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War Unlimited Incorporated - Every American Should Know This Stuff!

                                                  'Every American and her Allies Should Listen to This'

Sometimes I think we’re living in the ‘Bizarro’ episode of 'Seinfeld'.  This twin world of déjà vu is a repeat of eight years ago with a few rewrites.  They say history repeats itself, and they are not kidding.  I just didn’t think it happened so quickly or that people would forget so easily.  Of course not all the circumstances are the same between Iraq and Libya and even the comparable leaders have differences. Both the last two US Presidents lie, but this rerun has a much better liar and he’s one helluva hypocrite.  Although Obama has repeatedly said there will be no boots on the ground, there have been Special Forces in Libya since February 23rd.  The leader of Libyan rebel forces, Khalifa Hifter, has lived in the US for the past 20 years.  Despite what Obama says, the US is central in this war in Libya, or rather this coup d'état.  Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is just the epitome of hypocrisy that’s going on and many people think he should give it back and I’ve said so myself, but maybe he should get another one before he starts another war.  Obama, a Constitutional lawyer violated the Constitution with actions in Libya and it's not like he didn’t know because he said the President didn't have the authority [but he was referring to the war in the previous story].  Should we be glad there wasn’t a false-flag that killed thousands of people?  I know we need to get the kleptocrat killers out of power!

One of Obama’s first acts as President was the memo about transparency in government but he has denied considerably more F.O.I.A. requests that Bush.  It was the same story last year, so what do they do?  They give Obama an award.  There is a lot of irony in his transparency award - Obama got the award but it was a secret meeting where no press was allowed (it was supposed to be open to the press, but they changed it – another rewrite).  This of course I find ridiculous because Obama just issued a gag order on the data from the GOM dead dolphins and he had political operatives screening Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  DHS “demoted a senior career employee who confidentially complained to the agency's internal watchdog that political appointees were improperly interfering with requests for federal records by journalists and others.”  The only thing Obama has that is transparent are the words on the US Constitution!  Do not listen to what Obama says, but carefully watch what he does! 

It is finally becoming painfully obvious to most Americans that America is Incorporated.  Most DC lawmakers continually work to benefit the corporate masters and that does not exclude government actions of war.  War is big business, covert actions, undeclared and illegal wars are no exception.  Many do not realize it but America is now involved in 5 wars; Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen.  Pakistan and Yemen are covert CIA actions that only make alternative news (especially when people die from drone attacks) but any mention is kept out of main stream news.  Whether the wars are covert, illegal or undeclared make no real difference because people die nonetheless.  America is not the Land of the Free; it is War Unlimited Incorporated and warmongers like Halliburton profit.  "In December 2001, Kellogg, Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, secured a 10-year deal known as the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), from the Pentagon. The contract is a "cost-plus-award-fee, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity service" which basically means that the federal government has an open-ended mandate and budget to send Brown and Root anywhere in the world to run military operations for a profit."- from 'Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War'  Raytheon may be making a bundle from missiles but Halliburton makes a killing from wars- just as they have for decades.  Of course the oil barons have interest and they profit greatly.  Europe is the main importer of Libyan oil so I guess that explains their interest.  Despite everything, BP said its contract with Libya's National Oil Corporation is still valid.  Now, the United States pays 25 percent of the military expense of NATO, and NATO may be participating in the expansion in exceeding the UN mandate.  We know who benefits from war and we know who pays for it, so why the hell does it continue?  This has been happening for decades but it has rapidly expanded with Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.  It that the reason people believe anything he says?  There are dissenting voices on this war coming from Congress but few are genuine and most are purely coming from personal political self-preservation.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich addressed Congress for almost an hour last week and every American should hear this - truth is a rare commodity in Washington.  Here is a sample:
"In two years, we have moved from President Bush’s doctrine of preventive war to President Obama’s assertion of the right to go to war without even a pretext of a threat to the nation. This administration is now asserting the right to go to war because a nation may threaten force against those who have internally taken up arms against it.
Keep in mind, our bombs began dropping even before the United Nations International Commission of Inquiry could verify allegations of murder of noncombatant civilians by the Qaddafi regime. The administration deliberately avoided coming to Congress and, furthermore, rejects the principle that Congress has any role in this matter.
Yesterday, we learned that the administration would forge ahead with military action even if Congress passed a resolution constraining the mission. This is a clear and arrogant violation of our Constitution. Even a war launched ostensibly for humanitarian reasons is still a war, and only Congress can declare war."

