Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lobbying and Corexit, it all the same to me: TOXIC Poison!
Democratic Representation is an Oxymoron! 

I read an article today where a group of American people hired a lobbyist to have access to their elected public officials (link below).  This is what I am so ticked about... lobbying is lop-sided, screwed up and just plain wrong in every way.  Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, hire ‘em.  I’ve thought of it doing so; like he says, I don’t have the money and power.  This lobbyist is reportedly charging the people $795 an hour to “grease the wheels a little”… a helluva messenger fee.  This is what we have to do to get our representatives to represent voters... to get them to even listen to us!  It is despicable!  Please read the story and I’m certain you will be as disgusted as I am.  We are not naive- we are, We the People they are supposed to represent!  It is time for lawmakers to work for the people!

Lobbying is just how it works these days but I don’t think we should take it anymore.   The corporations have fared well, people have not!  It doesn't matter if a candidate takes campaign contributions from corporations because once they're in office, the game is the same.  Odds are whoever hires the best lobbyist calls the shots... he with the most money wins.  Corporations have deep pockets and they can always dig deeper.  At the rate of nearly $800/hr, that will never, ever be the people.  

As I’ve said before, if lawmakers need a lobbyist to tell them what they should do, they do not belong in office!  If lawmakers need to know more about a particular issue they can find the answer… they can try something new, like listen to your constituents! 

EVIL TOXIN:  Lobbying is the toxin corporations have used to poison the people’s lawmakers.  Corporations lobbying lawmakers is like oil being sprayed with Corexit; the combination makes a toxic soup… it can/has spread world-wide.  Lawmakers and the Gulf waters need to be cleansed – we need to end lobbying and toxic dispersant.

One should not miss any opportunity to pull in supporters when they’re ticked-off – that’s a lesson learned from newly formed Tea Party.  Nearly five million people live in the four hardest hit states of the BP et al debacle; we all want, strike that – need serious change.  Now is the time if ever there was.  We must stand up and create real change because no one will do it except us.  Not “Yes we can” but Yes we will.  I think we would be better served with a party that calls to end lobbying as the number one issue!  It truly is the best solution to ending this Corporate Nightmare ~ the rest would fall into place because it puts corporations on a level playing field.  Lobbying is the reason for Corporate America.  Let’s hire a lobbyist to end lobbying. 

I have a response to Anita’s comment about the Green Party.  They merely support lobbying reform.  Modifying something and ending it are two entirely different scenarios.  Regardless, it does not appear to be a major topic of the Green Party platform.  Reform is not enough; corporations will circumvent rules as long as lobbying is permitted.  Lobbying needs to end, period.  Green Party candidates do not take corporate contributions, and that is very good.  They have put a tremendous effort into campaign finance reform but that only scratches the surface.  McCain-Feingold could not stop corporate lobbies from finding their way around the bill's reforms.  However, an end to lobbying would give causes like campaign finance reform a much better chance of succeeding. 
American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress

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