Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chemtrails in the LameStreamMedia

FACT: US PATENT for 'POWDER CONTRAIL GENERATION' is Assigned to The United States of America... "to generate contrails or reflective screens for any desired purpose."   

FACT:  NASA forecasting "persistent contrails" (aka chemtrails).  

People often ask, Why?... "any desired purpose"

We can only guess why they spray but that doesn't stop me from believing what I see with my own eyes... and common sense tells me it's dead wrong.  Our children deserve better!  Learn and Share the FACTS and SCIENCE... Ask the Hard Questions and Always THINK for Yourself!  

Think Global, Act Local As I suggested in other 'Chemtrail' posts, take any or all of these facts to your city and county officials; make discs, mail or hand deliver; let them know you'll give them time to review the information and that you will see them at the next public meeting... invite everyone you know and call the local press and invite them too.  Share the facts with anyone and everyone that will listen, especially doctors because WE ARE ALL AFFECTED!  Awareness is key so GET THIS INFO OUT THERE!  Most people just don't know about them but science and facts don't lie.  I've been doing it for a long time and it is usually accepted once people look at the facts... Show every community, coast to coast.  They may ignore you and try to stall you, but keep going back to local officials.  They work for us, so it is their job.  

Scientific Evidence and FACTS

A team of Scientist evaluate persistent contrails aka chemtrails; 
CASE ORANGE Videos below
TAKE ACTION! See previous posts by SNTCA

Case Orange: Dr Coen Vermeeren Reviews Chemtrail Data

CASE ORANGE - Belfort Group - Symposium - Rapport

Belfort Group - Desiree Rover Presents Chemtrails Evidence 


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