It appears humanitarian bombing for humanitarian efforts are acceptable to a lot of people – they are caught in the lies spun from the web of deceit.  I expect lies from MSM but the blatant lies from the utmost left of MSM have me gagging.  I guess people are starting to snap out of it because the polls on the humanitarian bombing have gone from 70% approval down to 50%.  Just like Iraq, US reasons for involvement are ever-changing.  I hope the public awakening continues because the situation in Libya is not over; US will keep bombing another few days... indefinite.  Gaddafi is well aware of the trickery that comes from the West and he is hell-bent on staying.  Maybe he is not a nice guy but the same kind of civilian dangers exist in many other countries (civilians in the NATO-countries-against-Gaddafi are sprayed with chemtrails).  The other countries don't have the oil resources like Libya, or TPTB like the tyrant.  The oil industry says US will import 25% of its oil from Africa by 2015 and I doubt there is no coincidence that Libya is the largest oil producer in Africa.  US would probably know more about Libya’s undiscovered oil than Libya thanks to HAARP.  There are better ways to get energy and these imperialistic wars for oil have got to stop!  Take the War Money and invest it in alternative energy.

Obama has repeatedly stated there will be "no ground troops in Libya".  And true to form, Obama's word is proven to be bogus.  According to a Libyan official and US intelligence sources, there have been Special Forces in Libya since February 23rd.  The uprising became serious just a week before those "U.S. and British military gurus" arrived in Benghazi and Tobruk.  Just like the war on Iraq, the humanitarian bombing is not over in Libya like the news said Friday because a NATO airstrike killed 13 rebel forces Friday night.  We can assume it was friendly fire, but who knows because US can be friend one minute and foe the next.  Reports say that some rebels are Al Qaeda and one report said the rebels are selling weapons to Al Qaeda. This is already a quagmire!  Libyan rebels have been very busy and appear to be quite confident in their success of ousting Gaddafi.  Interesting facts: The Libyan Rebel’s new leader, Khalifa Hifter, was once a top military officer for Gaddafi but he has lived just outside Washington, DC for 20 years.  I think Hifter is working for the CIA.  His friends say they don't know how he supports his large family and his name is also spelled Haftar, Hefter or Huftur.  The rebels have already established a New Central Bank of Libya (hey, maybe we should do that) and they have already made a deal to sell oil to Qatar.  Maybe Khalifa Hifter will be Libya’s new leader or maybe I should say CIA or US, no…NWO.  Isn’t that a hoot?

I know they are determined but I wonder if they are a bit over confident in taking out Gaddafi so easily.  I told some friends that Gaddafi would let the rebels move towards Tripoli with ease and then he would flank them, and that is just what happened.  The rebels lost ground and equipment despite Special Forces on the ground.  There has been a lot of MSM chatter about supplying more arms for the rebels so it will be interesting to see what unfolds.  Obama can’t hide it if he sends in regular military troops and he will have a hard time justifying it if he does – Gaddafi knows this and he has supporters.  I would not be surprised to see a false-flag if it starts to look bad for Hifter’s rebels.  Despite NATO’s involvement, the US is deeply entrenched in this situation: Special Forces and Hifter say a lot.  Wikileaks released the 2008 cable that outlined how the US State Department supported activists against Mubarak so it isn’t a stretch to think it’s similar in Libya’s situation as well.  Oil and control of Libya are important goals but I think the real end game is destabilization of the entire region - Globalization aka the New World Order. 

A decade of war on many fronts has taken its toll on people in many nations and the children suffer dearly.  Governments do not tally the cost of war in lives, but in dollars.  I view wars like these as nothing but evil and they have got to stop – the loss of life, the emotional trauma to children and survivors is too great.  Americans need to realize these wars are not about humanitarian efforts or wars on terror, the people in power are only involved for their financial gain and the global capitalist agenda.  However, the US government is making such drastic cuts (see the new "GOP Path to Prosperity") and we should know how they intend to pay for this humanitarian bombing, (see 'Gates grilled on price of ‘illegal war’').  It appears there are spare billions in the contingency legislation.  "The news that there is so much spare money in the contingency bill appeared to be an unwelcome surprise to many lawmakers, who are locked in acrimonious negotiations about how to cut current-year spending to reduce the national deficit."  Well, here's a solution for deficit: demand OUR nine-trillion dollars that is missing from the Federal Reserve, slash the attack-budget and tax the wealthy and the corporations the full 35%.  Is it just me or does that sound too simple?  Mr. Gates said the conflict had cost $550 million as of Monday and that the U.S. commitment to operations is winding down as NATO takes over.  He said he expects the cost going forward to be about $40 million a month.  I want us out of every illegal war, covert CIA action, drone dropping and humanitarian bombing scenario this rogue government has us involved with; Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and even the ‘maybe’ drones in Sudan.  I think most Americans would rather see the billions in "contingency bill" used for better humanitarian efforts than bullets, bombs and drones! 

