Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Collapse Crisis Leading to Civil War

Russian Troops Coming to American Soil on May 2012

Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Training Unit... in Idaho
'Draft report released on Saudi air force plan'
"A draft document released by Air Force officials earlier this month formally named Mountain Home Air Force Base as the preferred location for a new foreign military training mission.

The initial environmental assessment produced by Air Combat Command headquarters in Virginia outlines a plan to station a Royal Saudi air force unit at the local base as part of a five-year agreement.

In December 2010, the Air Force named Mountain Home as the "preferred alternative" for this training squadron following a request made by Saudi officials. However, the agreement was still being finalized as part of an overall $60 billion arms package between both nations that was signed in late 2011.

The arms deal included the sale of 84 new F-15SA jets, upgrades to the Royal Saudi air force's existing fleet of 70 F-15s as well as munitions and spare parts. Similar in function to an F-15 training squadron from the Republic of Singapore already at the base, the Saudi unit would fly up to 18 F-15SA aircraft -- a modified version of the base's F-15E Strike Eagles.


(reposting from 2010)
Department of Defense press release
'Air Force selects potential base for Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Training Unit' -

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