Friday, November 19, 2010


This blog was started to help put an end to corporate reign in politics.  Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by our First Amendment.  Unfortunately, misguided judges say this Right also applies to corporations.  So why is there so much censorship when people speak out against corporations or government?  Corporations own the majority of the media today.  I suppose I just answered part of my own question.  The scales are so far off balance that “We the People’ are no longer afforded an equal voice and it appears to go beyond lobbying. 

I have been posting comments on various websites over the years.  It appears my comments are singled out these days.  I see “awaiting moderation” only to find out my comment was moderated into oblivion.  Funny, it never occurred until after I started this blog.  In some cases I have determined it is not an across-the-board moderation.  In some cases my comments are not noted as “moderated”, they just disappear.  My carefully chosen words go to a file of nothingness.  I say this is censorship and discrimination.  If a website chooses to moderate [and they should], they should moderate every comment or post.  I refrain from profanity and I generally stick to the issue using facts to support my statements.  I usually cite the references I use for information.  I am not spamming; I am not selling anything.  I am sharing information.  My comments vanish even when this blog is not linked.  I label personal comments as such and they appear to have no problem being posted.  One site in particular has allowed comments that suggest illegal activities like murder yet my comments with relative facts are placed in the nothingness file. 

I am not expecting many people to agree with me but I would like to assert my viewpoint now and then.  Discussion that is one-sided does not accomplish much for Democracy!  We communicate through the world-wide-web so much today that our ideas and thoughts can be deduced by the sites we visit and/or the key words we type in a search engine.  The thought police are truly a reality these days.  Google’s ‘instant search’ is disturbing.

George Carlin was a funny man.  He was sometimes crass but he had an interesting take on many situations.  He is gone now but censorship in America is alive and well.  I can see where profanity and wardrobe-malfunctions should be kept out of view; these are not appropriate for children.  But I do not agree that facts about BP, US Government or Kenneth Feinberg should be censored. 

Therefore, I am letting my readers know this blog appears to be “filtered” by some referring sites.  I do not care that my opinions are not reaching a lot of readers but I hate the reality that important facts are censored as well.  If you like this blog or are interested in what is said here, I hope you will help refer it to others.  Post the link if and when you choose.  Thanks for reading and I appreciate your continued support.

UPDATE~ Homeland Security seized domain names w/o due process. Now Google and YouTube are trying to stifle Alex Jones, and the truth. It is important to remember Google's CEO Eric Schmidt is a Bilderberg member!  A new post is coming soon... hopefully you'll be able to read it!
Homeland Security seizes domain names:
Censorship on the web - Is Alex Jones the beginning?:

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