Obama is the Oligarchy's pitbull and leads the current DC UniParty for war, elite & corporate wealth.  They’ve all got to go.  Decades of corrupt government have been accelerated with Obama and he is proven to be a member of Uniparty Incorporated; so much for his hope and change.  Corporations don't need lobbyists because he has appointed about 40 lobbyists/CEOs to top government positions.  I know I say that a lot but Monsanto-for-food-safety and GE-for-jobs is just too damn much.  I think I'll start talking word-salad (Aphasia) with every appointment he makes.  Obama would make more sense to me if he had Aphasia like the television folks are having these days.  Four people have had episodes of Aphasia on-air since January; it’s reminiscent of a scene in Bruce Almighty.  According to Medline Plus, Aphasia is “most common in adults who have had a stroke. Brain tumors, infections, injuries and dementia can also cause it.” Reports say these four did not have any of those medical problems, most are young and one was explained by migraine – so I guess it’s OK to laugh because I sure have.  Some conspiracy theorists think these on-air word jumbles are part of a government experiment for speech and mind control.  If you watch the video clip, 'Judge Judy 4th to speak gibberish on the air (1 month apart each)’, you’ll see 'Transcranial magnetic stimulation' and the power over the brain for speech and movement.  I’m not saying it is mind-control but nothing surprises me anymore.  A facebook friend, Dor Price made this astute comment about these odd occurrences; "perception of reality disengages with actual reality and interior conflict arises, otherwise known as bullshit overload.”  I think she is right!  Main stream media has been lying so long they can't even speak anymore.  A little word salad is as believable as the nightly news and certainly makes more sense than anything coming from the White House. 

The [Un]Patriot Act has taken more Rights and Freedom but a threat on collective bargaining got people to stand up and unite.  Collective bargaining is serious but we lost a lot more with the Patriot Act and we are losing more all the time – every American should read an excellent report ‘Monitoring America’.  Canadians should read it too since Obama and Harper made that “sovereignty agreement”.  The words in the Constitution are more than transparent to Obama... they are invisible.  DHS and Fusion centers are collecting so much information on us and our privacy is not ours anymore and I don't know why Americans have been so complacent but we all must do some serious collective demanding now.  America is closing fast people and we need to stop it while we still have a window.  'We the People' must stand united like they did in Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin and elsewhere and not allow the movement to be taken over by the very ones we stand against.  Wake up anyone that needs it because this is about survival and our natural instinct needs to kick in; do not go back to sleep!  Our collective power needs to be used for sustained pressure on all sides build our force.  

A Revolution is brewing in the United States.  I don’t know how fast it will happen, or when it will boil, but it’s brewing.  Big things are happening!  I don’t know if things will take off sooner but I just learned about two big events that show the Revolution is really getting organized by people“Empire State Rebellion” is “Americans gathering to demand that the big banks be broken up” (June 14).  Someone was suggesting the possibility of Americans gathering in lower Manhattan’s Financial District as Egyptians did in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and it took off with the aid of Anonymous.  I’ve been listening to and learning a lot from a progressive blog radio show you should check out, The Blitz: A Progressive Movement.  The host said it is time to go to DC and “Shut Shit Down”, and of course she means peacefully.  So that’s where I heard about “One Week, Three Million Strong”.  Although it says one week, we should be prepared to stay as long as it takes.  The Manifesto is “To be collectively constituted and declared.”  This March on DC is scheduled for August 22-28, so please peruse their website, share the information often and help get this one going.  I’m sure much more than three-million people are awake so this should be a sure thing.  US Uncut is still growing fast and so check for activity in your area (Facebook is a great source).  I can support whatever it takes, as long as it’s peaceful.  I will continue to post any info I learn and I sincerely appreciate your sharing too. 

I have a wish-list:  Peacefully protest, keep waking up those sleeping; boycott corrupt companies; take all money out of the bankster banks (use community banks or credit unions); support only green sustainable companies; barter or buy from people on e-bay; buy organic because you are worth it and Monsanto won't make a penny from that dollar; buy from local farmers market, mom and pop stores but not a dime at Walmart!  Just use your purchase power wisely!  PLEASE stock up on emergency food/water etc., always best to be prepared for any emergent situation.  Remain peaceful and positive because we are many and the few are scared shitless of our unity.

