Saturday, October 4, 2014

EBOLA Study: Ebolavirus Can Live on Surfaces for UP TO 3 WEEKS

The CDC is LYING!!!

Air-transmission of Ebola virus between humans IS SUSPECTED and HAS NOT BEEN RULED OUT 

Ebola Virus Particles Can Be Transmitted By Air - Prof. S.A. Omilabu 


Viruses Found To Spread Far And Wide As We Breathe

Study at Queensland University of Technology dispels the myth that viruses only travel arms length-

Professor Morawska and a team of QUT scientists have been studying the way droplets carrying viruses are dispersed in the air when people speak, cough, sneeze and breathe. "The current belief is that if you are an arm's length away from someone you are protected from any viruses they might be carrying," she said.
"When we talk about infection spread we are talking about droplets emitted from humans being dispersed in the air."
As part of the study QUT designed and built a machine to measure the distance a droplet travels in the air prior to drying.
"This droplet could potentially be carrying a virus," she said. "The significant part of our research has found that rather than the droplet falling directly to the ground after leaving the mouth, the liquid component of the droplet dries in the air and the dry residue travels large distances.
"When a droplet dries in the air the residue is carried in the air, and therefore there is a risk that people can inhale that air and become infected."
Professor Morawska said a droplet drying on a surface could be infectious but the greater danger was droplets drying in the air. "A droplet can travel for 10cm before it dries in the air, it doesn't immediately fall to the ground."...

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"In laboratory settings, non-human primates exposed to aerosolized ebolavirus from pigs have become infected" 


The CDC is LYING!!!

 Study has shown the Ebola Zaire virus "can survive for long periods in different liquid media and can also be recovered from plastic and glass surfaces at low temperatures for over 3 weeks"

"When dried in tissue culture media onto glass and stored at 4 °C, Zaire ebolavirus survived for over 50 days"

The survival of filoviruses in liquids, on solid substrates and in a dynamic aerosol

Abstract -


D.C. hospital admits patient with Ebola-like symptoms


There are only 19 level 4 bio-containment beds in the United States

That's 19 level four biocontainment beds for 317,000,000 people

and the flights keep coming


 U.S. Nurses Say They Are Unprepared To Handle Ebola Patients

 "If there are protocols in place, the nurses are not hearing them and the nurses are the ones who are exposed,"


In an abundance of caution, 

CDC director Frieden WON'T EVEN TRY to close our borders

or use the ONLY tried and true treatment for an Ebola outbreak, QUARANTINE!

See the previous post for more on the suspicion of Ebola air-transmission, CDC lies and an important recommendation from CIDRAP: healthcare workers w/Ebola patients should wear respirators, not face-masks

WHO: Ebola death toll at 3,439 with 7,492 cases recorded... [which could be 25% of actual numbers].  They say the amount of people infected in West Africa is doubling every 20 days... 5 new cases every hour in Sierra Leone and the majority of infected are still turned away from treatment centers in Liberia [seriously under-reported] . West Africa could easily have 2000 new cases every day by the end of the year... 
and the flights keep coming. 
See the dangerous implications of steady rates of growth:  



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