Sunday, October 24, 2010

We've all got to start thinking differently.

The sole intention of this blog is to inspire a new legitimate political party... a political party that places the people’s interest above ANY corporate interest.   We must establish a new political party that does not allow corporations to call the shots… ever!  Lobbying reform is not enough- lobbying needs to end, period.  I think we would be better served with a party that calls to end lobbying… number one issue!  It truly is the best solution to ending this Corporate Nightmare~ the rest would fall into place.  NO LOBBYING ALLOWED is the only way to end the corporate hold on American Government.

I strongly believe that we are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution... so I am doing something about it.  Yes, there are other political parties besides the two that have run us into the spiral of corporate rule - but they do not go far enough.  Regardless, their message has not worked well enough.  It has been eight months since BP unleashed their oil on the South and the US GOV made it worse by allowing toxic Corexit to be sprayed on us.  As a Southerner who has fallen victim of the oil/gov fiasco, WE ARE OUT OF TIME!  I am inspired by the power of grass root movements and the internet has changed the political arena... NOW IS THE TIME TO CREATE GENUINE CHANGE! 

Since the Gulf Oil Disaster, many have written their concerns and frustrations on various websites- there are many such websites and I hope to connect each of their followers.  Sharing our information is important; it makes us stronger- collectively we can make that change.   Americans are finally opening their eyes to the fact corporations really do call the shots.  We've all got to start thinking differently!

Obama broke his promise about lobbyists- that one promise would make a world of difference.  Other parties support lobbying regulation but it is an all or nothing game. Even with the exception of non-profit entities, Corporations will work their way around it.  We should simply say, NO LOBBYISTS ALLOWED!

The corporations will always spend more to lobby for their interests.  As things now stand, Goliath will always win against David where money is the weapon used.  Corporations have owned our Government far too long - as we've seen from the Gulf Oil Disaster, our government has once again sided with big corporation.

No President has ever won office without the support of the South. The South is well aware of the atrocities by BP et al.  We have power to vote for a true party ‘for the people’- now we just have to create one and find a leader worth following. It can and must be done!

It’s going to take more than a little lifestyle change and wishful thinking to undo decades of corporate run government – but it is time to start!  We must make something positive happen from this horrific situation or it is just more of the same.


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