Food and water are vital to our existence and corporations can not be trusted but I’m happy to write some good news about food and water.  I've blogged about my inspiration from the poor people of Cochabamba because they fought a US corporation for their water, and they won!  Water belongs to the People and Bolivian President Evo Morales is taking the issue to the United Nations.  This resolution could block the sale of public water utilities to private companies.  The organic cartel may have caved to Monsanto but organic farmers are suing to protect themselves [and us] from GMOs. 

This is outrageous!  'The United States Locks Babies Up In Prisons'.  About half of the people detained at Hutto Penitentiary in Texas are kids.  These kids have done nothing wrong and they are treated like criminals.  Their families are seeking asylum and in fact, their parents haven't even been charged with a crime.  It shouldn’t matter how you feel about immigration because babies behind bars is just plain wrong!  I hope you’ll help pressure the government to stop the insanity of treating innocent kids as criminals. 

UPDATE - I wanted to post an article I found after writing this post, 'Mounting evidence of CIA ties to Libyan rebels'.  After learning more about Khalifa Hifter I feel pretty sure this is a coup d'état by the US puppet government.  So yeah, Libya's rebels are not really anti-Gaddafi and much as they are US tools.  The hypocrisy of US government is incomparable when US leaders [past and present] should be charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.  The really sad thing is, most Americans have no idea of the crimes their own government commits against them.  Even if Obama's claims about Gaddafi were true, Obama has no room to talk about anyone committing crimes against their own people, because he does it daily.  If that wasn't bad enough, the people on the Gulf get a little extra attack.  US Coast Guard and Air Force spray poison on the Gulf and its people and the Air Force is given a special award for the act... wtf kind of government does that?!  ROGUE!  Despite what government says, The Gulf of Mexico is NOT Safe!  Obama tells everyone, even his own people to eat poisoned seafood and swim in poisoned water.  I don't believe a word from my government or MSM so who is to say how bad things were in Libya but I do know what it is like in the US and I know my government is committing crimes against its own people and they need to wake up.  US MIC needs to get out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and stop the attacks in Pakistan, Yemen. Sudan and America and wherever else they kill people!  We the People of the United States of America must make this rogue government Stop the killing! 
I also came across this very informative article on the situation in Japan; it affects us all!
''No safe levels' of radiation in Japan';
Sources to above and more—  PEACE
Water belongs to the People! Let’s hope the UN passes this resolution blocking the sale of public water utilities to private companies.
'Bankster Plan to Privatize Water Means You Will Go Thirsty';

ORGANIC FARMERS AND SEED SELLERS SUE MONSANTO TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM PATENTS ON GENETICALLY MODIFIED SEED: Preemptive Action Seeks Ruling That Would Prohibit Monsanto From Suing Organic Farmers and Seed Growers If Contaminated By Roundup Ready Seed

There is NO excuse for this!  PLEASE call and write everybody you can.
'The United States Locks Babies Up In Prisons';

Another of America’s quiet covert wars.
'Scahill: US wages covert war in Yemen';

'Chossudovsky: Pentagon bombing hospitals in Libya';

'Libyan rebels sell weapons to Al Qaeda - Algerian paper';

US, Britain and France landed "SPECIAL FORCES" ON THE GROUND IN LIBYA – (note dates: FEB 23, 24)
'US UK, French forces land in Libya';

'Congressman Kucinich's Address to Congress on the War in Libya ';
'Congressman Dennis Kucinich's Address to Congress on the War in Libya 1';
"(AP) — A NATO airstrike intended to thwart Moammar Gadhafi's forces killed 13 rebel fighters in eastern Libya"
'Libyan rebels say airstrike killed 13 of their own';

'Violence in Libya between rebels and Khadafy forces leaves six civilians dead in Misrata';

"US intelligence source... details were revealed of CIA and British intelligence operations inside Libya itself, which do involve a presence on the ground though fall short of a full operation of assistance."  Obama has repeatedly said "NO TROOPS ON THE GROUND"
'Libya conflict: revelations emerge that Obama has authorized undercover help';

The CIA is in Libya; CIA leading the opposition?
"Since coming to the United States in the early 1990s, Hifter lived in suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C. Badr said he was unsure exactly what Hifter did to support himself, and that Hifter primarily focused on helping his large family."
'Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia';

'Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya The Economic Collapse';

"A senior Libyan rebel official said Qatar had agreed to market crude produced from east Libyan fields that are no longer in the control of Muammar Gaddafi."
'Libyan rebels to sell oil to Qatar';

