Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flood, Fire, Farmland… Nebraska, New Mexico... Nuclear Menace x 3

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Underwater, 10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation, Cooper Nuclear Power Plant and Los Alamos Nuclear Lab... Don't Worry?

This is a very informative article; numbers to know for the situation at Fort Calhoun.
'Flood test not over for nuke plant'

I know all of this is more than a menace to the people living in the areas affected by flood and fires, but I hope this doesn't turn in to a nuclear nightmare for the nation.  I am relieved to see the mandatory evacuation around Fort Calhoun [and Los Alamos] but it is truly disturbing to see a boat tied up to a nuclear power plant.  Despite the deficiencies in flood preparedness found at Fort Calhoun two-years ago, they keep saying the water-filled berm is not required by NRC regulations.  That is not a real confidence booster for the NRC and too reminiscent of Big-Oil & MMS.  That giant water-filled condom doesn't give much protection but it's a good thing it was there when it may be all that protects us from a nuclear nightmare.  I wouldn't be here if rubber wasn't defective so I'd really like to see them do more to hold back the water. 

I can understand the Corp buying flood-land as they have done so before; maybe the Corp should have seen this coming and released water long before they did.  We need good farmland... if I was a farmer there, I tell the Corp to take a swim (unless worst-case-scenario happens with Nebraska's nuke plants)... but George Soros can swim in the cooling pools at Fort Calhoun and Cooper for all I care. 
"George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments as a partner."'Updated: Look Who’s Buying Up Flood Ravaged Farm Land';

"A protective berm holding back floodwaters from a Nebraska nuclear power plant collapsed early Sunday after it was accidentally torn, surrounding containment buildings and key electrical equipment with Missouri River overflow."
'Waters Encircle Nuclear Plant'
and more on Cooper Nuclear Power Plant:

... and then there were three... Los Alamos 
The wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, N.M., has grown to at least 61,000 acres amid mounting concerns about what might be in the smoke that's visible from space.
'Los Alamos Fire: 1st Air Samples Show No Elevated Radiation'; (see videos)

They say there's multiple redundancy and the nuclear materials are secure; let's hope so!  The EPA is testing for radiation.  Firefighters were bracing for 45 mph wind gusts that are forecast for today.  You really can't make this stuff up!
'Airplane deployed to monitor air over NM fire';

The concern for radiation expands beyond the lab at Los Alamos; the surrounding area has 'legacy contamination'... btw, that contaminated land is open to the public!
'Collecting radioactive debris in Bayo Canyon, New Mexico';

Strange flooding is going on in India-
'Now, groundwater flowing out of Indian houses';
I was looking into the other floods and came across this aerial footage of Indonesia from a few months ago. The river did not overflow but the flooding is quite serious; is the land sinking?

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." -Abraham Lincoln.
I know a lot of us are weary of the existing federal government and most of CON-gress... it is time for the "People's Congress" Get involved!:

Tell Obama that nuclear is NOT clean, or safe!

US Uncut Actions List';

The Forward Blitz Network - Marches, Rallies, Strikes, Etc.

4th of July protest - City Capitals Across America!

September: Labor Day 2011

October: 10/6/11 Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C.

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