!

If Dems really cared about deficit, they would do something about the $9-trillion dollars that is missing from the Federal Reserve; they would tax the rich, close the TBTF Banks, reinstate Glass-Steagall, end the corporate loopholes, end the endless wars/covert ops and stop Operation Cloverleaf.  If Obama cared about the Constitution he would have let Congress decide what to do about Libya (shhh, it’s a coup d'état now led by the CIA).  Obama has played well for TPTB (Multi National Corporations, Bilderberg, TLC and CFR) and he has aided them in their quest for Globalization aka NWO.  He has worked hard to help their agenda and so they want him for another four years.  Obama was the one chosen to sell the NWO and that’s why an idiot like Palin was tapped for McCain’s VP.  Obama has helped with appointments like Monsanto Man Michael Taylor as FDA’s Food Safety Czar, GE’s job exporting CEO Jeff Immelt for Job Czar, the endless revolving door between the Wall Street Banks and the Treasury Department.  There are about 40 former TBTF CEO’s, Lobbyists or other Insiders now appointed by the OBOT!  Obama helped the banksters with bailouts; extended tax-cuts for the rich; extended the Patriot Act (at least he didn’t get 3 more years like he wanted); Indefinite Detention; continued the 2 wars plus 1 (Libya), increased attacks under 3 covert ops; continues Operation Cloverleaf and he even signed an Executive order that can make alternative supplements and pre-FDA centuries-old approved medicines illegal.  His budget called for cuts to heating assistance for the elderly and Pell grants for the young.  Those do little to offset the deficit but help TPTB who want the people to be poor and uneducated; poor people are distracted by keeping food on the table and their families out of the rain.  Uneducated people don’t make a lot of money or use critical thinking to question this fraudulent system.  We may be poor or headed that way but I think we are wising up to their tricks.  Most are just unaware because the same corporations own the MSM which does a good job of pushing the distraction and hiding their agenda.  Television is one long program of their relentless misinformation.  I’m not sure of the plan for China and Russia, or if they are behind it - but unrest in the Middle East and closing societies in the West are leading to eventual world unrest.  The NWO can swoop in to save us all with their one world government because one gov can mean no wars.  Oh, but all along the way, they are the creators of the corruption that led to the unrest.  The US is run by a rogue government so we better do something before they open up the FEMA camps.  Obama has kept up the slieght of hand – fool the people with his words while keeping the people’s eyes off what he does.  I was duped in to the “Hope & Change” Bullshit.  But no more.  From now on, I will only support the WHOLE TRUTH from someone that exposes their plan for a NWO.

It is my hope that this shut-down, should it occur, will benefit Independents and Third Party candidates that don't play for the US Corporate Oligarchy!  Now is a perfect time; it has gone past saving the US – it is now really about our survival!  I don’t know if drastic changes in 2012 will be enough to stop their plan but it will certainly slow it down if we get a leader that will stand up to TPTB.  The DC UniParty system does not work well for the People.  UniParty Incorporated works for no one but the Oligarchy.  I still have hope that the Sheeple will wake up to the UniParty’s Bullshit!

There are real solutions to our problems but the answers won't come from the ones that created the problems to begin with: Uniparty Incorporated.  Do not fall for their tricks.  Millions of people are awake, and if you’re reading this you most likely are too, but the rest of us may still need to have a bucket of cold water poured on our heads!

‘At Least We Still Can Go Broke’;

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