"Oil industry analysts predict that by the year 2015, the United States will be getting 25 percent of its imported oil from African sources. The biggest oil producers in Africa are Libya, with 47 billion barrels in proved reserves (and maybe lots more yet undiscovered),
'AFRICOM and the Libya War';
'West violates article 27 of UN Charter';

"Fight the rich, not their wars!"—Anonymous
"Massive open-ended contracts have been granted without competitive bidding or with limited competition to many of the same politically connected corporations which are doing similar work in Iraq: Kellogg, Brown & Root (a subsidiary of Halliburton), DynCorp, Blackwater, The Louis Berger Group, The Rendon Group and many more. Engineers, consultants, and mercenaries make as much as $1,000 a day, while the Afghans they employ make $5 per day."
'Afghanistan, Inc.: A CorpWatch Investigative Report';
'BP: Libya National Oil Corporation Contract Still Valid';
'Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War';
'Gates grilled on price of ‘illegal war’';

Fukushima~ BURY IT!!! - "(TEPCO) found a crack in a concrete pit at its No.2 reactor in the Fukushima Daiichi complex at the weekend, generating readings of 1,000 millisieverts of radiation per hour in the air inside."
'Japan nuclear struggle focuses on cracked reactor pit';
'Michio Kaku Is Homer Simpson Operating This Power Plant!';

Very Important Health!
'EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans';
'New Study Verifies Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic';

Obama has political operatives screening Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
'Transparency Update: FOIA Requests Continue To Go Unanswered By Obama Administration';
'Investigations Find ‘Unprecedented’ Political Review of FOIA Requests by Homeland Security Department';
‘AP: Obama DHS demotes FOIA whistleblower’;
‘Transparency: Obama denies significantly more FOIA requests than Bush’;

A federal court actually fined the Obama administration for lack of transparency … (and just put a gag order on dolphin deaths- now turtles are washing up too)
'Obama Receives Transparency Award at Secret Meeting';

American Police State:
'Are We Safer? Top Secret America'; (info from the next article, ‘Monitoring America)
‘Monitoring America’
'FBI Abuses Reveals Contempt for Political Rights, Civil Liberties';
No Basketball?!  This is about so much more than a pole.
'What America has Become Folks! Can't Even stand on your Property or keep a basketball hoop';

'14 Felonies Later, Gov Rick Scott Wants Taxpayers to Fund His Clinics';

Strong corporate profits amid weak economy - What's up with that?
"Top Ten Reason America is Broke"

Word salad x4 (Aphasia):
Sarah Carlson - WICS Madison CBS
Serene Branson
Mark McAllister
Judge Judy..... (sorry, not available)
'Judge Judy 4th to speak gibberish on the air (1 month apart each)';
Medline Plus on Aphasia;
This Tuesday~ Frances Fox Piven & Cornel West
A National Teach-in On Austerity, Debt, Corporate Greed
(and what YOU can do about it)
APRIL 5TH, 2011 - Live stream from NYC- see website for Participating Campuses
'Prepare For Revolution: The Empire State Rebellion Begins on June 14th';
MARCHING ON WASHINGTON D.C. August 22 - 28, 2011
The week we Rise to the Challenge of what we should be!
One Week, Three Million Strong
A message from Anonymous
'A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1 ';

"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask: 'Mother, what was war?'"~ Eve Merriam
'The Kill Team': War is Hell
"And then we saw the lightning, and that was the guns; and then we heard the thunder, and that was the big guns; and then we heard the rain falling, and that was the drops of blood falling; and when we came to get the crops, it was dead men that we reaped." ~ Harriet Tubman


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Awesome write up. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I tire of reading reports on this war; there are many things in common in all the reports but the one that irks me to no end is lines like "Gaddafi is not a nice guy..." or " although Gaddifi is an evil person...". How do you know Gaddafi's an evil person? What has he done to the 6.5 million Libyans that a) has allowed him to stay in power and b) can only push about 1000 Libyans to rebel? I dont know much about other than what I have read in the American press; I dont believe his involvement in the Lockerbie incident either. I do know from other sources that Libya has the highest literacy rate in all of Africa, that it has universal healthcare, free education, subsidized housing and fuel and that profits from oil go in large part to Libyans. It seems that most governments that take care of the general population such as Gaddafi, Chavez, etc are all nutcases and need to be removing from power. I think we have it assbackwards.

Amit aryan said...

US invade Afghanistan because Bin Laden is there. Death toll 1 million. US invade Iraq because they have weapons of mass destruction, death toll 1.7 million, US invade Libya because Gaddafi bad man, death toll rising hourly! FOOL ME ONCE!

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